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Mobile Slots for US PlayersThanks to the latest improvements in technology, mobile casinos are the future of online gambling. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, smart phone or tablet these days so no wonder why new mobile casinos pop up quite frequently. These casinos are available to casino fans from all over the world, including players from the United States. US has had a hard time when it comes to online gambling in general, but US players are allowed to gamble at both online and mobile casinos. The US-friendly mobile casinos are designed to suit the needs and tastes of the US casino fans on the go and these players can play excellent mobile games and take advantage of other treats.

Featured Casinos


Drake Casino

Drake Casino Bonus: $6000

Drake Casino has been winning over mobile players from the U.S. and around the world since they launched their mobile optimized site in November of 2012. Whether on iPhone, iPad, or Android optimized tablets and smartphones, Drake Casino is a mobile experience that must be tried to be believed.

Drake players enjoy a host of high quality 3D Video slots, great table games, and unique weekly promotions including a 75% Tuesday reload bonus, Free Spins Thursday and 100% reload bonuses on all deposits made every Saturday. Add a 25% rebate for losses incurred on mobile games every Wednesday and a 10% weekly Casino rebate and you’ve got a mobile promotion selection that’s hard to beat.



Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino Bonus: $100

Another popular mobile casino worth trying out is the Slotland mobile casino. The mobile casino offering from Slotland Entertainment S.A., it brings Las Vegas right into your pocket, through the screen of your mobile phone. It is fully licensed by the Government of Anjouan and has a full complement of exciting games waiting to be delivered to you. This mobile casino accepts players from the USA.

The Slotland mobile casino is powered by proprietary software that ensures reliability and robustness. To play the games, all you need to do is download them to your mobile phone or tablet when you are at this mobile casino. Currently, this mobile casino is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and also Symbian-powered phones like Nokia.

As the name suggests, the Slotland mobile casino is primarily about slots, but other games are available as well. Here you can try your hand at games like Lucky Strike, Golden Gate, and Jacks or Better. You have to deposit money into your account to play the games for real money here. Deposit options at this mobile casino include VISA, NETeller, Skrill, and InstaDebit. Withdrawal options include checks, wire transfer, NETeller, Skrill, and InstaDebit. All transactions are completed in a totally secure environment thanks to the use of advanced encryption technologies on par with the best in the industry.


3 Genie Wishes

3 Genie Wishes Mobile Slot Game

In a land and time far from here lies a medieval Arab city. Within it, a young thief makes ends meet, dreaming of becoming someone and possibly marrying a princess one day, until his dreams come true when he uncovers an old, dusty lamp in which a genie resides. In case it wasn’t obvious from the get go, this Pragmatic slot is heavily inspired by Aladdin. And much like the prince of thieves, this 5×4 reel 50 payline game sinks some coins into your pocket, small amounts that all slowly gather up over time, occasionally filling your pockets with moderately impressive wins.


Play 3 Genie Wishes
More about 3 Genie Wishes    Provider: TopGame   USA
4 Seasons

4 Seasons Mobile Slot Game

A celebration of the Chinese New Year has inspired many new Chinese-themed video slots in 2016, but 4 Seasons from BetSoft definitely deserves the biggest praise. The effort that BetSoft has put in this game is visible in all aspects, starting with adorable graphics, to the new game play solutions, making 4 Seasons one of few slots that will not turn into a routine after a short time.


Play 4 Seasons
More about 4 Seasons    Provider: BetSoft   USA
7 Piggies

7 Piggies Mobile Slot Game

Animals in place of people used to be a pretty common theme to see in cartoons when we were growing up, so there’s no surprise that those grown-ups are now bringing such things into other mediums. The invasion of super cutesy themes seemed to be a follow up after every slow company decided they wanted a chunk of the Asian market by making the same looking games, and while it has thankfully died down in recent months, every so often we get a glimpse of it once more. 7 Piggies admittedly isn’t that bad considering what sort of titles we were seeing, but it has some eyebrow-raising moments – such as a flirty female pig smooching the screen.


Play 7 Piggies
More about 7 Piggies    Provider: TopGame   USA
7th Heaven

7th Heaven Mobile Slot Game

BetSoft Gaming has become famous for feature-rich video slots that feature stunning visuals, but 7th Heaven slot game goes to show that they can also create more conventional slot machines. Boasting clean graphics and simple gameplay, the five reel, eighteen payline game offers seamless experience on smartphone and tablet, making sure players can fully focus on what really matters.


Play 7th Heaven
More about 7th Heaven    Provider: BetSoft   USA
888 Gold

888 Gold Mobile Slot Game

Pragmatic Play returns with another classical slot, with a few changes to make things a little bit different. This time around, the focus is on Chinese culture, the luck of the colour red and the number 8, as the game embraces its retro charm to send you back to the old times of physical machines spitting out a boatload of coins. And while you probably will not see an overwhelmingly large amount won in 888 Gold, it still has its few charms.


Play 888 Gold
More about 888 Gold    Provider: TopGame   USA
A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Mobile Slot Game

A touching Charles Dickens’s tale of a cold-hearted miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, that has been one of the most appreciated moral stories for centuries, has finally acquired its worthy counterpart in the world of slot games.


Play A Christmas Carol
A Night in Paris

A Night in Paris Mobile Slot Game

Having been made available on BetSoft’s ToGo mobile line of games in November 2013, A Night in Paris can now be enjoyed on the go, with iOS and Android users provided with the best possible gaming experience. With the graphics and sounds just as effective as in the original version and all extra features loading quickly, there will be quite a few of casino gamers who will prefer playing the game on the move.


Play A Night in Paris

Achilles Mobile Slot Game

An old-fashioned but highly awarding Achilles slot machine is one of the most popular titles under RTG brand. The slot is highly approved for its generous main game wins that are doubled or tripled during free spins and a progressive jackpot in prospect at the end of every spin. Although it cannot compare with modern 3D video slots, the graphics in Achilles is not its Achilles’ heel.


Play Achilles
More about Achilles    Provider: RTG   USA
After Night Falls

After Night Falls Mobile Slot Game

Having witnessed the popularity of the original version released at the end of 2012, Betsoft launched the After Night Falls on their premium ToGo mobile platform just months later, ensuring excellent gameplay on all the latest handheld devices. An extremely interesting slot game comes with 5 reels and 30 paylines, but it is its amazing special features that are likely to keep you coming back for more.


Play After Night Falls
Air Mail

Air Mail Mobile Slot Game

Released in May 2013 by, Air Mail video slot is also available in the mobile casino, offering impeccable game play on the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry devices. Featuring five reels and 12+1 paylines, the mobile slot will take you back to the golden age of aviation, when pilots were genuine superstars.


Play Air Mail
More about Air Mail    Provider: Slotland   USA
Aladdin’s Wishes

Aladdin’s Wishes Mobile Slot Game

While the desktop version has been around since 2006, Microgaming finally released the mobile game in May 2014. Developed for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy, but compatible with many other handheld devices, Aladdin’s Wishes fits nicely to your smartphone or tablet screen and offers a highly rewarding gaming experience on the move.


Play Aladdin’s Wishes
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Mobile Slot Game

The allure of old, forgotten civilizations is something we can never really turn away from. People, just like us, from an entirely different timeframe, who left us so many recognizable things and yet we know little about their daily lives. Egypt is the most recognizable example of this, with their hieroglyphs, pyramids and unique culture that lasted through the Roman Empire and beyond and would eventually disappeared after Arabian conquests took over the region. With such a massive cultural impact on history and the fact it has since disappeared gives it a mysterious vibe that has skyrocketed the popularity of their culture into the modern day movies, TV shows and games. Pragmatic Play is no exception to this, as the draw of old Egyptian Gods pushed them to make their release Ancient Egypt, the land of pharaohs, ankhs, pyramids and Gods.


Play Ancient Egypt
Ancient Gods

Ancient Gods Mobile Slot Game

Following the theme of mythology, this time, we travel further east, to the lands of the orient. Much like the Greeks laid the foundation for the Roman faiths, China did much the same for its neighbours, partially with intent, and partially because they were a massive, unified empire surrounded by smaller countries that looked up to it. So it’s no surprise that you find some similarities between them, even if they aren’t an exact replica. Not to mention eventual rivalry between countries caused certain divisions to form. Ancient Gods, an RTG release, tackles the Chinese side of mythology, following the various ancient guardians, immortal beasts that serve to protect heaven and the universe.


Play Ancient Gods
More about Ancient Gods    Provider: RTG   USA
Arabian Tales

Arabian Tales Mobile Slot Game

The story of a Thousand and one Nights is rather popular one. A far away, mystical land, with a cruel King whose rage is soothed by the beautiful Scheherazade who tells him a different tale each night, but always leaving off the ending for the next day. These story collections gave us Aladdin and Ali Baba, which have become integrated in our western culture as well. As such, the characters roaming around this 5 reel, 50 payline slot will be familiar to most players, so keep an eye out while trying to win jackpots or activate bonus features!


Play Arabian Tales
More about Arabian Tales    Provider: Rival   USA

Asgard Mobile Slot Game

With the cold weather settling in over the winter, it seems RTG has decided to embrace the idea and make use of it in their next title. When they’re not unleashing dastardly thieves onto unsuspecting Christmas celebrations, they’re letting Norse Gods run havoc in Asgard, the mythical afterlife of the Vikings. So you can find Odin, Loki, Thor and Freya all looking rather lavish and bigger than life. Well, all except for Loki, who looks more like he’d be fit at a mental asylum with that grin he’s sporting. Or maybe RTG’s trying to hint to us the real origins of the Joker?


Play Asgard
More about Asgard    Provider: RTG   USA

Asgard Mobile Slot Game

While Norse mythology has always been popular, for a lot of people, names like Loki and Thor will bring up the popular Marvel movies and their takes on the characters. While Marvel movies have yet to properly portray the sheer lunacy and badassery of Norse mythology and its many tales, the movies offer a signal boost for people who may never have heard of these characters or stories otherwise. Just a brief recap in case you need it, Asgard is the home of all Norse deities and warriors chosen worthy by the Valkyries, who spend their days drinking and fighting in preparation for the end of the world, or Ragnarok, when hellspawn will pour out onto the world and prompt the need for many soldiers to come down from Asgard to shove them back into the pits the demons escaped from.


Play Asgard
More about Asgard    Provider: Pragmatic Play   USA
At The Copa

At The Copa Mobile Slot Game

At The Copa 3D slot appeared simultaneously at top online casinos and Betsoft’s ToGo line of mobile games, meaning mobile gamers have been able to enjoy this hugely entertaining title since January 2013. The colourful game has regular 5 reels, 30 paylines and three rows of symbols and it plays extremely well on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. While offering a number of attractive bonus games, At The Copa is also equipped with three progressive jackpots.


Play At The Copa
More about At The Copa    Provider: BetSoft   USA
At The Movies

At The Movies Mobile Slot Game

At a time when movie theatres are slowly dying away, BetSoft decided to try and promote the whole experience of watching the latest titles in cinemas with their At The Movies slot game. While the original slot had appeared in June 2012, the five reel, twenty-five payline game became available on the premium ToGo mobile platform some three years later, offering casino players a chance to enjoy the exciting title on the move.


Play At The Movies
More about At The Movies    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Aztec Gems

Aztec Gems Mobile Slot Game

The wealth of the many Latin American empires was vast in their time, as they built civilisations that persisted throughout the ages. When European colonists finally arrived, it was this sheer wealth of gold and natural resources that prompted all these European empires to build their colonies in a scramble to get their share of the cake. This rush for gold was so prominent that the natives thought European settlers ate gold with how greedy they were for it. Even today, rumours persist of an ancient city of pure gold hidden somewhere in the jungle. And while the empires and their cities of gold have vanished, their history, stories and legends still remain to this day as part of a cultural impact they’ve had on us. This rumoured wealth haunts us even in the Pragmatic’s Play release called Aztec Gems.


Play Aztec Gems
More about Aztec Gems    Provider: TopGame   USA
Aztec's Millions

Aztec's Millions Mobile Slot Game

With Aztec’s Millions widely regarded as one of Realtime Gaming’s most popular titles, nobody was really surprised to see the progressive video slot makes its way to top mobile casinos. iOS, Android and Windows Phone users can, therefore, enjoy a premium gaming experience on the move and get into contention for some mind-blowing payouts.


Play Aztec's Millions
More about Aztec's Millions    Provider: RTG   USA
Banana Jones

Banana Jones Mobile Slot Game

And now for someone completely different. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that, for the most part, it’s been NetEnt and, to a lesser extent, Microgaming, that have been experimenting with the formula and trying to make video slots more than the sum of its parts. We doubt the core of it will ever be changed, but it doesn’t stop developers from sometimes giving it their all to make it work. Sometimes, it works great and everyone loves it. At other times, you get a steaming pile of rubbish (Looking at you, Poke the Guy). So, it’s with a somewhat odd, but pleasant surprise that we find ourselves facing something brand new from RTG. It’s not a regular slot by any means, though it retains the luck-based element. We couldn’t help ourselves from reviewing it, as a result.


Play Banana Jones
More about Banana Jones    Provider: RTG   USA
Bee Land

Bee Land Mobile Slot Game

Seeing as how Bee Land video slot had proved extremely popular among online gamers in TopGame casinos, the well-known software developer had no choice but to create a mobile version as well. The mobile game, compatible with iOS and Android devices, launched midway through 2014 and the first signs have been more than positive.


Play Bee Land
More about Bee Land    Provider: TopGame   USA
Black Diamond

Black Diamond Mobile Slot Game

Available in TopGame casinos since August 2011, Black Diamond was rolled out on mobile midway through 2014, and it has been specially optimized for iOS and Android devices. The graphics and sound effects may not be too impressive, but at least the special features will be loading quickly on your smartphone and tablet, providing hassle-free gaming experience.


Play Black Diamond
More about Black Diamond    Provider: TopGame   USA
Blood Eternal

Blood Eternal Mobile Slot Game

Ah, vampires! The bread and butter of horror, though recent books and TV shows seem to have pushed them into everything from action, to romance, and now, gambling! Blood Eternal is a Betsoft release for September 2017, possibly trying to snag the Halloween market early? Regardless, it breaks the norm, offering gamblers a 6×3 reel with 30 paylines that pay both left to right and right to left and it throws Scatters out the window in favour of vampires and humans. With the expanded reel and paylines that pay both ways, the opportunity for some fun is certainly there, especially when you account for the presence of a very valuable bat symbol, and not the type you’d flash to summon Batman, either.


Play Blood Eternal

Boomanji Mobile Slot Game

Launched by Betsfot on the famous ToGo platform shortly after the original version, Boomanji mobile slot offers highly rewarding game play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game comes with 5 reels and just 10 paylines, which is definitely a good thing seeing as how you can qualify for some pretty good payouts for mere 10 coins per spin. Boomanji doesn’t have too many special bonus rounds, but there are some massive awards to be won nonetheless.


Play Boomanji
More about Boomanji    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Bubble Bubble

Bubble Bubble Mobile Slot Game

Themed on witchery and black magic, Bubble Bubble is a beautifully drawn 3D slot released in October 2015 by Real Time Gaming. The mobile version followed quickly, so now it’s possible to enjoy this slot on the go, as well. With an attractive witch as the main character, this slot displays some well-known hocus pocus ingredients from a witch magic pot as symbols, while the reels lay on the gate of the creepy graveyard.


Play Bubble Bubble
More about Bubble Bubble    Provider: RTG   USA
Bubble Bubble 2

Bubble Bubble 2 Mobile Slot Game

Bubble, bubble, in the cauldron, who’s the greatest one among them? We don’t honestly know the answer, but we do know that RTG’s Halloween release Bubble Bubble 2 caught our attention when it was first announced. The two witches that are the cornerstone of the slot are both Wilds that bring a 3x multiplier with them and can team up to do a 9x multiplier to a five of a kind win with the right kind of luck. You can imagine what sort of awesome wins that can bring in.


Play Bubble Bubble 2
More about Bubble Bubble 2    Provider: RTG   USA
Builder Beaver

Builder Beaver Mobile Slot Game

The Wild West’s Beaver Logging Company is thrilled to have you on board as a new construction worker for its all-important building project in the new mobile version of the wildly popular slots game, Builder Beaver. It’s a win-win, really, because this volatile slot is bursting at the seams with special features and fun to be had. The RTG designed and operated handheld offering is an offshoot of the online casino game and is available on mobile gadgets running iOS 6 – including iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and the fifth generation iPod Touch to name a few.


Play Builder Beaver
More about Builder Beaver    Provider: RTG   USA
Caesar's Empire

Caesar's Empire Mobile Slot Game

Realtime Gaming surprised everyone by waiting no less than eight years to bring one of their most popular video slots to mobile devices, with Caesar’s Empire mobile slot first appearing in 2013. This only shows that they wanted to offer their mobile users the best possible experience on the go and we can honestly say they have succeeded in their quest. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the mobile slot comes with the same clean graphics and identical game play as the original version.


Play Caesar's Empire
More about Caesar's Empire    Provider: RTG   USA
Cai Hong

Cai Hong Mobile Slot Game

No matter how fun certain slots can be, at the end of the day, the real thrill is that chance that you can walk away with a huge win that will make your day. The cycle of losses and wins keeps us all afloat, all of us hoping to one day win some million and some change extra worth of prizes from a progressive jackpot that’ll end any financial responsibility forever. And, when you have that sort of high-risk, profit orientated dream, it probably pays off to curry favour with a divinity that exemplifies fortune. Cai Hong is obviously based on the God of Wealth Caishen, though the name has been altered to mean rainbow while still preserving the similarity. It’s a nice take, and when it adds some compelling gameplay on top of it? How can we say no?


Play Cai Hong
More about Cai Hong    Provider: RTG   USA
Caishen’s Gold

Caishen’s Gold Mobile Slot Game

As cutesy, almost childish slots from big name developers fill the internet, it feels nice that we can sometimes go back to the classics. Heck, we can even remember complaining a bit about how all games meant for the markets of China always seem to follow certain patterns, but with enough time spent not having to review a whole bunch all at once, they’ve become good fun all over again. Caishen’s Gold is Pragmatic Play’s serving for this year, and you can tell at first glance what to expect. Beyond an obviously Chinese theme and 243 paylines, this 5-reel slot offers four jackpots for those lucky enough to trigger them.


Play Caishen’s Gold
Carnaval Forever

Carnaval Forever Mobile Slot Game

Do you hear the sound of trumpets and drums filtering through the night sky? Can you see the massive floats rolling down the streets, with dancers on each one? Do you feel the roar of a celebrating crowd, while the festival is happening all around you? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then welcome to the carnival!


Play Carnaval Forever
Cash Bandits

Cash Bandits Mobile Slot Game

Cash Bandits video slot launched on desktop and mobile in July 2015, and the first signs have been more than positive. Featuring a classic cops and robbers theme, the five reel, twenty-five payline game offers premium excitement on the latest smartphone and tablet devices, while many of you will appreciate the fact that full game options panel is found in the main screen on mobile as well.


Play Cash Bandits
More about Cash Bandits    Provider: RTG   USA
Cash Bandits 2

Cash Bandits 2 Mobile Slot Game

Fans of the original Cash Bandits, rejoice! RTG has heard your pleas and decided to grace us with a sequel to the original that came out ways back. Of course, upon booting it up, you might think they’re still stuck in the same year judging on visuals alone being rather uninspired. But graphics alone don’t make or break a game, and as such, we’re head to give you a helping hand as you take a look through Cash Bandits 2 and decide if it’s worth playing for yourself.


Play Cash Bandits 2
More about Cash Bandits 2    Provider: RTG   USA

Catsino Mobile Slot Game

I’m certain there’s someone currently in Rival snickering to themselves about Catsino. A company making slots used in casinos making a game about cats playing slots at a casino. If that does not qualify for the label of meta humour, I do not know what does. Still, this is a very enjoyable 5 reel, 50 payline game full of rich felines flirting, gambling and enjoying their nights. And with multiplier Wilds as well as generous free spins bonuses, this is a must play for everyone. Well, unless you hate cats. But what kind of person hates cats?


Play Catsino
More about Catsino    Provider: Rival   USA
Chilli Heat

Chilli Heat Mobile Slot Game

As the heat is ramping up and summer nears, it’s time to shed the snow themed slots, leave behind the Christmas hats and Chinese New Years, and embrace the scorching heat that’s about to set in. Now’s the time to start planning summer vacations, imagine yourself lounging by the sea, or visiting exotics places that leave lifelong memories. But while that great summer trip is unfortunately still a ways away, there’s no reason you can’t pick out a setting that’s a proper fiesta – and that’s what the Pragmatic Play’s latest release in Chilli Heat offers! If you’ve ever dreamed of listening to the mariachi, indulging in a wide variety of spicy food and helping yourself to a glass (or several!) of tequila, then this game will no doubt blow your mind.


Play Chilli Heat
More about Chilli Heat    Provider: TopGame   USA

ChilliPop Mobile Slot Game

What are the key ingredients of chilli? Naturally, you have to prepare it with lots of love and follow the instructions closely, but none of it will matter if you do not pick the right things to put in that perfect, spicy chilli. Luckily, hidden away in a quaint, Mexican town, there is a rumour you can find and buy the perfect set of vegetables to make the ideal bowl of chilli. Of course, there is the slightly concerning fact said vegetables can move and talk. But hey, it is probably worth it for some delicious food.


Play ChilliPop
More about ChilliPop    Provider: Betsoft   USA
Cleopatra’s Gold

Cleopatra’s Gold Mobile Slot Game

RTG, the well established gaming software operator, has released a mobile version of Cleopatra’s Gold based on the hugely popular online version. Just as the name suggests, the Real Series Video Slot game is based on the infamous Egyptian Queen and can be played on the newer Apple smart phones and tablets. She helps encourage players to dig deep into the ancient civilizations’ wonders to win as many as 10,000 coins if you hit the wild jackpot. Play through a piece of history with the brand new Cleopatra’s Gold Mobile Game.


Play Cleopatra’s Gold
More about Cleopatra’s Gold    Provider: RTG   USA
Cool Stone Age

Cool Stone Age Mobile Slot Game

The incredibly entertaining video slot has been around since August 2011, courtesy of TopGame software provider, but it wasn’t until the end of 2014 that the game appeared in top mobile casinos. The HTML5 version also boasts eye-catching visuals and adorable game symbols, while enabling rewarding gameplay on smartphone and tablet devices.


Play Cool Stone Age
More about Cool Stone Age    Provider: TopGame   USA
Count Spectacular

Count Spectacular Mobile Slot Game

While the original version had been released back in 2010, Count Spectacular mobile slot made its appearance in October 2013, just in time for Halloween festivities. As a result, mobile gamers can enjoy this exciting video slot on their latest handheld devices, with the gaming experience just as impressive as when the 5 reel 25 payline game is played on desktop computers.


Play Count Spectacular
More about Count Spectacular    Provider: RTG   USA
Coyote Cash

Coyote Cash Mobile Slot Game

Realtime Gaming gave online gamers more than enough time to fall in love with the Coyote Cash slot game since its release in December 2008 before finally developing a mobile version in July 2013. They have done a great job seeing as how the game looks and plays almost the same regardless whether you are playing on your desktop computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Having said that, you are likely to be impressed by eye-catching graphics, excellent sound effects and great animations.


Play Coyote Cash
More about Coyote Cash    Provider: RTG   USA
Crazy Jungle

Crazy Jungle Mobile Slot Game

Crazy Jungle video slot has been available on desktop since 2008, but it was the launch of the mobile version in 2014 that gave the game a new lease on life. The TopGame release has been optimized for seamless gaming experience on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with the five reel fifteen payline slot a joy to watch as well as play on smartphone and tablet.


Play Crazy Jungle
More about Crazy Jungle    Provider: TopGame   USA
Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters Mobile Slot Game

While the original game has been around since 2006, the mobile version only appeared at the start of 2014. Optimized for iOS and Android devices, the five reel twenty payline mobile slot looks virtually the same as the desktop game, with players able to enjoy the underwater theme and hefty payouts on smartphone and tablet.


Play Crystal Waters
More about Crystal Waters    Provider: RTG   USA
Curious Machine

Curious Machine Mobile Slot Game

Themed on H.G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine, Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine slot game has been around since October 2012, while it was rolled out on mobile at the start of 2014. The five reel, thirty payline game features eye-catching graphics and nice animations that have long ago become a standard at BetSoft, with some nice bonus rounds and innovative features only adding to the excitement.


Play Curious Machine
More about Curious Machine    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Da Vinci’s Treasure

Da Vinci’s Treasure Mobile Slot Game

While there are many enigmatic people who have left their mark on history, few were as intriguing as Leonardo Da Vinci. An Italian man who lived during the Renaissance, whose interests included inventions, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics and a whole slew of other things, being the perfect embodiment of a polymath or a universal genius. While best known as a painter, Leonardo conceptualized flying machines, solar power, adding machines and even tanks. All of these inventions were far beyond the scale of his time, which just went to show how advanced his mind was. As such, it would not be out of place to think that maybe, this mysterious Italian painter has not left behind a clue in his work for those worthy to find his treasury trove of wealth and information. If you think you have what it takes, then join us in the Pragmatic Play 2018 release Da Vinci’s Treasure and see if you can solve all the puzzles set before you!


Play Da Vinci’s Treasure
Daytona Gold

Daytona Gold Mobile Slot Game

Mobile gamers had to wait almost four years since the original game launched back in 2010 to witness the creation of iOS and Android compatible version that brings the popular video slot directly to your tablets and smartphones. You can now play Daytona Gold anywhere where internet connection is available and enjoy a truly impressive TopGame title on the move.


Play Daytona Gold
More about Daytona Gold    Provider: TopGame   USA
Diamond Dragon

Diamond Dragon Mobile Slot Game

In a rocky, desolate land, four leaders clash for power and control over the treasure that the Diamond Dragon protects. A quick glance along the character cast shows that the developers were probably watching Game of Thrones as they were creating this 5 reel, 50 payline slot, but that is far from a bad thing. The general familiarity of the faces comes more as an amusing moment, while the game sinks its claws in you with Expanding Wilds and free spin bonuses to keep you playing.


Play Diamond Dragon
More about Diamond Dragon    Provider: Rival   USA
Diamond Strike

Diamond Strike Mobile Slot Game

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we wager men and women alike would love to get familiar with a full row of diamonds you can find in this slot! Diamond Strike is another title by Pragmatic Play, which offers 5 reels and 15 paylines to gamblers who are ready to risk it all to get their hands on that shiny diamond. In fact, the entire theme is balanced specifically around being a slot that looks like an old school slot game. You have diamonds, fruit symbols, bells and sevens, and if you’re the type looking for thrills and excitement, you should keep an eye on diamonds that act as Wilds and lucky golden sevens that trigger one of four fixed jackpots you can see on top of the screen.


Play Diamond Strike
Dice and Fire

Dice and Fire Mobile Slot Game

Dice and Fire is another Chinese themed slot that has been around since December 2013, with its HTML5 version hitting the market a year later. The TopGame title houses five reels and twenty paylines, providing mobile gamers with an interesting game play and several exciting bonus features designed to help improve their line wins.


Play Dice and Fire
More about Dice and Fire    Provider: TopGame    USA
Double Luck

Double Luck Mobile Slot Game

Double Luck has been a nice addition to the exclusive list of video slots and it has been around since February 2012. Mobile users can enjoy the 5 reel 9 payline game on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry devices, with the colourful video slot looking quite impressive when being played on the go.


Play Double Luck
More about Double Luck    Provider: Slotland   USA
Douguie’s Delights

Douguie’s Delights Mobile Slot Game

Released in 2009 on desktop, Douguie’s Delights was one of the first slot machines to be developed by TopGame with the game finally made available on mobile some five years later. The five reel nine payline slot is iOS and Android compatible and works really well on the latest handheld devices, where crisp graphics and aptly-designed game symbols enhance the overall experience.


Play Douguie’s Delights
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Mobile Slot Game

Shortly after the original video slot launched at BetSoft casinos in July 2014, the mobile version was rolled out to give casino gamers access to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on the move. Optimized for iOS and Android devices, the five reel thirty payline game features cinematic graphics and realistic sound effects that make for a truly rewarding gaming experience.


Play Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom Mobile Slot Game

If you play with fire, you will get eventually burned, but if you play with fire breathing lizards, chances of being set on fire increase dramatically. In Dragon Kingdom, you have a red-haired half-naked woman who’s implied to be the Queen of Dragons, with the remaining three drakes being her entourage. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the slot has a good looking theme, but it fails to keep us enthusiastic when it comes to special features or payouts. With little uniqueness in the bonuses, and wins that can sometimes feel disappointing, it was an uphill battle to get us to like this game.


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Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings Mobile Slot Game

The concept of dragon is something that several cultures have envisioned, each with their own different take on things. In Europe, they were large, fire breathing lizards that terrorised villages, stole valuables and pretty girls and made for a great trophy for any knight looking to get his mitts on some quick-earned fame. In Oriental cultures, China in particular, they were more snake-like than regular lizards, vastly intelligent and played more of a wise mentor role rather than story antagonist. Still, they were and remain fierce creatures, regardless of which version you take – and any war of theirs is without a doubt a fierce and terrible thing. So let’s see if we can come out on top as these Chinese dragons duke it out for whatever it is dragons fight over.


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More about Dragon Kings    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Dragon Orb

Dragon Orb Mobile Slot Game

Far up in the mountains in a distant land lies the mysterious temple in which an artefact of great power is being kept. It is said to bring wealth and greatness to those lucky enough to see and touch it, but many have lost all they own in a quest to gain it. Naturally, we’re doing a bit of dramatics, but Dragon Orb is certainly the kind of slot that can be one of the better ones you played or a coin grubbing machine, purely depending on luck alone. The core formula seems good. Five reels and ten paylines that pay both left to right and right to left, two progressive jackpots, and a single special feature that appears very often.


Play Dragon Orb
More about Dragon Orb    Provider: RTG   USA
Dwarven Gold

Dwarven Gold Mobile Slot Game

Dwarven Gold desktop game launched to great reviews in June 2014 and it was this early success that persuaded TopGame to develop the mobile version shortly afterwards. We can safely say the software provider has done an excellent job with the HTML5 version of the five reel, twenty payline game easily one of the best mobile slots they have rolled out so far.


Play Dwarven Gold
More about Dwarven Gold    Provider: TopGame    USA
Eagle Shadow Fist

Eagle Shadow Fist Mobile Slot Game

Continuing the series of slots which follow Jackie Chan’s rise to fame, we have Eagle Shadow Fist. The slot is based on one of the movies which helped the actor rise to stardom. It was made all the way back in the 1970’s and had the now famous actor in little more than a supporting role. The movie’s plot takes place during the Japanese invasion of China during World War 2 where our cast is fighting back against the invaders to keep their village safe. As all early martial arts movies are, the plot is all over the place, the dubbing could use a lot of work and it’s more fighting scenes than dialogue. Regardless, no doubt fans of Jackie Chan will be eager to see it. Yet, if the movie itself isn’t quite to your tastes, the RTG’s release is fortunately a bit more polished.


Play Eagle Shadow Fist
More about Eagle Shadow Fist    Provider: RTG   USA

Enchanted Mobile Slot Game

Enchanted was the first Slots3 title to be released by BetSoft in 2010, and it took the famous software provider around five and a half years to roll out the exciting game on their ToGo mobile platform. The five reel, thirty payline game takes casino gamers on a journey to a magical forest, the home of numerous mythical creatures that usually come out to practise their craft under the quilt of night.


Play Enchanted
More about Enchanted    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden Mobile Slot Game

While the desktop version has been around since 2006, Enchanted Gardens mobile slot first appeared in online casinos in September 2013, but it has proved to be an instant hit in the online gaming community. With the game packed with special features and offering highly rewarding game play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, chances are you will thoroughly enjoy playing it on the go.


Play Enchanted Garden
More about Enchanted Garden    Provider: RTG   USA

Energoonz Mobile Slot Game

Enjoy a company of peculiar Pokemon-like aliens and win up to 1000x total bet prize in an energy-packed video slot created in the Play’nGo gaming laboratory. Besides funny characters and excellent graphics, Energoonz video slot features drop down symbols with multipliers, the Wild symbol and the Bonus round with up to 20 free spins in prospect.


Play Energoonz
More about Energoonz    Provider: Play'n Go   USA
Eternal Love

Eternal Love Mobile Slot Game

When we first heard the title Eternal Love, we assumed it would be some form of a romantic slot. However, the truth of the matter was all the more sinister, as instead, we were faced with a trio of vampires set in what has to be the most drab and dark green backdrop we have seen in games so far. Regardless, it has its fair share of delights, with 5 reels and 243 paylines, this vampire slot has the possibility of leading you down a dark and seductive path to large wins through its Extended Life special feature. But are you willing to pay the price for such a dark blessing?


Play Eternal Love
More about Eternal Love    Provider: RTG   USA
Event Horizon

Event Horizon Mobile Slot Game

Themed on one of the main features of black holes, also known as the point of no return, Event Horizon is a very interesting mobile slot that will especially appeal to science freaks. Launched in April 2015, the game is played at five reels and houses 243 win ways, and what it lacks in the extra features department, it more than makes up in stylish graphics and base line payouts.


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More about Event Horizon    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Extra Juicy

Extra Juicy Mobile Slot Game

We do not hide our general dislike for old, physical machine slots. They were clunky, outdated, but were usually the only option back in the day. Nowadays, with new technology, trying to emulate inferior products always seemed like an exercise in futility. And yet, like everyone else, we still yearn for the good old days of fruit machines from time to time. Pragmatic Play comes to our rescue, delivering a modern rendition of a classic, while adding all the new bells and whistles that we have gotten used to.


Play Extra Juicy
More about Extra Juicy    Provider: TopGame   USA
Fa Fa Twins

Fa Fa Twins Mobile Slot Game

Oriental culture has always been a big draw for developers in recent years in an effort to expand into a relatively untapped market. Most of the focus has gone into slots that borrow themes of old Chinese legends, their stories and their lucky symbols. However, with the growing popularity of anime in the west, it was only a manner of time before someone jumped on the opportunity, and it seems Betsoft is ready to tackle this 5-reel, 243-payline game. Forgoing traditional Scatters, the developers use dual reels and Wilds to create a fun and dynamic environment.


Play Fa Fa Twins
More about Fa Fa Twins    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Faerie Spells

Faerie Spells Mobile Slot Game

It is no surprise that many fairy tales teach children to stay out of the forest. Many dangers lurk between the tall trees, waiting for the cute and defenceless to be lured in. But, you have those who dare to venture out, braving the dangers of the forest. Those most adventurous and fearless among us will find themselves in a village of fairies, hidden deep within the glades. With the aid of these winged creatures, you will be able to master alchemical spells, seek out valuable diamonds, and make yourself that bit richer.


Play Faerie Spells
More about Faerie Spells    Provider: Betsoft   USA
Fairytale Fortune

Fairytale Fortune Mobile Slot Game

You can’t have a good fairytale without those few right elements that set the whole thing up. A land far, far away from ours, filled with magical wonders, in which princes and princesses still exist, where unicorns are real and where dragons are up to their dastardly hijinks. The Pragmatic Play’s slot embraces all these things to build a familiar tale that’s been retold many times over through human history, and yet, still manages to captivate us somehow. Pack your grimoire and your magic hourglass, hop on the unicorn and make sure you’re holding on tight, because the prince is charging to save his princess from the evil dragon and while the girl might elude you, there’s no reason you can’t make off with the treasure the winged lizard hoarded while the lovers live out their happily ever after.


Play Fairytale Fortune

Fandango’s Mobile Slot Game

Back in 2011, TopGame released Fandango’s video slot on desktop, giving online gamers a chance to enjoy a quality game themed on the Wild West. Fast forward three years and the five reel fifteen payline slot has launched on their HTML5 platform, looking pretty good on smartphone and tablet devices and losing none of its appeal.


Play Fandango’s
More about Fandango’s    Provider: TopGame    USA
Fantasy Mission Force

Fantasy Mission Force Mobile Slot Game

When you say movie tie-in slots, a lot of ideas go through our heads, but a 1983 humorous action flick from Hong Kong was not what we’d expect to see as a 2018 release. And yet, here we are, as RTG, like many others, plaster the face of Jackie Chan on the front of it all, despite having only a supporting role in the movie. The movie is fun, and doing about as much as it can to go over the top, as the cast faces off against cannibal amazons led by a man in a suit, then are forced to survive in a haunted house full of Jianshi, a sort of hopping vampire that are mythological creatures in China, before facing off against Japanese Nazis who fight with swords and axes while riding around in muscle cars straight from the 1970’s. With a general idea of what sort of ridiculousness you can expect from Fantasy Mission Force, you might think the mess would carry itself to the gameplay, but RTG played it by the book here.


Play Fantasy Mission Force
Fire 88

Fire 88 Mobile Slot Game

Hot on the heels of their latest release comes a Pragmatic Play’s take on a familiar Chinese theme we’ve seen many times before. Valuable gems, richly decorated coins, firecrackers of different colours and a pair of double eights lit on fire – representing the luck and wealth the number eight is usually associated with Chinese culture. The slot is built around a very simplistic rendition of said culture, not really giving players any real visual flair to gawk at. The animated flames in the backdrop without a doubt look cool, but the symbols are overlaid on a plain red background with golden edges, so much so that we feel the developers wanted the graphics to take a backseat, so gamblers could more easily focus on the experience of playing the title itself.


Play Fire 88
More about Fire 88    Provider: TopGame   USA
Fire & Steel

Fire & Steel Mobile Slot Game

As the seventh season of Game of Thrones glues viewers to their screens, the popularity of fantasy medieval stories makes this the perfect time for Betsoft to play their card. Fire & Steel is a clear homage to the TV show with its fair share of kings, queens, crowns and various other valuables that a true monarch must bear. But it seems the dragons were switched out in favour of laser beams that burst from the Swordsman and Shieldmaiden icons, filling the reels with Wilds, and when two beams meet one another, they even activate free spins. Pair this with a 5-reel slot that offers 20 paylines that pay both left to right and right to left and the ability to gamble for more cash, and you have a true recipe for success.


Play Fire & Steel
More about Fire & Steel    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Fish Catch

Fish Catch Mobile Slot Game

Fishing is a relaxing activity. Or, it’s supposed to be, at any rate. Kicking back in a boat, relaxing and talking with some friends, letting the fish bite down and reeling them in. Some people can take up a competitive streak, but it’s all in good fun. Of course, we’ve yet to meet people who are so dedicated to catching all the fish that they bring a cannon underwater and start blasting at the innocent, swimming fish in an effort to mow them down and collect them afterwards. Still, we have to admit, it’s certainly more exciting than the regular type of fishing you’d probably be doing, so there’s no complaints in our book.


Play Fish Catch
More about Fish Catch    Provider: RTG   USA
Forest Frenzy

Forest Frenzy Mobile Slot Game

With some other TopGame titles proving more popular, Forest Frenzy has been somewhat on the fringes since its release in 2011, but the famous software developer decided to give the five reel, twenty-five line slot a second chance, having developed an HTML5 version near the end of 2014, with the mobile game working really well on tablet and smartphone.


Play Forest Frenzy
More about Forest Frenzy    Provider: TopGame   USA
Forest Treasure

Forest Treasure Mobile Slot Game

Having seen Forest Treasure decline in popularity a couple of years after its release back in 2011, TopGame decided to develop a mobile version near the end of 2014, hoping that casino gamers around the world will rekindle their interest in the five reel, twenty-five payline game. This is likely to prove a very good move given that the mobile game boasts great visuals and nice sound effects.


Play Forest Treasure
More about Forest Treasure    Provider: TopGame   USA
Fruit Mania

Fruit Mania Mobile Slot Game

Fruit Mania mobile slot can be played exclusively in high-end mobile casino, where you can enjoy this adorable fruity on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android devices. And even if the 5 reel 15 payline game resembles those feature-poor old style slots, there is so much more hiding under the surface.


Play Fruit Mania
More about Fruit Mania    Provider: Slotland   USA
Fruit Slot

Fruit Slot Mobile Slot Game

Fruit Slot is one of the latest TopGame titles to have been launched on mobile, where simple graphics and easy game play ensure the game plays without any hassles even on those older handheld devices. Meanwhile, iOS and Android users can enjoy lightning fast navigation and quality gaming experience on the move.


Play Fruit Slot
More about Fruit Slot    Provider: TopGame   USA
Fruit Zen

Fruit Zen Mobile Slot Game

Combining the concept of Zen Buddhism with classic fruit machine symbols, BetSoft has managed to create a very interesting game that launched on mobile and desktop in June 2014. Thanks to their state-of-the-art ToGo platform, Fruit Zen provides mobile gamers with a seamless experience on tablet and smartphone, with attractive visuals and nice animations adding to the appeal.


Play Fruit Zen
More about Fruit Zen    Provider: BetSoft   USA
FruitBat Crazy

FruitBat Crazy Mobile Slot Game

You don’t always need an elaborate theme or a fantastic story to sell your slot. They absolutely help, don’t get us wrong. But if the underlying gameplay and prizes are good enough, players will flock to your game! Betsoft seems to know this lesson, as they went with the oddest choice possible: a fruit bat!He’s a cute little guy, with some cool winning potential.


Play FruitBat Crazy
More about FruitBat Crazy    Provider: Betsoft   USA
Fu Chi

Fu Chi Mobile Slot Game

It seems Microgaming isn’t the only one trying to use the holiday cheer over the Chinese New Year to try and bestow some fortune. Indeed, as the Year of the Dog looms above us, RTG has come forward with its own slot that works to combat the fierce beast that terrorizes the innocent citizenry of China’s villages. And while Lucky Little Gods dealt more with the worship of ancestors, Fu Chi is much more orientated on the upcoming year of the Dog and the familiar traditions to drive away the Nian. The prevalence of the colour red, lit lanterns, scrolls and firecrackers, all the small details have made their way over to the digital rendition. It’s not the most visually impressive game, especially for 2018, but it has a somewhat old, rustic charm, and it is fun to play.


Play Fu Chi
More about Fu Chi    Provider: RTG   USA

Fucanglong Mobile Slot Game

Beware, all who search for great treasures and hidden riches that lie in the dark depths beneath the very earth itself! Beware the fearsome Fucanglong, a mighty dragon which sits in the darkness, awaiting the brave, the greedy and the foolish, ready to bathe them in pain and misery should they try and take what rightfully belongs to him. So be prepared as you embark on the journey to win this 5-reel 1,024-payline slot, as you will be contending with a beast of legends who lurks beneath the mountain and guards his prized pearl more than anything else. Do you dare descend into darkness for treasures unheard of?


Play Fucanglong
More about Fucanglong    Provider: RTG   USA

Gemtopia Mobile Slot Game

When it comes to great value and prizes, you can’t go wrong with gems. Everyone knows these coloured beauties are the sign of the wealthy, so when it comes time to seek out a slot theme, it’s tough to say no to picking them up as a way to show off the great value you can usually win if you dare to gamble for them. Alongside a very calm soundtrack that gets a bit boring when repeated for too long, they make a good looking, if a bit uninspired visual theme. After all, gems have been done many times over and RTG’s release doesn’t make them stand out enough to earn points.


Play Gemtopia
More about Gemtopia    Provider: RTG   USA
Giovanni’s Gems

Giovanni’s Gems Mobile Slot Game

We often drone on about low paytables and how they negatively impact titles, but we don’t think we encountered a title that managed to sidestep the issue all together while at the same time made us wish for better paytables even more. Giovanni’s Gems is the newest release from Betsoft, played on a 7×7 reel where wins don’t follow a regular paytable, but instead come in clusters of five and more, and it can go even above twenty five symbols in a win. That said, most of the time you’ll be sitting at wins ranging from five to ten icons, with the occasional coal turned to gem to break it up and the cascading reels to keep the re-spins going, which chains wins together.


Play Giovanni’s Gems

Gladiator Mobile Slot Game

With the original game gaining a huge popularity since its release in 2011, Betsoft launched Gladitor ToGo in December 2013, making the classic Slots3 title available on the move. Developed for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices, the five reel thirty payline slot looks impeccable on mobile and tablet, offering the same exciting experience and extra features that have celebrated the desktop version.


Play Gladiator
More about Gladiator    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Glorious Rome

Glorious Rome Mobile Slot Game

Glorious Rome slot was made available in mobile casinos in the second part of 2014 and the HTML5 version enjoyed just as good a reception as the desktop game. Fully optimized for seamless experience on smartphone and tablet, the five reel, twenty payline mobile slot features impressive visuals, realistic sounds effects and very interesting game play.


Play Glorious Rome
More about Glorious Rome    Provider: TopGame   USA
God of Wealth

God of Wealth Mobile Slot Game

Yet another oriental themed video slot was released near the end of 2015. This time, Real Time Gaming used a little bit worn out subject to make a good looking progressive video slot, in which the old Chinese items seem fresh and attractive.


Play God of Wealth
More about God of Wealth    Provider: RTG   USA
Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon Mobile Slot Game

What do you get when you combine a gold rush with the vast expanse that is the American mid-west? The answer is a bunch of scattered towns leading prospective gold miners to their glimmering dreams! Of course, with all that wealth and little security, bandits all but roam free. But with the help of Betsoft’s sheriff, all that gold will be safe in our pockets.


Play Gold Canyon
More about Gold Canyon    Provider: Betsoft   USA
Gold Rush

Gold Rush Mobile Slot Game

Humans were always a species willing to take risks in an effort to raise their status and become wealthy. We’ve risked life and limb who knows how many times and rose to greatness as a species because of it. We fought massive, destructive wars, sailed to different continents and, as of quite recently, sent a car into space, just because we’re humans and we can. And if we can do that, then it’s no surprise that a great number of us travelled to an unexplored region in a craze to mine gold and get rich doing so. Gold Rush harkens to those days of exploration, risking life and limb in a get rich quick scheme. Back then, you had to bring a pickaxe and dynamite, and hope for the best, but today, you can experience Pragmatic Play release from the comfort of your home and win big.


Play Gold Rush
More about Gold Rush    Provider: TopGame   USA

Goldbeard Mobile Slot Game

Eight years after the original version was rolled out by Realtime Gaming, Goldbeard mobile slot was released to give the players an opportunity to play their favourite title on the go. iPhone and iPad users can now enjoy the experience that is almost exactly the same to that when the game is played online, although it may be important to note that the game is not yet available on Android.


Play Goldbeard
More about Goldbeard    Provider: RTG   USA
Golden Gorilla

Golden Gorilla Mobile Slot Game

The allure of ancient secrets and old treasures lurking in the depths of a jungle has been intriguing human minds since Spain colonized Latin America, and heard stories of the Seven cities of gold, which were rumoured to hold massive riches for those brave enough to come and find them. And while these settlements and their gold were never found, they have been an intriguing theme in books, movies and video games alike, and now, the idea found its way into slots. With 5 reels and 50 paylines, navigate your group through the dense foliage, and be careful of the many animals waiting to ambush you and deny you and your allies your rightfully earned wealth.


Play Golden Gorilla
More about Golden Gorilla    Provider: Rival   USA
Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl, Bad Girl Mobile Slot Game

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots3 game appeared simultaneously on desktop and mobile in March 2014 and it has been an instant hit with the mobile gamers. Introducing some innovative options and adding an extra spice to the theme that has been around since the dawn of times, the iOS and Android compatible game gives the player more control over game play while the action remains as rewarding as it gets.


Play Good Girl, Bad Girl
Grave Grabbers

Grave Grabbers Mobile Slot Game

Grave Grabbers is an incredibly entertaining video slot from TopGame that has been available on desktop since March 2010, with the mobile version released in the summer of 2014. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the five reel twenty payline game provides mobile gamers with a seamless gaming experience on the move, further enhanced by the presence of high-value bonus rounds.


Play Grave Grabbers
More about Grave Grabbers    Provider: TopGame   USA
Great Reef

Great Reef Mobile Slot Game

Great Reef video slot launched on desktop and mobile in 2014, with TopGame making sure casino gamers can enjoy the underwater game on all screens and no matter where they are at the moment. Apart from being scaled down to fit your tablet and smartphone displays, the mobile version is virtually the same as the desktop game, which is definitely a good thing.


Play Great Reef
More about Great Reef    Provider: TopGame    USA
Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits Mobile Slot Game released their own Greatest Hits album in May 2012, with the incredibly entertaining video slot also available in their mobile casino which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry devices. The 5 reel 19 payline mobile slot has become an instant hit with online gamers and it is not difficult to understand why.


Play Greatest Hits
More about Greatest Hits    Provider: Slotland   USA
Greedy Goblins

Greedy Goblins Mobile Slot Game

Developed for iOS and Android devices, Greedy Goblins ToGo is a progressive jackpot mobile slot that looks and plays exactly the same as the original. Impeccable graphics and highly entertaining game play make the 2013 release incredibly appealing to mobile and tablet users, who have finally been given a chance to enjoy their favourite game on the move.


Play Greedy Goblins
Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose Mobile Slot Game

Gypsy Rose is another stunning 3D slot from BetSoft Gaming that launched on desktop and mobile in May 2014. ToGo version offers a truly memorable experience on desktop and tablet, with iOS and Android users especially expected to be amazed by the cinematic graphics, interesting game play and great animations appearing on the game screen.


Play Gypsy Rose
More about Gypsy Rose    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Happy Circus

Happy Circus Mobile Slot Game

Having entertained online casino players since June 2012, Happy Circus video slot finally launched on mobile in 2014, and our first impressions have been very good indeed. Developed for the best possible user experience on iOS and Android devices and optimized for full screen, the five reel twenty-five payline slot looks really well on all displays, with sleek graphics and interesting sound effects adding to the excitement.


Play Happy Circus
More about Happy Circus    Provider: TopGame   USA

Heist Mobile Slot Game

Heist is one of Betsoft’s premium Slots3 selection of video slots that has been around since 2012, while the mobile version was launched in April 2014. Heist ToGo is compatible with all the latest handheld devices and it brings the attractive slot machine to tablet and smartphone in stunning detail, with mobile gamers likely to be captivated by the engaging game play.


Play Heist
More about Heist    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Hen House

Hen House Mobile Slot Game

Launched on desktop in October 2013 and making its way to top mobile casinos one year later, Henhouse is a cute video slot that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Optimized for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, the five reel, twenty-five line game features clean graphics and colourful icons, placed in a barnyard setting.


Play Hen House
More about Hen House    Provider: RTG   USA
Hercules Son of Zeus

Hercules Son of Zeus Mobile Slot Game

A slot based around the mythical Hercules whose story was told over and over from ancient books to a classic Disney movie? We were all aboard that particular ship when Pragmatic Play first showed it off. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite lived up to the hype we were expecting out of it. While by no means a bad game, with 5 reels and 50 paylines, it lacks any sense of real spirit to the whole experience. The special features seem like they are there just to tick off a check list, the wins aren’t that spectacular and even the visuals just aren’t able to sell us to the whole thing.


Play Hercules Son of Zeus
High Fashion

High Fashion Mobile Slot Game

High Fashion is a five reel, twenty-five slot game that will mostly appeal to the female population due to the prevailing theme and while the Realtime Gaming title had been available on desktop since September 2014, the mobile slot launched some six months later, with smartphone and tablet users now able to enjoy the colourful game as well.


Play High Fashion
More about High Fashion    Provider: RTG   USA
I, Zombie

I, Zombie Mobile Slot Game

Halloween isn’t a worldwide trend, but given the rise of the internet and American culture in general, just about everyone seems to get in the spooky mood come October. Some people will no doubt enjoy that, others, who aren’t big fans of horror, will likely skip out on the whole thing, and just indulge in chasing after candy and relaxing at home. But while we’re all familiar with zombies and the general undead, China has its own set of beliefs that usually aren’t well explored in Western culture. Fortunately, RTG is here to help out on that topic with their latest release called I, Zombie, which takes place in a Chinese temple where a wise martial arts teacher and his apprentice must fight back against the horde of the undead coming after them.


Play I, Zombie
More about I, Zombie    Provider: RTG   USA
Ice Queen

Ice Queen Mobile Slot Game

It was just several months after the original game had been launched in December 2012 that made the Ice Queen available in their premium mobile casino, making sure the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry users can enjoy a rewarding gaming experience on the go. Featuring 5 reels and unconventional 21 paylines, this is definitely not your average mobile slot game.


Play Ice Queen
More about Ice Queen    Provider: Slotland   USA
Irish Charms

Irish Charms Mobile Slot Game

It feels like in the sea of growing paylines and massing special features, we have moved away from the old days of sitting in a betting joint and spinning actual, physical reels. Back when slots looked simple and gameplay was very basic. Irish Charms really brings us back to those days of playing old games in a smoky room someplace, with half-annoying half-exciting noises coming from the machine as each spin has the potential to make you feel a wide range of emotions in a span of a few seconds. For better or worse, slots have changed, but if you want a little trip of nostalgia, come along for the ride!


Play Irish Charms
More about Irish Charms    Provider: TopGame   USA
It Came From Venus

It Came From Venus Mobile Slot Game

While the game had been available on desktop since 2012, It Came From Venus launched on mobile in August 2014, and the game developers had a really nice surprise for all mobile players. Namely, while being identical to the original slot in every other aspect, the HTML5 version comes equipped with a progressive jackpot, which definitely serves as an extra incentive for all casino gamers.


Play It Came From Venus
Jade Butterfly

Jade Butterfly Mobile Slot Game

What is more important in one’s life than peace of the soul? Without a doubt, there will be those who claim money is more important. Power, wealth and glory have all been ways humans sought to rise above their peers, achieve greatness and make their mark on history. But, sooner or later, we all pass away and what good will any of those things be if you are not pleased with yourself if you spent your life chasing something that, ultimately, did not matter as much as finding true happiness in your life? So we tell you, our dear readers, stop, take a deep breath, and embrace some inner peace, before joining us on yet another cash-hunting expedition, this time exploring the Pragmatic Play video slot Jade Butterfly. It can provide enough interesting gameplay and riches to earn your time and money.


Play Jade Butterfly
Jewels of the Ancients

Jewels of the Ancients Mobile Slot Game

Becoming a part of’s exclusive list of video slots in 2011, Jewels of the Ancients have since made its way to the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry devices courtesy of Slotland’s mobile casino. The 5 reel 19 payline game comes with a spooky theme, with numerous scary-looking creatures appearing on and around the game screen.


Play Jewels of the Ancients
Journey to the West

Journey to the West Mobile Slot Game

Based on an old book of the same name, Journey to the West is Pragmatic Play’s modern day rendition of the classic piece of Chinese literature, even if it has stripped out a large portion of the story in favour of familiar characters to appeal to the growing market in China. Join the four travellers as they embark on a dangerous quest to recover the knowledge and teaching of Buddha in this 5×3 reel 25-payline slot that will teach you that even small prizes can add up to greatness rather than one major discovery that will rock your world.


Play Journey to the West
Jumbo Joker

Jumbo Joker Mobile Slot Game

There’s a special place in everyone’s heart for 3-reel slots. For a great deal of us here in SlotsMobile, physical machines with 3 reels were how we took our first steps into the gambling world, and a fair few of us still enjoy playing them today, though we can’t say we haven’t been spoiled by all the vast amounts of choice that the modern market offers us with special features, unique reel structures and various other ways that companies try to grab our attention. And yet, it seems like most of that effort has gone into 5-reel slots, leaving 3-reel titles as somewhat of a red-headed stepchild, home to only simple gameplay, with maybe one or two special features to spice things up.


Play Jumbo Joker
More about Jumbo Joker    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Jurassic Giants

Jurassic Giants Mobile Slot Game

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Massive, scary and terrifying, they are a hallmark that not so long ago, humans weren’t the top dog on our own planet. Nowadays, the word Jurassic immediately calls back many to think of the movies, but Pragmatic Play decided to add in a bit more than just dinosaurs. Travel back in time in this new 6 reel, 4,096 ways to win slot which pays both ways, to face off against the worst predators of that time period, as well as bagging yourself a sizeable win in the process.


Play Jurassic Giants
Kung Fu Rooster

Kung Fu Rooster Mobile Slot Game

Another slot for the oriental market by RTG Kung Fu Rooster hits all the important notes for a game that’s no doubt made for the Chinese to enjoy. Specifically stylised visuals and graphics, the inclusion of the number 8 in the wagers because it signifies good luck, that Zen-harmonious melody for a soundtrack, it’s all so familiar and at the same time, oddly interesting at the same time. We’re not sure exactly what it is about this release by RTG that’s drawn us in visually, but for some reason, we quite enjoy it.


Play Kung Fu Rooster
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Legend of the Nile

Legend of the Nile Mobile Slot Game

The old Gods of Egypt once more rise! Ra, Anubis and Isis once more walk within the valley of the Nile River and they bring the treasures of ancient Egypt along with them. And if there’s one part of human history that we’ve always been fascinated with, it was the time where these old deities were worshipped. Pyramids to this day bring many to visit and Egyptian hieroglyphs to this day remain only partially translated, and even that progress was only thanks to the discovery of the Rosetta stone. This fascination ran from the times of Old Greeks to today and Betsoft seems happy to give us what we want.


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Lions Roar

Lions Roar Mobile Slot Game

Welcome to the sprawling savannah in which the lions reign. An exotic venture to be certain, as rare few can afford to visit the places where such majestic beasts roam freely, hunting and sleeping each day and night. But now you can wander the lion’s kingdom in this 5 reel, 50 payline slow released by Rival. Prepare yourself with special tools such as expanding Wilds and free spins bonuses, or else you will quickly find yourself food for the hungry felines!


Play Lions Roar
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Loch Ness Loot

Loch Ness Loot Mobile Slot Game

Loch Ness Loot slot game has been available in Realtime Gaming online casinos since 2012, and it was in January 2015 that the HTML5 version was rolled out. The game developers decided to play it safe and did not make any serious changes to the layout or gameplay, but casino gamers will certainly appreciate the fact they can now play their favourite title on tablet and smartphone, no matter where they are.


Play Loch Ness Loot
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Lost Mobile Slot Game

Lost video slot was released on BetSoft’s ToGo mobile platform in March 2014, some two years after the original game had been launched. Optimized for Android and iOS devices, the five reel thirty payline Slots3 title guarantees a seamless experience on the move ad ensures the game loses none of its appeal when being played on smartphone or tablet.


Play Lost
More about Lost    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Lost Gems of Brussels

Lost Gems of Brussels Mobile Slot Game

Mobile gamers were eagerly awaiting the release of the iOS and Android compatible version ever since the original game had been developed in January 2013, and they are finally able to enjoy the TopGame slot on smartphone and tablet. The five reel twenty payline mobile game houses simple and unpretentious graphics, giving the player a chance to focus completely on his gaming


Play Lost Gems of Brussels
Lost Inca’s Gold

Lost Inca’s Gold Mobile Slot Game

While the original game had been rolled out in TopGame casinos in May 2012, the mobile version was developed some two years later, providing iOS and Android gamers with the same exciting user experience, high-quality graphics and alluring sound effects. The game play has remained virtually identical, with the only notable difference being that maximum 25 payline are fixed on mobile.


Play Lost Inca’s Gold
Lotto Mania

Lotto Mania Mobile Slot Game

TopGame made quite a splash in the online gaming market by releasing Lotto Mania on desktop in February 2013 and the recent launch on mobile platform is likely to make the video slot even more popular. Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android, the five reel twenty-five payline game comes with stunning graphics, while realistic sound effects enhance the feeling of anticipation as the winning numbers are to be drawn.


Play Lotto Mania
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Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre Mobile Slot Game

Available on desktop and mobile since April 2015, Lucha Libre is a high-quality video slot and quite possibly one of the best HTML5 games in the Realtime Gaming portfolio. Themed on the incredibly entertaining Mexican wrestling scene, the five reel, twenty-five line mobile slot depicts a high-profile wrestling match taking place at a packed arena.


Play Lucha Libre
More about Lucha Libre    Provider: RTG   USA
Lucha Libre 2

Lucha Libre 2 Mobile Slot Game

Someone might tell you that this slot is about Mexican wrestlers. Those people are simply misled. Having spent countless hours researching th RTG’s release, we can tell you what the real focus of it all is. It’s not about the two wrestlers ready to jump into the ring for glory. It’s not about winning the big, golden belt, or the silver cup. It’s not about the fanboys, and putting your name on collectable cards, posters, and indeed, it’s not even about hot sauce, tequila with lime, tacos and hot peppers which you can find as symbols in the game. In fact, you might even be fooled into thinking Taco Malo is the protagonist of this story, since he’s on most of the icons and you play as him during the special feature. But no, dear friends. This whole game is a devious plan by RTG to make the pun “Nacho Friend” and get away with it.


Play Lucha Libre 2
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Lucky 6

Lucky 6 Mobile Slot Game

A tiny mischievous forest creature that mends shoes and piles up his fortune has hidden his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Try to trick the Leprechaun and collect his golden coins in an extraordinary video slot released by Real Time Gaming at the end of 2015.


Play Lucky 6
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Lucky 7

Lucky 7 Mobile Slot Game

Lucky 7 is a classic Vegas-style slot machine that has been around since 2009 and the mobile version first appeared midway through 2013. Despite being available on BetSoft’s premium ToGo platform, the three reel, single payline game does not feature cinematic graphics or great animations like most other titles from the highly rated software provider, but rather focuses on the simple yet rewarding gaming experience.


Play Lucky 7
More about Lucky 7    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Lucky Day at the Races

Lucky Day at the Races Mobile Slot Game

Lucky Day at the Races video slot first launched in January 2013, while the mobile version was developed some year and a half later. Optimized to provide the best possible gaming experience on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other handheld devices, the five reel twenty payline slot is clearly one of TopGame’s most accomplished works and is likely to ensure numerous hours of premium entertainment.


Play Lucky Day at the Races
Lucky Fishing

Lucky Fishing Mobile Slot Game

Back in 2010, TopGame released Lucky Fishing slot on desktop, giving fishing enthusiasts a chance to enjoy their favourite sport from the comfort of their homes. Fast forward four years and casino gamers can now practise their skills on the move, quite possibly while they travel to a great fishing destination where they can put all they learned into good use.


Play Lucky Fishing
More about Lucky Fishing    Provider: TopGame   USA
Lucky New Year

Lucky New Year Mobile Slot Game

Just as we’ve wrapped up our New Years celebration, China arrives to prolong the period of cheerful slots with crimson colour spread all over their reels in joyous celebration. Any excuse to party is a good one for us, and when it involves so many cool games coming out at once, all bringing a unique spin on a similar theme, we fall in love. With the Asian market growing larger by the day, slot developers really can’t ignore it anymore, and Pragmatic Play also wants part of the action, and so Lucky New Year is less so about jolly Father Christmas and the winter season, and more about the Year of the Dog, who is the leading animal on the Chinese calendar for this year.


Play Lucky New Year
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Mad Orchestra

Mad Orchestra Mobile Slot Game

Available on desktop since the end of 2010, Mad Orchestra launched on mobile some four years later, but it appears the long wait was well worth it, with the five reel, twenty payline game boasting sleek visuals and classical music tunes playing in the background while it is enjoyed on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Play Mad Orchestra
More about Mad Orchestra    Provider: TopGame   USA
Madame Destiny

Madame Destiny Mobile Slot Game

Destiny is a curious thing. For some, destiny is already set in stone. Everything has already been decided and we’re merely following someone else’s grand plan, afforded minuscule choices while having no say in the actual scheme of things. Others will tell you that every choice you make is your own, and the only thing holding you down are societal expectations and the dangers of venturing out by yourself and abandoning everything else. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle, but if you’re curious as to what’s in store for you, Madame Destiny, the protagonist of our slot, is here to assist you.


Play Madame Destiny
Madder Scientist

Madder Scientist Mobile Slot Game

Launched as a sequel to the extremely popular Mad Scientist game in 2012, Madder Scientist has since made its way to top mobile casinos, with ToGo version first appearing in March 2014. Similar to other BetSoft titles, the five reel thirty payline slot guarantees an exciting gaming experience on the move, with 3D animations making everything all the more enjoyable.


Play Madder Scientist
Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia Mobile Slot Game

Available on desktop since October 2011 and making its way to mobile casinos some three years later, Mamma Mia is a highly entertaining slot from BetSoft that pays homage to the Italian food culture. The five reel, thirty payline game features cinematic graphics, great animations and realistic sound effects that seriously add to the overall gaming experience.


Play Mamma Mia
More about Mamma Mia    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Master Chen’s Fortune

Master Chen’s Fortune Mobile Slot Game

A large number of video slots often like to invoke the Chinese deity of Caishen, who is the god of prosperity and wealth in the folk religion of China and in Taoism. He also has the presence of a Buddha with Pure Land Buddhists. It is believed he bestows riches to his devotees. During the two-week Chinese New Year celebration, incense is burned at Caishen’s temple. While many Chinese historical figures are believed to be Caishen due to several versions on how he was deified, it is unclear who that might be. It seems like Pragmatic Play has chosen Bi Gan as their pick. Bi Gan was a prominent Chinese figure and did his best to combat the corruption of the last Shang king, Di Xin. As a result, he was executed and later deified as Caishen. What does that have to do with Master Chen, you may ask? Well, Bi Gan is said to have had a wife with the surname Chen. Given the similarities in Master’s Chen’s design and the aforementioned god of wealth, it seems like Bi Gan may be watching over your playtime.


Play Master Chen’s Fortune
Mega Gems

Mega Gems Mobile Slot Game

If you are into diamonds, jewellery and precious gemstones, then chances are you will enjoy the BetSoft’s latest title that may not look as appealing as some of their other mobile games, but definitely has a lot to offer. While the desktop game had been released in November 2014, Mega Gems ToGo appeared shortly afterwards to offer casino players a seamless gaming experience on smartphone and tablet.


Play Mega Gems
More about Mega Gems    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Mega Glam Life

Mega Glam Life Mobile Slot Game

If you are one of those people who dream about glamorous lifestyle, but haven’t yet managed to strike it rich, then chances are you will enjoy the Mega Glam Life mobile slot. Released midway through 2015, the five reel, twenty payline game offers casino gamers insight into the world of the filthy rich, while also providing them with an opportunity to win substantial amounts of cash themselves.


Play Mega Glam Life
More about Mega Glam Life    Provider: BetSoft   USA

Megaquarium Mobile Slot Game

Pack your bags because we’re going on a trip to the largest aquarium in the world! An ocean’s worth of fish and plants lie there, existing in their own little glass bubble as the world gawks at the beautiful sight of varied colours. Rumors say that particularly adventurous types put on some diving gear to really sink into this 5 reel, 50 payline slot, and find treasures lying hidden that they’re allowed to take home. With a progressive jackpot and a free spins system that comes in tiers, you won’t want to miss this visit to the Megaquarium!


Play Megaquarium
More about Megaquarium    Provider: RTG   USA
Mermaid Queen

Mermaid Queen Mobile Slot Game

Placed on a thin line that separate water life from our terrestrial habitats, Mermaid Queen video slot tells us an old story of sailors and mermaids, their affections and conflicts once again. With symbols deriving from both worlds, a handsome bare-chested sailor and a gorgeous red-haired mermaid as main characters, this slot spreads a flavour of romance to the players.


Play Mermaid Queen
More about Mermaid Queen    Provider: RTG   USA
Merry Bells

Merry Bells Mobile Slot Game

Merry Bells slot game from TopGame first launched on desktop in December 2011, with the HTML5 version developed some three years later. The Christmas themed slot will light up the screens of your tablets and smartphones with colourful symbols and exciting special features, so no doubt this is a very good addition to TopGame’s mobile portfolio.


Play Merry Bells
More about Merry Bells    Provider: TopGame   USA
Monkey Madness

Monkey Madness Mobile Slot Game

Jungles, monkeys and bananas are all familiar staples at this point. There’s no great theme to reel you in. Pragmatic Play’s recent releases seem to be more inclined towards more classic titles, that include smaller playing fields, few, if any special features, and simplistic visuals that live up to the name fruit slots, as the games are called in the United Kingdom. And yet, while we enviously stare at that cool monkey and his even cooler shades, we can’t help but feel like the developers made a misstep with this release following up the generally enjoyable Triple Tigers that they launched before this title. Both seem similar enough on the surface, certainly, and while you have some small gameplay changes in Monkey Madness, they aren’t balanced so well, leading to a generally much less enjoyable experience that will swallow your cash before you can even notice what’s happening.


Play Monkey Madness
More about Monkey Madness    Provider: TopGame   USA
More Gold Diggin'

More Gold Diggin' Mobile Slot Game

More Gold Diggin’ is a sequel to extremely popular Gold Diggers video slot, with the new title launched simultaneously on desktop and mobile in March 2014. The new game has been optimized for iOS and Android devices and it comes with five reels and 25 paylines, while featuring improved graphics and added perks and benefits for mobile gamers.


Play More Gold Diggin'
Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas Mobile Slot Game

Two years after the original version was rolled out by Betsoft in 2010, Mr. Vegas mobile slot has made its way to top mobile casinos courtesy of ToGo platform that enables excellent game play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The 5 reel 30 payline mobile slot features a land-based casino theme and celebrates the city of Las Vegas that has long ago become a real gambling Mecca for players from all over the world.


Play Mr. Vegas
More about Mr. Vegas    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Mystic Wolf

Mystic Wolf Mobile Slot Game

You were warned against wandering into the old woods near the lake, but you would have none of it. Warned of its many curses, the howling of wolves that would make even the bravest of men fear for their lives, how the snows themselves will turn against you. But rumours of some Mystic Wolf were not even to deter you from your quest to find what secrets lied beneath the still lake. So be prepared as you tackle this 5 reel, 50 payline slot from Rival, and make sure to keep an eye out for mighty wolves and enchanted feathers that will reward you for your diligence if you gather enough of them.


Play Mystic Wolf
More about Mystic Wolf    Provider: Rival   USA
Naughty Or Nice

Naughty Or Nice Mobile Slot Game

Naughty or Nice video slot has been around since 2009, but Realtime Gaming made a great move by rolling out the mobile version in November 2013, shortly before the Christmas holidays. Hence, the extremely popular slot game can now be played on the go, with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android users also given an opportunity to properly enjoy the festive spirit.


Play Naughty Or Nice
More about Naughty Or Nice    Provider: RTG   USA
Ocean Fantasy

Ocean Fantasy Mobile Slot Game

There have been quite a few ocean themed video slots released in recent years, but the TopGame title does manage to stand out. Available in online casinos since 2011 and launched on mobile some three years afterwards, Ocean Fantasy comes with five reels, three rows of symbols and twenty-five paylines, featuring two exciting bonus rounds.


Play Ocean Fantasy
More about Ocean Fantasy    Provider: TopGame   USA
Ocean Oddities

Ocean Oddities Mobile Slot Game

Realtime Gaming has only recently started improving their mobile gaming portfolio and the good job they did with Ocean Oddities suggests their players are in for a great ride. The five reel twenty five slot launched on mobile in May 2014, with the iOS and Android compatible version featuring pretty impressive graphics and interesting game play.


Play Ocean Oddities
More about Ocean Oddities    Provider: RTG   USA
Ogre Empire

Ogre Empire Mobile Slot Game

When we first launched Ogre Empire and saw that large, fat green guy sitting relaxed on top of someone’s house, we were in absolute awe at the size of that lad. Then we were impressed by ogre ingenuity – why waste enslaved humans to build a throne when you can just sit on top of their buildings and smack them with your giant club if they try to misbehave instead? We didn’t expect much visually, but there are some small things which we quite liked that helped put this Betsoft release a lot higher than what we expected for it. A game that respects the fast turbo play means all animations play faster, the hilarious animation of the ogre whacking the reels with his club when a feature is triggered and the fact that even the logo looks like an ogre is encroaching on top of it.


Play Ogre Empire
More about Ogre Empire    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Mobile Slot Game

Rolled out on desktop back in 2011, Once Upon a Time has become one of BetSoft’s most famous 3D slots, so nobody was surprised to see the game also released on mobile in October 2014. The highly entertaining video slot that also has a sequel titled Greedy Goblins, offers a rewarding gaming experience on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, no matter where you are at the moment.


Play Once Upon a Time
Panda’s Fortune

Panda’s Fortune Mobile Slot Game

The latest release from Pragmatic Play is an Asian- themed title that’s all about pandas. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pandas? They’re giant, loveable bears, they’re iconic as the symbol of the WWF, and as instantly recognizable as they are, it’s no surprise they’ve been picked as the mascot of this release. From the get-go, the developers let you know you’re in for a thrilling, high volatility title. The gameplay is centred all around three fixed jackpots, which aren’t hit randomly, but instead, use a specific five-of-a-kind win to make sure that the jackpots get properly more and more difficult to win the more valuable they are.


Play Panda’s Fortune
Panda’s Gold

Panda’s Gold Mobile Slot Game

If Chinese slots are your thing, we’re happy to inform you that RTG has lined up yet another one for your enjoyment. With the name like Panda’s Gold, the theme is obvious. It sets itself in a very idyllic Chinese temple somewhere in the lush countryside. There are sadly not too many pandas to gawk at, despite the name. Ever since the Chinese government set down the barrier and allowed slotmakers to sell to their market, they’ve been hard at work to create things that will draw interest to the massive new audience. Judging by the constant stream of Chinese-themed slots ever since, it’s clearly worked. Credit where it’s due, Panda’s Gold by RTG manages to avoid the most common trappings of these slots. It’s not painted red and gold all over, for starters.


Play Panda’s Gold
More about Panda’s Gold    Provider: RTG   USA
Panther Queen

Panther Queen Mobile Slot Game

In the depths of a jungle, various beasts lurk and wait. Some seek out fruits to feed themselves, while others stalk smaller creatures to bring them down. Reigning from the top are the panthers, but even panthers have their ruler, their queen. It’s just that most people wouldn’t expect it to be a gorgeous human rather than a massive panther. In a Tarzan-like spin, she reigns over this 5-reel, 25-payline slot from Pragmatic Play, appearing as the title’s Wild symbol, the highest fixed jackpot, and to oversee the bonus sixth reel that can award free spins and multipliers to all wins.


Play Panther Queen

PayDirt! Mobile Slot Game

PayDirt! slot launched in Realtime Gaming mobile casinos in June 2014, just over a year since the desktop version had been rolled out. The mobile slot features a similar layout to the original game, although it has been styled to fit the latest smartphone and tablet screens. And while the sound effects are far from impressive, crisp graphics seriously improve the overall gaming experience.


Play PayDirt!
More about PayDirt!    Provider: RTG   USA
Pearls of Atlantis

Pearls of Atlantis Mobile Slot Game

Pearls of Atlantis slot has been around since 2011 and can now be enjoyed on all the latest handheld devices with the game losing none of its appeal when being played on the go. The 5 reel 9 payline mobile game features an underwater theme, Click Me feature and Wheel of Fortune bonus round, while it is also linked to a high-value progressive jackpot.


Play Pearls of Atlantis
Peking Luck

Peking Luck Mobile Slot Game

We’ll admit, ancient China has always been a weak spot of ours. They were a world apart from us, a distance so vast that even today, travelling to China from Europe or the United States can take a long time. They were a culture for themselves, with their own beliefs, wars, and long-standing history that always occupied our imagination, specifically due to how different it was from our own. Their shining star has faded with time. As European powers colonized the rest of the world and used their resources to grow their wealth, China had befallen into instability and civil war and, even then, it wasn’t easy prey for European colonizers. Today, China is once again a world power in its own right and many slot developers, Pragmatic Play included, do their best to access this new and eager market.


Play Peking Luck

Pinocchio Mobile Slot Game

Themed on one of the world’s most famous novels, written by Carlo Collodi in 1883, Pinocchio is a five reel, fifteen payline video slot that will blow you away with cinematic graphics, excellent animations and highly engaging gameplay. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile since March 2015, the BetSoft title is also equipped with some of the best bonus rounds you will have ever seen.


Play Pinocchio
More about Pinocchio    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Pixie Wings

Pixie Wings Mobile Slot Game

Pragmatic Play is a slot developer you can rely on to release something safe and quality. As ideas for new games seem to be going into a whole different territory than what we’ve seen before, Pragmatic Play has mostly stuck to the things they know work. Pixie Wings has 5 reels, 50 paylines, Wilds and a Scatter-activated free spins feature with a little twist. Nothing new, but they always do the classics nicely. As such, from the moment we started up the slot to finishing it a lot of spun reels later, we knew it would earn our recommendation.


Play Pixie Wings
More about Pixie Wings    Provider: TopGame   USA
Plentiful Treasure

Plentiful Treasure Mobile Slot Game

Say what you will, but human greed has driven our species forward in a way nothing else has. In hunger to have more than our neighbours, we have gone through great lengths. Sometimes, there are bad things, like messing up our fellow man, or doing harmful things to our surroundings in an effort to get ahead. And sometimes, the ambitiousness of man has led him to discover great things, form governments, spread inventions and fundamentally change the world to suit his needs. For the good and ill humanity has done in thanks to its greed and desire to advance, we have fundamentally changed the world for the better. But, that does not mean we may not do some silly things along the way because of greed – such as trying to loot the valuables of the Chinese royal family in the RTG 2018 release.


Play Plentiful Treasure
More about Plentiful Treasure    Provider: RTG   USA

Popinata Mobile Slot Game

Life’s a fiesta, and it is worth celebrating! And that’s exactly what we’re doing – taking a trip to a proper party, complete with piñatas, silly hats, and delicious Mexican treats. Popinata is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot that tackles one of the greatest joys in life – cracking open a piñata and watching the treats pour out. Only this time around, rather than candy, it’s a whole lot of delicious cash prizes you could take home with you after you crack open the plush toy! Those of you who played a few games before can recognize this is RTG’s clone of Starburst – with Wild re-spins, ten paylines that pay both ways, and a visible lack of any other special features.


Play Popinata
More about Popinata    Provider: RTG   USA
Puppy Love

Puppy Love Mobile Slot Game

To the delight of mobile gamers everywhere, Puppy Love video slot was released simultaneously on desktop and mobile in December 2013. The version available on BetSoft’s ToGo platform has been optimised for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices, and it features stunning graphics and expert animations when being played on the move.


Play Puppy Love
More about Puppy Love    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Purrfect Pets

Purrfect Pets Mobile Slot Game

There’s lots of cute kittens and dogs out there on the internet. Fair to say most people will crack a smile when they see either of those doing something different or interesting, but at a certain point, just sticking them everywhere and trying to make a sale doesn’t really work out that well. And that’s a good way to look at Purrfect Pets, a slot that took the cutesy art that seems popular nowadays and decided to double on everything. We aren’t pleased with how it turned out. The sounds of kittens and dogs is overbearing as it occurs in nearly every single spin, the visuals look like someone ripped off a book for children, and the whole thing really feels bizarre rather than appealing.


Play Purrfect Pets
More about Purrfect Pets    Provider: RTG   USA
Queen of Atlantis

Queen of Atlantis Mobile Slot Game

The mysteries of Atlantis and what lied within its walls has long filled people with a mixture of curiosity and wanderlust. In the works of Plato, it was the perfect country, and their great victories and massive advancements led them to arrogantly wage war against Athens, and lose. Falling away from the grace of the Greek Gods, the city and its people were sunk beneath the waves, forever lost to history. During the Renaissance period, several writers indulged tales of this old city, making it out as heaven on earth itself. It has remained in the minds of many an unexplained secret, full of wonderful treasures – and now, in this 5-reel, 1,024 ways to win slot, we can finally uncover what Atlantis hides.


Play Queen of Atlantis
Queen of Gold

Queen of Gold Mobile Slot Game

Take a journey to the lands of ancient Egypt in which pharaohs ruled and built great wonders that still cause many to travel and visit them. With ships sailing down the Nile river, and the mighty pyramids piercing the skies with their height, as a gentle wind blows to push the boats along their journey. Queen of Gold is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot that has a fair mix of interesting and annoying mechanics that probably sounded really good on paper, but failed to live up to their expectations, proving just to be a frustration to the player.


Play Queen of Gold
More about Queen of Gold    Provider: TopGame   USA
RedBeard & Co.

RedBeard & Co. Mobile Slot Game

While online gamers have been able to enjoy the exciting video slot since December 2012, the five reel twenty payline game launched on mobile in 2014, although the wait was well worth it. Featuring quality graphics on iOS and Android devices as well as impressive sound effects, Redbeard & Co. offers a truly rewarding gaming experience on the move.


Play RedBeard & Co.
More about RedBeard & Co.    Provider: TopGame   USA
Reel Gangsters

Reel Gangsters Mobile Slot Game

TopGame rolled out Reel Gangsters back in May 2010 and they seem to have developed the mobile version just in time, albeit some four years later. The five reel twenty payline mobile game features cinematic graphics and excellent sound effects that make for an exciting gaming experience on tablet and smartphone, with the video slot obviously compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Play Reel Gangsters
More about Reel Gangsters    Provider: TopGame   USA
Reels of Wealth

Reels of Wealth Mobile Slot Game

No matter how much fun certain slots are, or how great they are to play, when it all comes together, we’re all after the big prizes. That huge prize that sits just out of reach, as gold coins pour out from the side and the number just keeps climbing higher and higher. Lots of gamblers live for that dream, and while it is rare to see it actually happen, it is part of what makes gambling as addictive as it is – getting that huge score and making off like a bandit because your risk finally paid off. Reels of Wealth certainly seems to play on that concept. Royal purple colours mixed with a literal mountain of treasure, cash, gold and gemstones filling the reels and four big jackpots on the sides of the reels, a promise for the luckiest to take away with them.


Play Reels of Wealth
More about Reels of Wealth    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Regal Riches

Regal Riches Mobile Slot Game

Regal Riches is a five reel, twenty-five line video slot from Realtime Gaming that was released on desktop in September 2013 and has been available on mobile and tablet since October 2014. The action takes place during the Elizabethan era, one of the most talked about periods in the United Kingdom history, when the likes of William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh were at their peak.


Play Regal Riches
More about Regal Riches    Provider: RTG   USA
Religion of Champions Brasil

Religion of Champions Brasil Mobile Slot Game

Launched on desktop in June 2014, Religion of Champions Brasil was made available on mobile shortly afterwards, with TopGame making sure mobile gamers can enjoy the exciting video slot as well. The five reel, twenty payline game celebrates the game of football, arguably the most popular sport on the planet, as well as the country of Brasil, a place where football is a true religion.


Play Religion of Champions Brasil
Rise of Poseidon

Rise of Poseidon Mobile Slot Game

They say the sea is a cruel mistress, but we all have our masters. The fierce God of the sea rises from the depths, and as you sail across the oceans plundering riches, his wrath grows, until Poseidon draws the line and sends a fearsome storm your way. Can you brave the untamed sea in this 5 reel, 30 payline slot, or will you be sunk beneath the waves, never to uncover the power of Expanding Wilds and free spins bonuses that will turn the game around for you?


Play Rise of Poseidon
More about Rise of Poseidon    Provider: Rival   USA
Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba

Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba Mobile Slot Game

With the success of Big Bopper, it’s no surprise that more slots in that vein were chosen to be produced. We certainly didn’t mind, as the rock and roll of the American 50s has mostly gone away, blending into a more aggressive style of rock and roll that really hit the highlight with the eighties and nineties. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we were surprised that the next pick was Ritchie Valens – despite his popularity, he was remarkably young when he died, although he still left some really good music that was listened to long after he passed away. A few of them will be constantly playing in the backdrop as you spin your way through La Bamba, arguably his most famous song.


Play Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba
Rook's Revenge

Rook's Revenge Mobile Slot Game

Launched some year after the original version, Rook’s Revenge mobile slot features impeccable graphics and interesting sound effects thanks to Betsoft’s ToGo platform. In a sea of video slots that resemble one another in many ways, this game comes as a real refreshment given that it is equipped with quite a few features that you won’t find anywhere else.


Play Rook's Revenge
More about Rook's Revenge    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Rudolph's Revenge

Rudolph's Revenge Mobile Slot Game

Rudolph’s Revenge become one of Realtime Gaming’s most popular slots shortly after it had been released in December 2008 and it has now been given a new lease on life, with the mobile version launched ahead of the 2014 Christmas festivities. This means that angry reindeer Rudolph is ready to get revenge on Santa for all the bad treatment over the years and the best thing here is that you get to witness the amazing battle on your tablet and smartphone screens.


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Safari King

Safari King Mobile Slot Game

For most people, Africa evokes the images of the vast Sahara desert, which sprawls across the continent’s north. But beneath it lies a vast savannah, full of shrubs and the occasional tree, with unique wildlife that adapted to live in such a world. For most, seeing these exotic creatures is something which will never happen outside of a zoo. But if you want to see them up close and personal, than a trip to a safari is in your near future! That way, you will be able to see these animals up close, and you might even come face to face with the fierce lion.


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Safari Sam

Safari Sam Mobile Slot Game

Shortly after the desktop version made its way to top online casinos, Betsoft released the slot on their premium ToGo mobile platform, which means the game can now be played on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With Safari Sam mobile slot equipped with the same special features that are available in the original and even keeping the double up option, the 5 reel 30 payline game is likely to appeal to mobile gamers everywhere.


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San Guo Zheng Ba

San Guo Zheng Ba Mobile Slot Game

For many people in the Anglosphere, the War of the Roses is a rather romanticised event. It was a war between two dynasties to lay claim on the England’s throne, a bloody period of civil war that led to loss of countless lives and was so gruesome it would eventually inspire a great deal of stories to be told about it – including the very popular Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. However, China also had its War of the Roses. It officially spanned between 220 to 280 AD and split China into three states, called Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Dong Wu. The period was known as the Three Kingdom and it officially began with the dissolution of the Han dynasty. It was rather violently brought to heel by the Jin dynasty that united China. Unofficially, the period also spanned from 184 to 220 AD, which was marked by infighting between the warlords in various parts of China as the empire began to weaken. Given that the emperor is still alive in this game, we’d say this title is more inclined towards the earlier period.


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Santa Mobile Slot Game

When the snow’s falling outside, it’s that special time of year when everyone’s full of holiday cheer! Christmas time is always special, and Pragmatic Play certainly knows it, as they’ve decided to pay homage to the big man himself, Saint Nick. Or, as we’ve come to know him more, Santa Claus. There’s a bit of chaos up at the North Pole and our favourite jolly old man and his elves need a bit of help. They’re more than willing to make sure their helpers go home with an early Christmas present as a thank you for assisting. The graphics are a good quality, as you would expect from Pragmatic Play, and the jackpot rush gameplay feels familiar to several of their other titles.


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Santastic! Mobile Slot Game

Mobile version of Santastic! slot was released ahead of Christmas 2015, exactly 2 years after its desktop counterpart. Real Time Gaming made this advanced form of classic slot machine with 3×3 grid, 5 paylines and an interesting game feature that gives various awards.


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Scuba Fishing

Scuba Fishing Mobile Slot Game

Sometimes, you want to play something to get your blood pumping. The thrill of chasing a jackpot and watching it finally blow up on your screen, seeing the numbers increasing faster and faster, while the music blares and your brain basks in glory as you collect your freshly collected jackpot and make off like a bandit – it’s something nothing ever managed to get even close to replicating, hence why we’re such avid slots fans to this day. But sometimes, you don’t want to worry about budgeting properly, watching the reels carefully to see if everything will line up perfectly or hoping for that one special feature to come in and save the day. It’s in times like these that you want to play something like the RTG’s release called Scuba Fishing. It takes you beneath the waves near the tropical coast to get you acquainted with the local wildlife and maybe help you get some casual wins along the way.


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Secret Jungle

Secret Jungle Mobile Slot Game

Hidden deep within the jungles of Brazil, to this day, lie tribes of humans which the outside world has chosen not to contact. This isn’t a phenomenon unique to Brazil, mind you. The reason why these tribes were never contacted was as to not disturb their way of life, growth and evolution – if we brought them into our society, they could not comprehend the massive difference. When it came to contacting these tribes, it was agreed that it was not our place to uplift these people before they were ready to do so on their own, so we simply observe them, just in case something happens and they need our aid. It’s fun to speculate that there may be tribes that we know nothing about – some remnant of the ancient American empires that persisted before Europeans colonized the continents. This is the premise with which RTG is luring us into – and we have to admit, it’s working spectacularly.


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Secret Symbol

Secret Symbol Mobile Slot Game

The allure of things old and forgotten has always captivated humans. From movies such as Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones seeing success in exploration of these old cultures, to even before when Europeans set sail to find new places and uncover more about the world in search of treasure and land. As such, Secret Symbol ties in with that need of humans to uncover what mysteries we could potentially solve – and by extent, if we can get any cash out of it all. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the slot has you exploring through the thick canopy. But will you come back home with loot hidden in some ancient temple, or will you fall prey to the many dangers of the jungle?


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Shanghai Lights

Shanghai Lights Mobile Slot Game

The upbeat music, the fancy outfits. The lights, the glitz, the glamour, all in the exotic land of the Far East. Nowhere has the economic boom of China been visible more than in Shanghai, which has become a global financial centre, the busiest transport hub in the world, and a major administrative city for China. Its impressive economic and trading potential was recognized even back in the colonial era, but it took the economic reforms not twenty to thirty years ago to really make it into the powerhouse you see today. And with all that wealth the prestige and glamour of a high life have come, which we see celebrated in the RTG’s 2018 release aimed for the Asian market.


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Shia Safavids

Shia Safavids Mobile Slot Game

While the desktop game has been around since 2011, Shia Safavids launched on mobile at the end of 2014, and the TopGame title was thus given a fresh opportunity to impress casino gamers everywhere. Themed on the Persian empire and the Safavid dynasty that helped make Shia Islam the main religion of Iran, the historic slot will predominantly appear to players from this part of the world.


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Slot Dunk

Slot Dunk Mobile Slot Game

TopGame launched Slot Dunk on mobile midway through 2014, some two years after the original game, and we can safely say they have done a great job. The graphics and background sounds are just as impressive on tablet and smartphone, especially if you play the five reel twenty payline slot on the high-end iOS and Android devices.


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Slots Angels

Slots Angels Mobile Slot Game

Launched on desktop in April 2012 and available on mobile since 2015, Slots Angels is another exciting video slot to have come out of BetSoft’s cuisine, themed around biker gangs and offering casino gamers an insight into the unique lifestyle. Chances are they will be impressed by cinematic graphics and very good sound effects that include great guitar riffs each time a winning combination occurs.


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Small Fortune

Small Fortune Mobile Slot Game

Small Fortune was rolled out on mobile in February 2015, some year and a half after the desktop version, and the mobile release is expected to make the five reel, twenty-five game even more popular among the casino players. The video slot appears to have everything needed to become one of RTG flagship titles, including two progressive jackpots, stunning visuals and attractive bonus round.


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Spinfinity Man

Spinfinity Man Mobile Slot Game

What self-respecting city doesn’t have its own caped hero to fight for justice? Up until recently, the realm of Betsoft was in dire need of someone to keep it safe from evildoers. But have no fear, dear readers! Spinfinity Man is here and he’ll assist you in achieving the win of your dreams! But be careful or Mr X will make off with your wallet and your prizes!


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Stampede Mobile Slot Game

If there’s one place in the world that feels foreign and exotic, it’s the savannahs of Africa. Large plains with rare trees, full of animals that don’t really appear anywhere else in the world. The large elephants, the speedy cheetahs, the tall giraffes, speedy zebras and easily frightened antelopes – and all of them make an appearance in Stampede, the Betsoft 2017 slot that takes place in exactly that location. So get ready for a trip of a lifetime, as we drive close to these majestic animals and uncover what sort of life they live.


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Stardust Mobile Slot Game

The longer we play video slots, the more it becomes seemingly apparent that not all titles are created equal. Some are clearly meant to draw your attention and keep it there, showing care and effort in both visuals and gameplay systems, the flagships with which slot makers really want to show off. And then you have what can only be deemed as filler titles, as companies do their best to keep up with the pace of slot giants who effortlessly produce a title or two each month thanks to their size. RTG’s Stardust is clearly the former – the moment you boot up the title, it becomes very clear that everyone, from the artists to the developers, put their all into making things as polished and shiny as they could.


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Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped Mobile Slot Game

Usually, our slot recommendations come down to whether or not we enjoyed it as we played it. Graphics, gameplay, music and the general feel of it all come together when we’re handing down a verdict. But this is the first game where we have to add another metric – and that’s if you’re on a diet or not. Because if you are, Sugar Pop 2 is going to be sweet, sugary temptation itself. It’s a world where clouds are cotton candy, you drink fizzy soda to advance through levels and various different sweets can be found all around the playing field, which have an effect on the reels and symbols, looking so yummy you want to reach out to the screen and pluck one right off. But if you’re not watching your weight or you have a steel resolve, then carry on through this review!


Play Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped
Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush Mobile Slot Game

The original game from the Sugar Rush series that have also seen its summer and winter editions has been around since December 2013, while the mobile version was released near the end of 2014. iOS and Android users will be happy to hear that the five reel twenty payline game loses none of its appeal when being played on the move, with visuals and sounds just as good as in the desktop game.


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Sugar Rush Summer Time

Sugar Rush Summer Time Mobile Slot Game

Launched in April 2014 on desktop as a sequel to Sugar Rush video slot, the Summer Time edition was optimized for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices some six months later to the delight of mobile gamers everywhere. The TopGame title loses none of its appeal when it is played on tablet or smartphone, with adorable game symbols creating a rewarding gaming atmosphere.


Play Sugar Rush Summer Time

SugarPop Mobile Slot Game

SugarPop is an innovative slot game developed by BetSoft in November 2013 and available on their ToGo platform since June 2014. This one-of-a-kind mobile slot features impressive visuals with plenty of vibrant colours, very interesting gameplay and a plethora of bonus rounds that always create additional winning opportunities.


Play SugarPop
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Summer Party

Summer Party Mobile Slot Game

While the original game had been released ahead of the summer of 2013, the mobile slot was rolled out some year later, helping gamers get into the party mood on their way to the beach. Summer Party comes with five reels, twenty paylines and three rows of symbols, and the game looks quite impressive on iOS and Android devices as well as other smartphones.


Play Summer Party
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Super Sevens

Super Sevens Mobile Slot Game rolled out the Super Sevens game simultaneously in their online and mobile casinos in 2013, which has proved to be an excellent decision. As a result, the classic slot machine looks impeccable when being played on the go using iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry or Android devices, with easy game play and clean graphics likely to appeal to more conservative gamers.


Play Super Sevens
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Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar Mobile Slot Game

Sushi Bar video slot has been around since 2012, while the mobile version was developed by BetSoft in April 2014. Chances are mobile gamers will be impressed by the graphics and sound effects on their mobile and tablet screens seeing as how the five reel twenty-five payline mobile game leaves little to the imagination.


Play Sushi Bar
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Swindle All the Way

Swindle All the Way Mobile Slot Game

Ah, Christmas time. The snow is falling, covering the ground like a pure white soft blanket. Everyone’s giving each other gifts, cookies and milk are being left out for Santa. And, of course, the part that ties it all together – a pair of escaped convicts looking to make off with everyone’s stuff. Bet you didn’t see that one coming! It seems RTG’s latest release decided to swindle everyone’s expectations for something cosy and peaceful in favour of a more dastardly approach. You certainly wouldn’t be able to tell that much from just looking at the backdrop – but there are some dastardly little details that really bring it to life.


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T-Rex Mobile Slot Game

It took Realtime Gaming almost five years to release the mobile version of their extremely popular video slot, with T-Rex having been made available in mobile casinos in January 2014. Just like other RTG titles, the five reel twenty-five payline mobile slot features a similar layout to the original version, making for an excellent gaming experience on tablet and smartphone.


Play T-Rex
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Tales of Egypt

Tales of Egypt Mobile Slot Game

Tales of Egypt slot launched on desktop in August 2014 before becoming available on mobile phones and tablets shortly afterwards. The TopGame title is another from a long line of games themed on the Ancient Egypt, although this particular video slot houses several exciting special features that gamers will quickly learn to appreciate.


Play Tales of Egypt
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Texan Tycoon

Texan Tycoon Mobile Slot Game

Texan Tycoon had launched on desktop back in June 2009, and it then became one of the last RTG video slots to be optimized for mobile gaming in 2014. The five reel, twenty-five payline game features exactly the same layout on all platforms, meaning it loses none of its appeal when being enjoyed on the latest smartphone and tablet devices.


Play Texan Tycoon
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The Angler

The Angler Mobile Slot Game

Hook on the bait and start the boat, because we’re fishing for some wins! Quite a variety of fish life in the lake and we can’t waste our time and let the competition scoop them up under our noses, after all. Join our red-headed seasoned fisherman and moustache aficionado in The Angler, a 5-reel 20-payline slot made by Betsoft. And much like actual fishing, this game offers players a shot at feeling the highs of winning and the lows of joining 30 dead spins in a row, on a less than stellar paytable and special features that are as rare as that prized catch you keep trying to fish up. You might be able to tell where we stand in terms of satisfaction with this title.


Play The Angler
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The Champions

The Champions Mobile Slot Game

The football craze may have subsided now, but it never truly dies. The sport has persisted throughout the ages despite its many rivals and to this day remains one of the favourites for many across the globe. And when the time comes for the best in the world to clash, to represent their countries and bring home the coveted world cup, that enjoyment boils over into an infectious excitement. Pragmatic Play clearly also decided to cash in on the fun, bringing forward their own title called The Champions. It focuses on the football championship and the many nations playing in it.


Play The Champions
The Golden Owl of Athena

The Golden Owl of Athena Mobile Slot Game

While the first civilisation did not spring up in Greece, it’s undoubtedly one of the most influential places in the world that has given many great empires the basis on which they stood. They traded with the Egyptians, they tutored Alexander the Great who spread the Hellenic ideas through his empire, and their pantheon was absorbed by the Romans. In fact, it would be the Greeks that would keep the torch of the Roman Empire lit for a thousand years after Rome itself fell to barbarians, as the Byzantine Empire. But eventually, Greece fell and its ideals, splendour and glory were lost under the oppressive Ottoman boot that left behind a country that has never reached those same heights as once before. In fact, given the crisis Greece is in, we’re certain they would love a bit of Athena’s advice right about now.


Play The Golden Owl of Athena
The Magic Shoppe

The Magic Shoppe Mobile Slot Game

Ah, magic. A power beyond our understanding, it has been part of many stories, from old, ancient tales, to modern day iterations. It has been good or bad, coming with no drawbacks or steep prices to pay, but it seems in the Betsoft’s world, the ability to wield magic comes with a steep price to pay. Of course, those who master this dark craft could see great reward for their efforts, with free spins locked away within mysterious, chained boxes, magic wands that can become Wilds and even transform the boxes into additional Wilds, and a chance to double your winnings. Welcome to The Magic Shoppe that offers 5 reels, 25 paylines and a frightfully good time.


Play The Magic Shoppe
The Naughty List

The Naughty List Mobile Slot Game

While the desktop game had been rolled out in November 2014, the mobile version appeared less than a month later, in time to help mobile gamers enjoy the Christmas festivities even more. The Naughty List has been optimized for full screen viewing on the latest smartphone and tablet devices, and it brings the festive atmosphere to players no matter where they are.


Play The Naughty List
More about The Naughty List    Provider: RTG   USA
The Nice List

The Nice List Mobile Slot Game

Now it’s official, Real time Gaming decided to celebrate the Christmas holidays of 2015 with new slot machines. For the Christmas 2015 they released two different mobile slots inspired by Santa and his generosity towards good boys and girls.


Play The Nice List
More about The Nice List    Provider: RTG   USA
The Slotfather

The Slotfather Mobile Slot Game

Even if the original version gained huge popularity shortly after it was released in 2009, Betsoft waited for several years before they launched The Slotfather on their ToGo mobile platform. Nevertheless, the wait was well worth it as the game now looks pretty impressive on the latest handheld devices.


Play The Slotfather
More about The Slotfather    Provider: BetSoft   USA
The Slotfather II

The Slotfather II Mobile Slot Game

The family has need of your skills once more. Having already proven yourself once and rose the ranks of a made man, it is time to step back into the city and turn a profit for the Slotfather. There is money to be collected, fellow mobsters that need your assistance, all laid out on 5 reels and 243 ways to win. This Betsoft slot is a sequel to the very popular The Slotfather that was released about ten years ago, featuring some relatively unique gameplay for its time. Can the sequel match the greatness of the original, or is it too far out for its time?


Play The Slotfather II
The Three Stooges II

The Three Stooges II Mobile Slot Game

The Three Stooges II mobile slot has been available in RTG casinos since March 2014, with the game optimized for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy devices. Appearing as a sequel to the 2008 release, the new game themed on the classic comedy show is available in three reels and three paylines, but it features a much more interesting game play than its predecessor.


Play The Three Stooges II
The Tipsy Tourist

The Tipsy Tourist Mobile Slot Game

Mobile gamers shouldn’t have problems identifying with the main protagonist of The Tipsy Tourist slot game as chances are that the majority of them have at least once assumed said role while enjoying their summer vacation and a much needed break from the daily routine. Appearing on desktop and mobile in September 2015, the BetSoft title is played at five reels and up to 20 paylines.


Play The Tipsy Tourist
True Sheriff

True Sheriff Mobile Slot Game

Launched simultaneously on desktop and mobile in October 2013, True Sheriff 3D slot has taken the gaming world by storm and the game on BetSoft’s ToGo platform especially looks impressive. Optimized for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, the five reels thirty payline slot enables dynamic gaming experience on the move, while excelling in the special features department.


Play True Sheriff
More about True Sheriff    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Three Wishes

Three Wishes Mobile Slot Game

Having witnessed the early success of the Three Wishes video slot, Betsoft released the game on iOS mobile platform just few months later, giving their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users an opportunity to enjoy this highly entertaining slot on the go. Featuring 5 reel and 30 paylines, but allowing up to 10 coins per single line, the mobile slot is likely to appeal to both casual gamers and high rollers.


Play Three Wishes
More about Three Wishes    Provider: BetSoft   USA

Thunderbird Mobile Slot Game

Slots based around Native American culture seem to be growing in popularity in recent years, and Rival’s release seems to be interested in chasing that trend. Deep within the forest, a storm brews, and the mighty Thunderbird prepares to unleash its wrath upon those who wander into the ancient lands it reigns over in search for valuable things to plunder. With 5 reels and 50 paylines, the game comes equipped with Expanding Wilds and amazing free spin bonuses to keep you intrigued.


Play Thunderbird
More about Thunderbird    Provider: Rival   USA
Tian Di Yuan Su

Tian Di Yuan Su Mobile Slot Game

There are lots of upsides of being an economic superpower with a rich and colourful history. Your people are well off, you have great accomplishments to look back on and feel proud, and once you become a giant, everyone will want to court your favour by making games around your mythology and history. While there’s a fair amount of Chinese focused slots, we don’t think we’ve yet seen one that places the concept of Wu Xing, or five elements, in such focus. Wu Xing lists the five types of chi that dominate everything, and ancient Chinese civilisation to describe interactions and relationships between a great deal of things. Fields such as geomancy, astrology, medicine, music, martial arts and military strategy all incorporated the concept, although it had all but vanished nowadays from everything except martial arts.


Play Tian Di Yuan Su
More about Tian Di Yuan Su    Provider: RTG   USA
Tiger’s Claw

Tiger’s Claw Mobile Slot Game

Everyone knows all the cool, mystical things can be found in places humans rarely visit. Magic is fickle and far away, so as humans expanded, it hid away in the far away corners of the world, where it remains undiscovered and unknown. Or, at least, that’s the basic premise for any good story that blends the modern day and magic together, and it does seem like Tiger’s Claw has all the elements of such a story. Remote, mountain camp miles and miles away from civilisation? Odd carvings in the stone, golden idols and creepy glowing masks? Odds are if you can check off on all those things, you’re likely wandering into a magical corner of the world. And where’s there’s magic, there’s probably some money to be made!


Play Tiger’s Claw
More about Tiger’s Claw    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Tikal Treasure

Tikal Treasure Mobile Slot Game

Developed by in 2011 and now also available in their high-end mobile casino which is compatible with all the latest handheld devices, Tikal Treasure is a 5 reel 25 payline video slot that celebrates the ancient Mayan civilization. The game comes as a nice break from those flashy slot machines as it features a historical theme and unobtrusive graphics and sound effects.


Play Tikal Treasure
More about Tikal Treasure    Provider: Slotland   USA

Transylvania Mobile Slot Game

TopGame released the five reel twenty payline slot game on desktop in January 2013, with the mobile slot appearing some year and a half later. Providing casino players with a rewarding gaming experience on tablet and smartphone, Transylvania takes them to a world of vampires, haunted houses and werewolves, where it is every man for himself.


Play Transylvania
More about Transylvania    Provider: TopGame   USA
Treasure Room

Treasure Room Mobile Slot Game

Treasure Room video slot had been paying out lucky casino gamers on desktop for some six years before it was finally released on mobile in July 2015. The five reel, twenty payline game comes equipped with eye-catching graphics and high-value progressive jackpot, while offering players additional opportunities to improve their main game payouts.


Play Treasure Room
More about Treasure Room    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Treasures of the Pharaohs

Treasures of the Pharaohs Mobile Slot Game

Treasures of the Pharaohs is another video slot from TopGame that was first released in 2011, with the Egyptian themed game enjoying instant success in the online gaming industry. Fast forward three years and the HTML5 version is also available, with iOS, Android and Windows Phone users provided with an opportunity to play the five reel, fifteen payline slot on the move.


Play Treasures of the Pharaohs
Triple Tigers

Triple Tigers Mobile Slot Game

Sometimes, in an effort to grab attention, slot makers can go a bit too far. Special features with chances to win big bonuses have become commonplace, to the point where at times it can feel games are trying to include as many as possible to show them off as a selling point. And while that insane chase seems to have died down, sometimes you don’t want to bother with any bonuses, keeping track of Scatters or Wilds. Sometimes you want to lean back, let the reels spin and see if you win or not without waiting for the right alignment of the moon to get a score that doesn’t suck because it didn’t happen while a bonus was up. If you feel this way, then Triple Tigers from Pragmatic is very clearly the type of slot you will enjoy.


Play Triple Tigers
More about Triple Tigers    Provider: TopGame   USA
Triple Twister

Triple Twister Mobile Slot Game

With the original version gaining huge popularity over the years, Realtime Gaming launched Triple Twister on mobile in July 2014, with the mobile slot optimized for full screen and compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Java devices. The five reel fifty payline game features a seamless gaming experience on tablet and smartphone, with all those intricate bonus rounds playing without any issues.


Play Triple Twister
More about Triple Twister    Provider: RTG   USA
True Illusions

True Illusions Mobile Slot Game

True Illusions 3D slot was launched on BetSoft’s ToGo mobile platform in October 2013, some two years after the original game, and it has really exceeded our expectations. Developed for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices, the five reel thirty payline video slot loads much quicker than its predecessors, thus enabling an excellent gaming experience on mobile and tablet.


Play True Illusions
Turbo GT

Turbo GT Mobile Slot Game

Another exclusive video slot from, Turbo GT is also available in the mobile casino, a high-quality gaming venue that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry devices. The 5 reel 11 payline mobile slot features racing theme and is likely to appeal to all gamers who have a need for speed.


Play Turbo GT
More about Turbo GT    Provider: Slotland   USA

Tycoons Mobile Slot Game

Having had become extremely popular in the online gaming community since its launch in 2011, Tycoons video slot was released on BetSoft’s ToGo mobile platform some two years later and the initial reactions have been more than positive. Optimized for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, the five reel thirty payline game offers dynamic gaming experience on tablet and mobile and loses none of its appeal when being played on the move.


Play Tycoons
More about Tycoons    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Under the Bed

Under the Bed Mobile Slot Game

Under the Bed is another exciting 3D slot that has made its way to top mobile casinos in 2013, with the 5 reel 30 payline mobile slot already gaining quite a few admirers in the online gaming community. Released on ToGo mobile platform and compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices, the mobile slot offers an excellent gaming experience when being played on the go.


Play Under the Bed
More about Under the Bed    Provider: BetSoft   USA
Vegas Nights

Vegas Nights Mobile Slot Game

It’s no surprise to find Vegas being one of the most popular things online slots centre themselves around. The gambling capital of the world has no doubt captured the imaginations of many thanks to TV shows and movies, and the fact so many popular slots first appeared as physical machines in those places make it a sort of gambling Mecca. Vegas Nights is a 5-reel, 25-payline game made by Pragmatic Play, and on paper, it looks similar to what you would expect an average title from the developer to look like. Wilds and Scatters, a free spins feature with a slight twist to it and a disappointing paytable that could use some more work.


Play Vegas Nights
More about Vegas Nights    Provider: TopGame   USA
Viking & Striking

Viking & Striking Mobile Slot Game

Viking & Striking is a relatively old video slot having first launched in January 2010, but the recent release on mobile is likely to give it a new lease of life. The graphics may be a bit outdated, but the game, nonetheless, looks and plays great on iOS and Android devices, with Medieval music playing in the background enhancing the gaming atmosphere.


Play Viking & Striking
Viking Voyage

Viking Voyage Mobile Slot Game

While they’re best known for raiding half of Europe in their heyday, Vikings were also avid explorers! Recent findings even indicate they managed to sail from Greenland to the North American continent before Christopher Columbus! Once you get on their longboat, you’re in for a long trip fraught with excitement and dangers! The perfect backdrop for a Betsoft slot, no?


Play Viking Voyage
More about Viking Voyage    Provider: Betsoft   USA
Voyager’s Quest

Voyager’s Quest Mobile Slot Game

If you are not in a position to visit some of world’s most interesting places and monuments, then Voyager’s Quest could be a perfect way to experience the thrill of travelling the world. While the desktop game had been launched in 2010, the mobile slot has been around since 2014, and it has been optimised for the best possible gaming experience on smartphone and tablet.


Play Voyager’s Quest
Weekend in Vegas

Weekend in Vegas Mobile Slot Game

Weekend in Vegas is an incredibly entertaining slot game that launched on desktop and mobile in July 2015. We will obviously reviewing the mobile slot available on BetSoft’s ToGo platform that looks and plays just as good as other premium games from the world-famous software provider. The gambling themed slot is played at five reels and houses a 243 way wins format as well as a host of bonus rounds and extra features.


Play Weekend in Vegas
Wild Gladiators

Wild Gladiators Mobile Slot Game

The Roman Empire founded the modern Western world as we know it. A massive territory that sprawled a great deal of Africa and Europe, Rome lasted for thousands of years before it finally fell to barbarians, and Islamic invaders. At the height of their power, the Romans brought prisoners and slaves from all regions to compete and fight in the Colosseum with the promise of their lives, freedom and endless glory if they triumphed. Help guide the gladiator on his quest to free himself from Roman shackles and earn some wealth along the way!


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Wild Sevens

Wild Sevens Mobile Slot Game

Wild Sevens is a five reel fifteen payline fruit machine that has been available on desktop since September 2012 and made its way to mobile TopGame casinos some two years later. Considering that graphics and gameplay are not too demanding, the video slot will load quickly even on earlier smartphones, while you can obviously expect a rewarding experience on the latest iOS and Android devices.


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Wild Spells

Wild Spells Mobile Slot Game

Beautiful women, powerful magic and a chance of winning big? What red-blooded man doesn’t want one of those three things? We’d wager a big amount would want all three at once, but you’d need a real lucky hand for that to happen. Wild Spells is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot by Pragmatic Play, and is centred around our three powerful sorceresses. They’re an integral part of the free spins bonus, you need them to activate one of those three big jackpots that sit above the reels at all times and they’re an easy to market mascot for the game. Everyone wins!


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Windy Farm

Windy Farm Mobile Slot Game

It is quite nice to see that slot producing companies still take on unorthodox themes to base their games around. For every new Irish or Asian themed slot, we have something wacky and unique like Windy Farm, a 5 reel 50 payline game in which the wind is a major influencer in what happens on the grid. Much like other Rival releases, this one shows off free spins and expanding Wilds, though it has a unique twist in this particular slot.


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Witches Cauldron

Witches Cauldron Mobile Slot Game

It took TopGame some three years to add the mobile version of Witches Cauldron to their HTML5 portfolio, but now that the mobile slot is finally available on tablet and smartphone, we don’t mind the long wait. As expected, the five reel, twenty payline game features colourful graphics and play beautifully on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


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Witchs Brew

Witchs Brew Mobile Slot Game

Out of sight, out of mind, or so they say. The practitioners of the dark arts seem to certainly believe it, as they often mill about the most forgotten places. The same story is with our wicked witch, who lurks in a cold basement surrounded by stones, preparing her potions and spells far from the eyes of unsuspecting victims. Witch’s Brew is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot released by RTG just in time for Halloween last year. Search through her lair, and uncover the mystical secrets that the witch hides, and the dark power of dragon fangs and goblin blood. Grab as many of them as you can, as there are those will pay handsomely for such ingredients.


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Yak Yeti and Roll

Yak Yeti and Roll Mobile Slot Game

A trek through the snowy mountains is a dangerous task. Fortunately, the locals have good ways of getting around that danger. Some choose to stock up before the cold sets in and wait it out, while others employ animals, using their strength to pull them through the snow. And yet, nobody quite does it like this charming old man, who tamed a yeti of all things to pull his carriage as he wanders through the snowy landscape in an effort to fish up his latest meal.


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Zhanshi Mobile Slot Game

The history of China has been one rife with battle, against one another and against those who would threaten the once mighty empire. It produced strong men, capable of fighting and defending their homeland. They were Zhanshi, and their prowess in battle made sure that even today, China is a powerhouse. And now, one such warrior graces the reels with his presence, intent on bringing wealth and glory to those who follow him. Saddle up your horse and journey through this 5 reel, 20 payline slot released by RTG.


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More Information

What Americans Need Out of Their Mobile US Casino

It is true that the Asian and European mobile market is the main focus, but mobile casino applications on the go continue to be optimized for the American market as well. But US players shouldn’t just download the first mobile casino app they come across. They should have the following criteria in mind when choosing the best mobile casino:

Banking. Since the passing of UIGEA in 2006, US banks are forbidden to make online casino deposits. This complicated matters a bit, but US players can still find suitable US-friendly banking options to make safe casino deposits and withdrawals. Some of them are Amex premium charge card, some credit/debit cards, Money Gram and Western Union instant cash transfer services, the e-bank eWalletXpress and so on. However, you should know that not all mobile casinos that accept US players are created equal. First, you should make sure that the casino accepts players from the US. Secondly, make sure that you play at a mobile casino that offers some the above mentioned US-friendly banking methods.

Security. You should always make sure that you are playing at a safe mobile casino. If you give your name, number and credit card details to an unsecure and unchecked mobile casino, you are at great risk. Therefore, choose a US mobile casino that conducts encryption mobile data transfers. Secure US- friendly online casinos utilize SSL encryption technology, but they might fail to utilize similar safety measures in the mobile casinos. That is why you should always check the security of the mobile casino you wish to download on your device.

Game Selection. The banking options are security of mobile casinos should come first. But choosing a mobile casino that has a good game collection and suits your taste is also important. Important to note is that online casinos may offer 200 or 300 casino games, but the mobile game library is pretty narrow and it features only a couple of casino games. Slot games are usually the most numerous so if you are a slot junkie make sure that you find a safe mobile casino that offers high quality slots.

We Welcome You to the Best Handpicked Mobile Slots

Finding the best US mobile casino that is secure, offers suitable US banking options and has excellent and exiting mobile slots can be a bit of overwhelming, but not impossible. To help you out, we decided to list the best handpicked mobile slots you can play at reputable and reliable mobile casinos.

Loco Panda Mobile Casino offers the best mobile slots created by Real Time Gaming software, one of the few software providers that offer its services to the American online and mobile casino market. As of this writing Real Time Gaming creates only mobile slots and you can check them out by downloading the mobile casino app of this casino. The slot library is comprised of games like Aztec's Millions, Caesars Empire, Enchanted Garden, Builder Beaver, Cleopatra's Gold, Goldbeard, Coyote Cash and Count Spectacular. Spin the reels of the popular Aztec's Millions, Cleopatra's Gold and Caesars Empire to visit ancient cities and civilizations and, hopefully, trigger the progressive jackpots.

Slotland Mobile Casino uses its own software that is compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry OS devices and tablets. The mobile games it offers are created in both Flash and HTML. Lucky Stars, Golden 8 and Striking 7's are some of the mobile slots on offer. They run smoothly and you can play a game for a long time without any breaks. The slot has nice graphics and sound and offer pretty good payouts.

Drake Mobile Casino powered by Betsoft software offers one of the most unique and realistic 3D mobile slots. Betsoft currently has about 17 slot titles and some of them can be found at this casino, namely Mr. Vegas, Three Wishes, Lucky 7’s, the Slotfather and Safari Sam. The most popular Slotfather mobile 3D slot takes you to the underworld where you do business with the mafia. If you own iOS Apple device or Android phone, this is the place where you can enjoy thrilling high- end mobile gaming experience.