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TopGame SlotsTopGame is one of the newer online gaming software developers providing online casinos with gaming platforms dedicated to satisfy even the hungriest casino player and fulfill his needs for casino games. The company was established in 2008 by experts with nearly half a decade of experience in the industry of casino gaming, with the mission to become the leading provider of gaming platforms for both online and mobile casinos by being dynamic, flexible and one step ahead of its competition.

TopGame’s main focus is on the development of mobile platforms by adapting to the growing mobile casino market. Its mobile app is available across all TopGame powered online casinos along with a range of unique mobile games that can be played on every possible mobile device till date. The mobile games work on the latest HTML5 technology and have a user-friendly mobile interface that is easy to use by even the least experienced user. If you try and browse our website you will find lots of game reviews of TopGame mobile games found across TopGame mobile casinos. Find the one that suits you best and enjoy playing it anytime and anywhere.

Featured Casinos

3 Genie Wishes

3 Genie Wishes Mobile Slots Game

In a land and time far from here lies a medieval Arab city. Within it, a young thief makes ends meet, dreaming of becoming someone and possibly marrying a princess one day, until his dreams come true when he uncovers an old, dusty lamp in which a genie resides. In case it wasn’t obvious from the get go, this Pragmatic slot is heavily inspired by Aladdin. And much like the prince of thieves, this 5×4 reel 50 payline game sinks some coins into your pocket, small amounts that all slowly gather up over time, occasionally filling your pockets with moderately impressive wins.


Play 3 Genie Wishes
More about 3 Genie Wishes    Provider: TopGame    USA
7 Piggies

7 Piggies Mobile Slots Game

Animals in place of people used to be a pretty common theme to see in cartoons when we were growing up, so there’s no surprise that those grown-ups are now bringing such things into other mediums. The invasion of super cutesy themes seemed to be a follow up after every slow company decided they wanted a chunk of the Asian market by making the same looking games, and while it has thankfully died down in recent months, every so often we get a glimpse of it once more. 7 Piggies admittedly isn’t that bad considering what sort of titles we were seeing, but it has some eyebrow-raising moments – such as a flirty female pig smooching the screen.


Play 7 Piggies
More about 7 Piggies    Provider: TopGame    USA
888 Gold

888 Gold Mobile Slots Game

Pragmatic Play returns with another classical slot, with a few changes to make things a little bit different. This time around, the focus is on Chinese culture, the luck of the colour red and the number 8, as the game embraces its retro charm to send you back to the old times of physical machines spitting out a boatload of coins. And while you probably will not see an overwhelmingly large amount won in 888 Gold, it still has its few charms.


Play 888 Gold
More about 888 Gold    Provider: TopGame    USA
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Mobile Slots Game

The allure of old, forgotten civilizations is something we can never really turn away from. People, just like us, from an entirely different timeframe, who left us so many recognizable things and yet we know little about their daily lives. Egypt is the most recognizable example of this, with their hieroglyphs, pyramids and unique culture that lasted through the Roman Empire and beyond and would eventually disappeared after Arabian conquests took over the region. With such a massive cultural impact on history and the fact it has since disappeared gives it a mysterious vibe that has skyrocketed the popularity of their culture into the modern day movies, TV shows and games. Pragmatic Play is no exception to this, as the draw of old Egyptian Gods pushed them to make their release Ancient Egypt, the land of pharaohs, ankhs, pyramids and Gods.


Play Ancient Egypt
More about Ancient Egypt    Provider: TopGame    USA
Ancient Egypt Classic

Ancient Egypt Classic Mobile Slots Game

Many civilisations have come and gone, but few have left such a lasting mark on the imaginations of modern people as Ancient Egypt. While many monuments and buildings remain from the time period, we know comparatively little about the people who lived then. All that remains is to attempt to decipher what information we do know – or travel back in time using the Pragmatic Play’s release, to gain both knowledge and a jackpot or two!


Play Ancient Egypt Classic
Aztec Gems

Aztec Gems Mobile Slots Game

The wealth of the many Latin American empires was vast in their time, as they built civilisations that persisted throughout the ages. When European colonists finally arrived, it was this sheer wealth of gold and natural resources that prompted all these European empires to build their colonies in a scramble to get their share of the cake. This rush for gold was so prominent that the natives thought European settlers ate gold with how greedy they were for it. Even today, rumours persist of an ancient city of pure gold hidden somewhere in the jungle. And while the empires and their cities of gold have vanished, their history, stories and legends still remain to this day as part of a cultural impact they’ve had on us. This rumoured wealth haunts us even in the Pragmatic’s Play release called Aztec Gems.


Play Aztec Gems
More about Aztec Gems    Provider: TopGame    USA
Bee Land

Bee Land Mobile Slots Game

Seeing as how Bee Land video slot had proved extremely popular among online gamers in TopGame casinos, the well-known software developer had no choice but to create a mobile version as well. The mobile game, compatible with iOS and Android devices, launched midway through 2014 and the first signs have been more than positive.


Play Bee Land
More about Bee Land    Provider: TopGame    USA
Black Diamond

Black Diamond Mobile Slots Game

Available in TopGame casinos since August 2011, Black Diamond was rolled out on mobile midway through 2014, and it has been specially optimized for iOS and Android devices. The graphics and sound effects may not be too impressive, but at least the special features will be loading quickly on your smartphone and tablet, providing hassle-free gaming experience.


Play Black Diamond
More about Black Diamond    Provider: TopGame    USA
Caishen’s Gold

Caishen’s Gold Mobile Slots Game

As cutesy, almost childish slots from big name developers fill the internet, it feels nice that we can sometimes go back to the classics. Heck, we can even remember complaining a bit about how all games meant for the markets of China always seem to follow certain patterns, but with enough time spent not having to review a whole bunch all at once, they’ve become good fun all over again. Caishen’s Gold is Pragmatic Play’s serving for this year, and you can tell at first glance what to expect. Beyond an obviously Chinese theme and 243 paylines, this 5-reel slot offers four jackpots for those lucky enough to trigger them.


Play Caishen’s Gold
Chilli Heat

Chilli Heat Mobile Slots Game

As the heat is ramping up and summer nears, it’s time to shed the snow themed slots, leave behind the Christmas hats and Chinese New Years, and embrace the scorching heat that’s about to set in. Now’s the time to start planning summer vacations, imagine yourself lounging by the sea, or visiting exotics places that leave lifelong memories. But while that great summer trip is unfortunately still a ways away, there’s no reason you can’t pick out a setting that’s a proper fiesta – and that’s what the Pragmatic Play’s latest release in Chilli Heat offers! If you’ve ever dreamed of listening to the mariachi, indulging in a wide variety of spicy food and helping yourself to a glass (or several!) of tequila, then this game will no doubt blow your mind.


Play Chilli Heat
More about Chilli Heat    Provider: TopGame    USA
Cool Stone Age

Cool Stone Age Mobile Slots Game

The incredibly entertaining video slot has been around since August 2011, courtesy of TopGame software provider, but it wasn’t until the end of 2014 that the game appeared in top mobile casinos. The HTML5 version also boasts eye-catching visuals and adorable game symbols, while enabling rewarding gameplay on smartphone and tablet devices.


Play Cool Stone Age
More about Cool Stone Age    Provider: TopGame    USA
Crazy Jungle

Crazy Jungle Mobile Slots Game

Crazy Jungle video slot has been available on desktop since 2008, but it was the launch of the mobile version in 2014 that gave the game a new lease on life. The TopGame release has been optimized for seamless gaming experience on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with the five reel fifteen payline slot a joy to watch as well as play on smartphone and tablet.


Play Crazy Jungle
More about Crazy Jungle    Provider: TopGame    USA
Da Vinci’s Treasure

Da Vinci’s Treasure Mobile Slots Game

While there are many enigmatic people who have left their mark on history, few were as intriguing as Leonardo Da Vinci. An Italian man who lived during the Renaissance, whose interests included inventions, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics and a whole slew of other things, being the perfect embodiment of a polymath or a universal genius. While best known as a painter, Leonardo conceptualized flying machines, solar power, adding machines and even tanks. All of these inventions were far beyond the scale of his time, which just went to show how advanced his mind was. As such, it would not be out of place to think that maybe, this mysterious Italian painter has not left behind a clue in his work for those worthy to find his treasury trove of wealth and information. If you think you have what it takes, then join us in the Pragmatic Play 2018 release Da Vinci’s Treasure and see if you can solve all the puzzles set before you!


Play Da Vinci’s Treasure
Daytona Gold

Daytona Gold Mobile Slots Game

Mobile gamers had to wait almost four years since the original game launched back in 2010 to witness the creation of iOS and Android compatible version that brings the popular video slot directly to your tablets and smartphones. You can now play Daytona Gold anywhere where internet connection is available and enjoy a truly impressive TopGame title on the move.


Play Daytona Gold
More about Daytona Gold    Provider: TopGame    USA
Diamond Strike

Diamond Strike Mobile Slots Game

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we wager men and women alike would love to get familiar with a full row of diamonds you can find in this slot! Diamond Strike is another title by Pragmatic Play, which offers 5 reels and 15 paylines to gamblers who are ready to risk it all to get their hands on that shiny diamond. In fact, the entire theme is balanced specifically around being a slot that looks like an old school slot game. You have diamonds, fruit symbols, bells and sevens, and if you’re the type looking for thrills and excitement, you should keep an eye on diamonds that act as Wilds and lucky golden sevens that trigger one of four fixed jackpots you can see on top of the screen.


Play Diamond Strike
More about Diamond Strike    Provider: TopGame    USA
Dice and Fire

Dice and Fire Mobile Slots Game

Dice and Fire is another Chinese themed slot that has been around since December 2013, with its HTML5 version hitting the market a year later. The TopGame title houses five reels and twenty paylines, providing mobile gamers with an interesting game play and several exciting bonus features designed to help improve their line wins.


Play Dice and Fire
More about Dice and Fire    Provider: TopGame    USA
Douguie’s Delights

Douguie’s Delights Mobile Slots Game

Released in 2009 on desktop, Douguie’s Delights was one of the first slot machines to be developed by TopGame with the game finally made available on mobile some five years later. The five reel nine payline slot is iOS and Android compatible and works really well on the latest handheld devices, where crisp graphics and aptly-designed game symbols enhance the overall experience.


Play Douguie’s Delights
Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom Mobile Slots Game

If you play with fire, you will get eventually burned, but if you play with fire breathing lizards, chances of being set on fire increase dramatically. In Dragon Kingdom, you have a red-haired half-naked woman who’s implied to be the Queen of Dragons, with the remaining three drakes being her entourage. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the slot has a good looking theme, but it fails to keep us enthusiastic when it comes to special features or payouts. With little uniqueness in the bonuses, and wins that can sometimes feel disappointing, it was an uphill battle to get us to like this game.


Play Dragon Kingdom
More about Dragon Kingdom    Provider: TopGame    USA
Dwarven Gold

Dwarven Gold Mobile Slots Game

Dwarven Gold desktop game launched to great reviews in June 2014 and it was this early success that persuaded TopGame to develop the mobile version shortly afterwards. We can safely say the software provider has done an excellent job with the HTML5 version of the five reel, twenty payline game easily one of the best mobile slots they have rolled out so far.


Play Dwarven Gold
More about Dwarven Gold    Provider: TopGame    USA
Extra Juicy

Extra Juicy Mobile Slots Game

We do not hide our general dislike for old, physical machine slots. They were clunky, outdated, but were usually the only option back in the day. Nowadays, with new technology, trying to emulate inferior products always seemed like an exercise in futility. And yet, like everyone else, we still yearn for the good old days of fruit machines from time to time. Pragmatic Play comes to our rescue, delivering a modern rendition of a classic, while adding all the new bells and whistles that we have gotten used to.


Play Extra Juicy
More about Extra Juicy    Provider: TopGame    USA
Fairytale Fortune

Fairytale Fortune Mobile Slots Game

You can’t have a good fairytale without those few right elements that set the whole thing up. A land far, far away from ours, filled with magical wonders, in which princes and princesses still exist, where unicorns are real and where dragons are up to their dastardly hijinks. The Pragmatic Play’s slot embraces all these things to build a familiar tale that’s been retold many times over through human history, and yet, still manages to captivate us somehow. Pack your grimoire and your magic hourglass, hop on the unicorn and make sure you’re holding on tight, because the prince is charging to save his princess from the evil dragon and while the girl might elude you, there’s no reason you can’t make off with the treasure the winged lizard hoarded while the lovers live out their happily ever after.


Play Fairytale Fortune
More about Fairytale Fortune    Provider: TopGame    USA

Fandango’s Mobile Slots Game

Back in 2011, TopGame released Fandango’s video slot on desktop, giving online gamers a chance to enjoy a quality game themed on the Wild West. Fast forward three years and the five reel fifteen payline slot has launched on their HTML5 platform, looking pretty good on smartphone and tablet devices and losing none of its appeal.


Play Fandango’s
More about Fandango’s    Provider: TopGame    USA
Fire 88

Fire 88 Mobile Slots Game

Hot on the heels of their latest release comes a Pragmatic Play’s take on a familiar Chinese theme we’ve seen many times before. Valuable gems, richly decorated coins, firecrackers of different colours and a pair of double eights lit on fire – representing the luck and wealth the number eight is usually associated with Chinese culture. The slot is built around a very simplistic rendition of said culture, not really giving players any real visual flair to gawk at. The animated flames in the backdrop without a doubt look cool, but the symbols are overlaid on a plain red background with golden edges, so much so that we feel the developers wanted the graphics to take a backseat, so gamblers could more easily focus on the experience of playing the title itself.


Play Fire 88
More about Fire 88    Provider: TopGame    USA
Forest Frenzy

Forest Frenzy Mobile Slots Game

With some other TopGame titles proving more popular, Forest Frenzy has been somewhat on the fringes since its release in 2011, but the famous software developer decided to give the five reel, twenty-five line slot a second chance, having developed an HTML5 version near the end of 2014, with the mobile game working really well on tablet and smartphone.


Play Forest Frenzy
More about Forest Frenzy    Provider: TopGame    USA
Forest Treasure

Forest Treasure Mobile Slots Game

Having seen Forest Treasure decline in popularity a couple of years after its release back in 2011, TopGame decided to develop a mobile version near the end of 2014, hoping that casino gamers around the world will rekindle their interest in the five reel, twenty-five payline game. This is likely to prove a very good move given that the mobile game boasts great visuals and nice sound effects.


Play Forest Treasure
More about Forest Treasure    Provider: TopGame    USA
Fruit Slot

Fruit Slot Mobile Slots Game

Fruit Slot is one of the latest TopGame titles to have been launched on mobile, where simple graphics and easy game play ensure the game plays without any hassles even on those older handheld devices. Meanwhile, iOS and Android users can enjoy lightning fast navigation and quality gaming experience on the move.


Play Fruit Slot
More about Fruit Slot    Provider: TopGame    USA
Glorious Rome

Glorious Rome Mobile Slots Game

Glorious Rome slot was made available in mobile casinos in the second part of 2014 and the HTML5 version enjoyed just as good a reception as the desktop game. Fully optimized for seamless experience on smartphone and tablet, the five reel, twenty payline mobile slot features impressive visuals, realistic sounds effects and very interesting game play.


Play Glorious Rome
More about Glorious Rome    Provider: TopGame    USA
Gold Rush

Gold Rush Mobile Slots Game

Humans were always a species willing to take risks in an effort to raise their status and become wealthy. We’ve risked life and limb who knows how many times and rose to greatness as a species because of it. We fought massive, destructive wars, sailed to different continents and, as of quite recently, sent a car into space, just because we’re humans and we can. And if we can do that, then it’s no surprise that a great number of us travelled to an unexplored region in a craze to mine gold and get rich doing so. Gold Rush harkens to those days of exploration, risking life and limb in a get rich quick scheme. Back then, you had to bring a pickaxe and dynamite, and hope for the best, but today, you can experience Pragmatic Play release from the comfort of your home and win big.


Play Gold Rush
More about Gold Rush    Provider: TopGame    USA
Grave Grabbers

Grave Grabbers Mobile Slots Game

Grave Grabbers is an incredibly entertaining video slot from TopGame that has been available on desktop since March 2010, with the mobile version released in the summer of 2014. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the five reel twenty payline game provides mobile gamers with a seamless gaming experience on the move, further enhanced by the presence of high-value bonus rounds.


Play Grave Grabbers
More about Grave Grabbers    Provider: TopGame    USA
Great Reef

Great Reef Mobile Slots Game

Great Reef video slot launched on desktop and mobile in 2014, with TopGame making sure casino gamers can enjoy the underwater game on all screens and no matter where they are at the moment. Apart from being scaled down to fit your tablet and smartphone displays, the mobile version is virtually the same as the desktop game, which is definitely a good thing.


Play Great Reef
More about Great Reef    Provider: TopGame    USA
Happy Circus

Happy Circus Mobile Slots Game

Having entertained online casino players since June 2012, Happy Circus video slot finally launched on mobile in 2014, and our first impressions have been very good indeed. Developed for the best possible user experience on iOS and Android devices and optimized for full screen, the five reel twenty-five payline slot looks really well on all displays, with sleek graphics and interesting sound effects adding to the excitement.


Play Happy Circus
More about Happy Circus    Provider: TopGame    USA
Hercules Son of Zeus

Hercules Son of Zeus Mobile Slots Game

A slot based around the mythical Hercules whose story was told over and over from ancient books to a classic Disney movie? We were all aboard that particular ship when Pragmatic Play first showed it off. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite lived up to the hype we were expecting out of it. While by no means a bad game, with 5 reels and 50 paylines, it lacks any sense of real spirit to the whole experience. The special features seem like they are there just to tick off a check list, the wins aren’t that spectacular and even the visuals just aren’t able to sell us to the whole thing.


Play Hercules Son of Zeus
Irish Charms

Irish Charms Mobile Slots Game

It feels like in the sea of growing paylines and massing special features, we have moved away from the old days of sitting in a betting joint and spinning actual, physical reels. Back when slots looked simple and gameplay was very basic. Irish Charms really brings us back to those days of playing old games in a smoky room someplace, with half-annoying half-exciting noises coming from the machine as each spin has the potential to make you feel a wide range of emotions in a span of a few seconds. For better or worse, slots have changed, but if you want a little trip of nostalgia, come along for the ride!


Play Irish Charms
More about Irish Charms    Provider: TopGame    USA
Journey to the West

Journey to the West Mobile Slots Game

Based on an old book of the same name, Journey to the West is Pragmatic Play’s modern day rendition of the classic piece of Chinese literature, even if it has stripped out a large portion of the story in favour of familiar characters to appeal to the growing market in China. Join the four travellers as they embark on a dangerous quest to recover the knowledge and teaching of Buddha in this 5×3 reel 25-payline slot that will teach you that even small prizes can add up to greatness rather than one major discovery that will rock your world.


Play Journey to the West
Jurassic Giants

Jurassic Giants Mobile Slots Game

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Massive, scary and terrifying, they are a hallmark that not so long ago, humans weren’t the top dog on our own planet. Nowadays, the word Jurassic immediately calls back many to think of the movies, but Pragmatic Play decided to add in a bit more than just dinosaurs. Travel back in time in this new 6 reel, 4,096 ways to win slot which pays both ways, to face off against the worst predators of that time period, as well as bagging yourself a sizeable win in the process.


Play Jurassic Giants
More about Jurassic Giants    Provider: TopGame    USA
Leprechaun Carol

Leprechaun Carol Mobile Slots Game

It feels like it was not that long ago that we went to visit our leprechaun friend in Leprechaun Song. Clearly, Pragmatic Play seemed to decide we liked each other enough to warrant another meeting! So, as the holiday season rolls in, we make another trip to visit our short acquaintances home, drink a pint or ten, and stumble our way back home humming Christmas carols while our pockets are weighted down by leprechaun gold.


Play Leprechaun Carol
More about Leprechaun Carol    Provider: TopGame    
Lost Gems of Brussels

Lost Gems of Brussels Mobile Slots Game

Mobile gamers were eagerly awaiting the release of the iOS and Android compatible version ever since the original game had been developed in January 2013, and they are finally able to enjoy the TopGame slot on smartphone and tablet. The five reel twenty payline mobile game houses simple and unpretentious graphics, giving the player a chance to focus completely on his gaming


Play Lost Gems of Brussels
Lost Inca’s Gold

Lost Inca’s Gold Mobile Slots Game

While the original game had been rolled out in TopGame casinos in May 2012, the mobile version was developed some two years later, providing iOS and Android gamers with the same exciting user experience, high-quality graphics and alluring sound effects. The game play has remained virtually identical, with the only notable difference being that maximum 25 payline are fixed on mobile.


Play Lost Inca’s Gold
More about Lost Inca’s Gold    Provider: TopGame    USA
Lotto Mania

Lotto Mania Mobile Slots Game

TopGame made quite a splash in the online gaming market by releasing Lotto Mania on desktop in February 2013 and the recent launch on mobile platform is likely to make the video slot even more popular. Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android, the five reel twenty-five payline game comes with stunning graphics, while realistic sound effects enhance the feeling of anticipation as the winning numbers are to be drawn.


Play Lotto Mania
More about Lotto Mania    Provider: TopGame    USA
Lucky Day at the Races

Lucky Day at the Races Mobile Slots Game

Lucky Day at the Races video slot first launched in January 2013, while the mobile version was developed some year and a half later. Optimized to provide the best possible gaming experience on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other handheld devices, the five reel twenty payline slot is clearly one of TopGame’s most accomplished works and is likely to ensure numerous hours of premium entertainment.


Play Lucky Day at the Races
Lucky Fishing

Lucky Fishing Mobile Slots Game

Back in 2010, TopGame released Lucky Fishing slot on desktop, giving fishing enthusiasts a chance to enjoy their favourite sport from the comfort of their homes. Fast forward four years and casino gamers can now practise their skills on the move, quite possibly while they travel to a great fishing destination where they can put all they learned into good use.


Play Lucky Fishing
More about Lucky Fishing    Provider: TopGame    USA
Lucky New Year

Lucky New Year Mobile Slots Game

Just as we’ve wrapped up our New Years celebration, China arrives to prolong the period of cheerful slots with crimson colour spread all over their reels in joyous celebration. Any excuse to party is a good one for us, and when it involves so many cool games coming out at once, all bringing a unique spin on a similar theme, we fall in love. With the Asian market growing larger by the day, slot developers really can’t ignore it anymore, and Pragmatic Play also wants part of the action, and so Lucky New Year is less so about jolly Father Christmas and the winter season, and more about the Year of the Dog, who is the leading animal on the Chinese calendar for this year.


Play Lucky New Year
More about Lucky New Year    Provider: TopGame    USA
Mad Orchestra

Mad Orchestra Mobile Slots Game

Available on desktop since the end of 2010, Mad Orchestra launched on mobile some four years later, but it appears the long wait was well worth it, with the five reel, twenty payline game boasting sleek visuals and classical music tunes playing in the background while it is enjoyed on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Play Mad Orchestra
More about Mad Orchestra    Provider: TopGame    USA
Master Chen’s Fortune

Master Chen’s Fortune Mobile Slots Game

A large number of video slots often like to invoke the Chinese deity of Caishen, who is the god of prosperity and wealth in the folk religion of China and in Taoism. He also has the presence of a Buddha with Pure Land Buddhists. It is believed he bestows riches to his devotees. During the two-week Chinese New Year celebration, incense is burned at Caishen’s temple. While many Chinese historical figures are believed to be Caishen due to several versions on how he was deified, it is unclear who that might be. It seems like Pragmatic Play has chosen Bi Gan as their pick. Bi Gan was a prominent Chinese figure and did his best to combat the corruption of the last Shang king, Di Xin. As a result, he was executed and later deified as Caishen. What does that have to do with Master Chen, you may ask? Well, Bi Gan is said to have had a wife with the surname Chen. Given the similarities in Master’s Chen’s design and the aforementioned god of wealth, it seems like Bi Gan may be watching over your playtime.


Play Master Chen’s Fortune
Merry Bells

Merry Bells Mobile Slots Game

Merry Bells slot game from TopGame first launched on desktop in December 2011, with the HTML5 version developed some three years later. The Christmas themed slot will light up the screens of your tablets and smartphones with colourful symbols and exciting special features, so no doubt this is a very good addition to TopGame’s mobile portfolio.


Play Merry Bells
More about Merry Bells    Provider: TopGame    USA
Monkey Madness

Monkey Madness Mobile Slots Game

Jungles, monkeys and bananas are all familiar staples at this point. There’s no great theme to reel you in. Pragmatic Play’s recent releases seem to be more inclined towards more classic titles, that include smaller playing fields, few, if any special features, and simplistic visuals that live up to the name fruit slots, as the games are called in the United Kingdom. And yet, while we enviously stare at that cool monkey and his even cooler shades, we can’t help but feel like the developers made a misstep with this release following up the generally enjoyable Triple Tigers that they launched before this title. Both seem similar enough on the surface, certainly, and while you have some small gameplay changes in Monkey Madness, they aren’t balanced so well, leading to a generally much less enjoyable experience that will swallow your cash before you can even notice what’s happening.


Play Monkey Madness
More about Monkey Madness    Provider: TopGame    USA
Mustang Gold

Mustang Gold Mobile Slots Game

For a lot of people, just understanding how massive the United States really are can be difficult. The sheer amount of land that stretches from one ocean to another can take multiple days to travel between. As such, in the era of Wild West, when new settlers claimed the land, they were mostly left to fend for themselves. The only effective means of communication between villages was often on horseback, and so a good steed was worth its weight in gold.


Play Mustang Gold
More about Mustang Gold    Provider: TopGame    
Ocean Fantasy

Ocean Fantasy Mobile Slots Game

There have been quite a few ocean themed video slots released in recent years, but the TopGame title does manage to stand out. Available in online casinos since 2011 and launched on mobile some three years afterwards, Ocean Fantasy comes with five reels, three rows of symbols and twenty-five paylines, featuring two exciting bonus rounds.


Play Ocean Fantasy
More about Ocean Fantasy    Provider: TopGame    USA
Panda’s Fortune

Panda’s Fortune Mobile Slots Game

The latest release from Pragmatic Play is an Asian- themed title that’s all about pandas. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pandas? They’re giant, loveable bears, they’re iconic as the symbol of the WWF, and as instantly recognizable as they are, it’s no surprise they’ve been picked as the mascot of this release. From the get-go, the developers let you know you’re in for a thrilling, high volatility title. The gameplay is centred all around three fixed jackpots, which aren’t hit randomly, but instead, use a specific five-of-a-kind win to make sure that the jackpots get properly more and more difficult to win the more valuable they are.


Play Panda’s Fortune
Panther Queen

Panther Queen Mobile Slots Game

In the depths of a jungle, various beasts lurk and wait. Some seek out fruits to feed themselves, while others stalk smaller creatures to bring them down. Reigning from the top are the panthers, but even panthers have their ruler, their queen. It’s just that most people wouldn’t expect it to be a gorgeous human rather than a massive panther. In a Tarzan-like spin, she reigns over this 5-reel, 25-payline slot from Pragmatic Play, appearing as the title’s Wild symbol, the highest fixed jackpot, and to oversee the bonus sixth reel that can award free spins and multipliers to all wins.


Play Panther Queen
More about Panther Queen    Provider: TopGame    USA
Pixie Wings

Pixie Wings Mobile Slots Game

Pragmatic Play is a slot developer you can rely on to release something safe and quality. As ideas for new games seem to be going into a whole different territory than what we’ve seen before, Pragmatic Play has mostly stuck to the things they know work. Pixie Wings has 5 reels, 50 paylines, Wilds and a Scatter-activated free spins feature with a little twist. Nothing new, but they always do the classics nicely. As such, from the moment we started up the slot to finishing it a lot of spun reels later, we knew it would earn our recommendation.


Play Pixie Wings
More about Pixie Wings    Provider: TopGame    USA
Queen of Atlantis

Queen of Atlantis Mobile Slots Game

The mysteries of Atlantis and what lied within its walls has long filled people with a mixture of curiosity and wanderlust. In the works of Plato, it was the perfect country, and their great victories and massive advancements led them to arrogantly wage war against Athens, and lose. Falling away from the grace of the Greek Gods, the city and its people were sunk beneath the waves, forever lost to history. During the Renaissance period, several writers indulged tales of this old city, making it out as heaven on earth itself. It has remained in the minds of many an unexplained secret, full of wonderful treasures – and now, in this 5-reel, 1,024 ways to win slot, we can finally uncover what Atlantis hides.


Play Queen of Atlantis
More about Queen of Atlantis    Provider: TopGame    USA
Queen of Gold

Queen of Gold Mobile Slots Game

Take a journey to the lands of ancient Egypt in which pharaohs ruled and built great wonders that still cause many to travel and visit them. With ships sailing down the Nile river, and the mighty pyramids piercing the skies with their height, as a gentle wind blows to push the boats along their journey. Queen of Gold is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot that has a fair mix of interesting and annoying mechanics that probably sounded really good on paper, but failed to live up to their expectations, proving just to be a frustration to the player.


Play Queen of Gold
More about Queen of Gold    Provider: TopGame    USA
RedBeard & Co.

RedBeard & Co. Mobile Slots Game

While online gamers have been able to enjoy the exciting video slot since December 2012, the five reel twenty payline game launched on mobile in 2014, although the wait was well worth it. Featuring quality graphics on iOS and Android devices as well as impressive sound effects, Redbeard & Co. offers a truly rewarding gaming experience on the move.


Play RedBeard & Co.
More about RedBeard & Co.    Provider: TopGame    USA
Reel Gangsters

Reel Gangsters Mobile Slots Game

TopGame rolled out Reel Gangsters back in May 2010 and they seem to have developed the mobile version just in time, albeit some four years later. The five reel twenty payline mobile game features cinematic graphics and excellent sound effects that make for an exciting gaming experience on tablet and smartphone, with the video slot obviously compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Play Reel Gangsters
More about Reel Gangsters    Provider: TopGame    USA
Religion of Champions Brasil

Religion of Champions Brasil Mobile Slots Game

Launched on desktop in June 2014, Religion of Champions Brasil was made available on mobile shortly afterwards, with TopGame making sure mobile gamers can enjoy the exciting video slot as well. The five reel, twenty payline game celebrates the game of football, arguably the most popular sport on the planet, as well as the country of Brasil, a place where football is a true religion.


Play Religion of Champions Brasil
Safari King

Safari King Mobile Slots Game

For most people, Africa evokes the images of the vast Sahara desert, which sprawls across the continent’s north. But beneath it lies a vast savannah, full of shrubs and the occasional tree, with unique wildlife that adapted to live in such a world. For most, seeing these exotic creatures is something which will never happen outside of a zoo. But if you want to see them up close and personal, than a trip to a safari is in your near future! That way, you will be able to see these animals up close, and you might even come face to face with the fierce lion.


Play Safari King
More about Safari King    Provider: TopGame    USA

Santa Mobile Slots Game

When the snow’s falling outside, it’s that special time of year when everyone’s full of holiday cheer! Christmas time is always special, and Pragmatic Play certainly knows it, as they’ve decided to pay homage to the big man himself, Saint Nick. Or, as we’ve come to know him more, Santa Claus. There’s a bit of chaos up at the North Pole and our favourite jolly old man and his elves need a bit of help. They’re more than willing to make sure their helpers go home with an early Christmas present as a thank you for assisting. The graphics are a good quality, as you would expect from Pragmatic Play, and the jackpot rush gameplay feels familiar to several of their other titles.


Play Santa
More about Santa    Provider: TopGame    USA
Shia Safavids

Shia Safavids Mobile Slots Game

While the desktop game has been around since 2011, Shia Safavids launched on mobile at the end of 2014, and the TopGame title was thus given a fresh opportunity to impress casino gamers everywhere. Themed on the Persian empire and the Safavid dynasty that helped make Shia Islam the main religion of Iran, the historic slot will predominantly appear to players from this part of the world.


Play Shia Safavids
More about Shia Safavids    Provider: TopGame    USA
Slot Dunk

Slot Dunk Mobile Slots Game

TopGame launched Slot Dunk on mobile midway through 2014, some two years after the original game, and we can safely say they have done a great job. The graphics and background sounds are just as impressive on tablet and smartphone, especially if you play the five reel twenty payline slot on the high-end iOS and Android devices.


Play Slot Dunk
More about Slot Dunk    Provider: TopGame    USA
Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush Mobile Slots Game

The original game from the Sugar Rush series that have also seen its summer and winter editions has been around since December 2013, while the mobile version was released near the end of 2014. iOS and Android users will be happy to hear that the five reel twenty payline game loses none of its appeal when being played on the move, with visuals and sounds just as good as in the desktop game.


Play Sugar Rush
More about Sugar Rush    Provider: TopGame    USA
Sugar Rush Summer Time

Sugar Rush Summer Time Mobile Slots Game

Launched in April 2014 on desktop as a sequel to Sugar Rush video slot, the Summer Time edition was optimized for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices some six months later to the delight of mobile gamers everywhere. The TopGame title loses none of its appeal when it is played on tablet or smartphone, with adorable game symbols creating a rewarding gaming atmosphere.


Play Sugar Rush Summer Time
Summer Party

Summer Party Mobile Slots Game

While the original game had been released ahead of the summer of 2013, the mobile slot was rolled out some year later, helping gamers get into the party mood on their way to the beach. Summer Party comes with five reels, twenty paylines and three rows of symbols, and the game looks quite impressive on iOS and Android devices as well as other smartphones.


Play Summer Party
More about Summer Party    Provider: TopGame    USA
Tales of Egypt

Tales of Egypt Mobile Slots Game

Tales of Egypt slot launched on desktop in August 2014 before becoming available on mobile phones and tablets shortly afterwards. The TopGame title is another from a long line of games themed on the Ancient Egypt, although this particular video slot houses several exciting special features that gamers will quickly learn to appreciate.


Play Tales of Egypt
More about Tales of Egypt    Provider: TopGame    USA

Transylvania Mobile Slots Game

TopGame released the five reel twenty payline slot game on desktop in January 2013, with the mobile slot appearing some year and a half later. Providing casino players with a rewarding gaming experience on tablet and smartphone, Transylvania takes them to a world of vampires, haunted houses and werewolves, where it is every man for himself.


Play Transylvania
More about Transylvania    Provider: TopGame    USA
Treasure Horse

Treasure Horse Mobile Slots Game

Very recently, we reviewed Triple Dragons by Pragmatic Play and gave it quite a few negative remarks. The theme was non-existent, it felt like it was blatantly pandering to the Chinese market, and the absence of the standard visual goodies the developers usually gave us was noticeably absent. Now, we are faced with Treasure Horse, a slot by the same developer that tackles the same idea in a much better way. While not all of our concerns were addressed, it is miles ahead of Triple Dragons, and it is immediately felt the moment you start the game.


Play Treasure Horse
More about Treasure Horse    Provider: TopGame    
Treasures of the Pharaohs

Treasures of the Pharaohs Mobile Slots Game

Treasures of the Pharaohs is another video slot from TopGame that was first released in 2011, with the Egyptian themed game enjoying instant success in the online gaming industry. Fast forward three years and the HTML5 version is also available, with iOS, Android and Windows Phone users provided with an opportunity to play the five reel, fifteen payline slot on the move.


Play Treasures of the Pharaohs
Triple Dragons

Triple Dragons Mobile Slots Game

If you have come here in hopes of a satisfying theme, we will have to disappoint you. There is not even a pretence of a story here, which becomes apparent from the moment you boot the slot and are faced with a red and gold colour scheme, overlaid on top of a fake physical machine user interface. It seems even Pragmatic Play cannot resist the temptation of making something generic and dull from time to time, but you can tell they put in some effort, at the very least.


Play Triple Dragons
More about Triple Dragons    Provider: TopGame    
Triple Tigers

Triple Tigers Mobile Slots Game

Sometimes, in an effort to grab attention, slot makers can go a bit too far. Special features with chances to win big bonuses have become commonplace, to the point where at times it can feel games are trying to include as many as possible to show them off as a selling point. And while that insane chase seems to have died down, sometimes you don’t want to bother with any bonuses, keeping track of Scatters or Wilds. Sometimes you want to lean back, let the reels spin and see if you win or not without waiting for the right alignment of the moon to get a score that doesn’t suck because it didn’t happen while a bonus was up. If you feel this way, then Triple Tigers from Pragmatic is very clearly the type of slot you will enjoy.


Play Triple Tigers
More about Triple Tigers    Provider: TopGame    USA
Vegas Magic

Vegas Magic Mobile Slots Game

If you ask any performer, the pre-show chills are an unavoidable fact of life. They can be lessened and even disappear with enough time and experience, but when you have to step forward in front of a huge crowd and show them what you are made of, everyone feels the nervousness get to them. This is especially true for magicians, where a single slip-up might ruin the illusion. So will our pair of performers succeed in wooing the crowd or will they find themselves overwhelmed?


Play Vegas Magic
More about Vegas Magic    Provider: TopGame    
Vegas Nights

Vegas Nights Mobile Slots Game

It’s no surprise to find Vegas being one of the most popular things online slots centre themselves around. The gambling capital of the world has no doubt captured the imaginations of many thanks to TV shows and movies, and the fact so many popular slots first appeared as physical machines in those places make it a sort of gambling Mecca. Vegas Nights is a 5-reel, 25-payline game made by Pragmatic Play, and on paper, it looks similar to what you would expect an average title from the developer to look like. Wilds and Scatters, a free spins feature with a slight twist to it and a disappointing paytable that could use some more work.


Play Vegas Nights
More about Vegas Nights    Provider: TopGame    USA
Viking & Striking

Viking & Striking Mobile Slots Game

Viking & Striking is a relatively old video slot having first launched in January 2010, but the recent release on mobile is likely to give it a new lease of life. The graphics may be a bit outdated, but the game, nonetheless, looks and plays great on iOS and Android devices, with Medieval music playing in the background enhancing the gaming atmosphere.


Play Viking & Striking
More about Viking & Striking    Provider: TopGame    USA
Voyager’s Quest

Voyager’s Quest Mobile Slots Game

If you are not in a position to visit some of world’s most interesting places and monuments, then Voyager’s Quest could be a perfect way to experience the thrill of travelling the world. While the desktop game had been launched in 2010, the mobile slot has been around since 2014, and it has been optimised for the best possible gaming experience on smartphone and tablet.


Play Voyager’s Quest
More about Voyager’s Quest    Provider: TopGame    USA
Wild Gladiators

Wild Gladiators Mobile Slots Game

The Roman Empire founded the modern Western world as we know it. A massive territory that sprawled a great deal of Africa and Europe, Rome lasted for thousands of years before it finally fell to barbarians, and Islamic invaders. At the height of their power, the Romans brought prisoners and slaves from all regions to compete and fight in the Colosseum with the promise of their lives, freedom and endless glory if they triumphed. Help guide the gladiator on his quest to free himself from Roman shackles and earn some wealth along the way!


Play Wild Gladiators
More about Wild Gladiators    Provider: TopGame    USA
Wild Sevens

Wild Sevens Mobile Slots Game

Wild Sevens is a five reel fifteen payline fruit machine that has been available on desktop since September 2012 and made its way to mobile TopGame casinos some two years later. Considering that graphics and gameplay are not too demanding, the video slot will load quickly even on earlier smartphones, while you can obviously expect a rewarding experience on the latest iOS and Android devices.


Play Wild Sevens
More about Wild Sevens    Provider: TopGame    USA
Wild Spells

Wild Spells Mobile Slots Game

Beautiful women, powerful magic and a chance of winning big? What red-blooded man doesn’t want one of those three things? We’d wager a big amount would want all three at once, but you’d need a real lucky hand for that to happen. Wild Spells is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot by Pragmatic Play, and is centred around our three powerful sorceresses. They’re an integral part of the free spins bonus, you need them to activate one of those three big jackpots that sit above the reels at all times and they’re an easy to market mascot for the game. Everyone wins!


Play Wild Spells
More about Wild Spells    Provider: TopGame    USA
Witches Cauldron

Witches Cauldron Mobile Slots Game

It took TopGame some three years to add the mobile version of Witches Cauldron to their HTML5 portfolio, but now that the mobile slot is finally available on tablet and smartphone, we don’t mind the long wait. As expected, the five reel, twenty payline game features colourful graphics and play beautifully on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


Play Witches Cauldron

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Mobile Gaming Features from TopGame Technolgoy

TopGame’s mobile product offers cutting edge games with interactive features that give players immersive entertainment and experience. All games are HTML5 or native compatible with Android and iOS devices, and most of the TopGame powered online casinos have responsive website designs that adapt to the screen size of your mobile device.

TopGame’s mobile casinos offer single account access and seamless switching between the desktop and mobile casino versions where dedicated mobile games await. If you go to the website of TopGame you can even have a try at their mobile casino client by downloading and installing it on your Smartphone or tablet in order to see the full offer of the product and see how it works on your device.

Popular TopGame Mobile Game Titles

One of the most popular TopGame mobile slots is Sugar Rush, a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot with a jackpot of 9,000 coins. It has scatters, bonus rounds, a wild symbol and up to 20 free spins if three or more Gummy Bear symbols anywhere on the reels.

The newest addition to TopGame’s portfolio is Swipe Roulette, a version of European roulette. Besides the classic low edge of the variation, you can adjust the angles of the table which adds more to the 3D experience.

Another great and new game by TopGame is the Tales of Egypt slot, another 5-reel, 20-payline video slot with an ancient pyramid scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spins and a top jackpot of 1,000 coins. The maximum coins size is 5.

The highest paying progressive jackpot game by TopGame is Diablo 13. It features only 13 paylines and 5 reels with bonus games, wild symbol, scatter symbol, and free spins, but most of all, it features a progressive jackpot reaching millions.

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A premium TopGame destination for playing TopGame online casino games is Grand Macao. This is one of the best TopGame powered online casinos, TST certified and VeriSign secured. Grand Macao was launched in 2011 and since then thousands of players have experienced this great online casino. It features the entire TopGame portfolio of games, and gives a 300% up to $/€3,000 welcome bonus on your first deposit as a new player intended for playing TopGame slots by entering the code GRANDSLOTS. Another great TopGame powered online casino is Drake Casino where another solid bonus awaits new players for playing TopGame’s video slots.