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Playtech SlotsPlaytech, a provider of online gambling software solutions, was established in 1999 and quickly evolved into one of the largest gambling software providers in the industry. Today, Playtech powers over 100 online casinos, including online gambling giants such as William Hill and Bet365 and gives countless casino enthusiasts access to attractive casino games, including Playtech mobile slots, which players can play on their mobile devices.

Playtech online casinos offer rich portfolios of games such as slots, table games, scratch cards, and video pokers. Playtech slots such as Iron Man, Kong – the 8th Wonder of the World and Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven are available as Playtech mobile slots, featuring speedy game play, rich graphics and sound effects, and realistic animations.

Featured Casinos

Winner Casino

Winner Casino Bonus: $1,250

Winner is an all-in-on online gambling brand, offering various ways to gamble to thousands of players worldwide. This includes online poker, bingo, live dealer casino and a number of gambling games. They also offer a top notch mobile casino services, with a dozen of popular games from PlayTech. After being established in 2009, they definitely have turned into one of the most popular casinos using this software.
With PlayTech right behind every piece of software offered by this brand, you can surely feel comfortable about both, the games and compatibility. Use iPhone, iPad, Android devices as well as pretty much any other, Java supportive, gadget to play over a dozen of mobile casino games.

Players who choose Winner Casino certainly won’t end up disappointed and here’s why. First of all, their mobile games are of exceptional quality and offers titles like Rocky and The Pink Panther. Secondly, you’ll be able to use a range of services, all from a single account. Bet on sports or try your luck at bingo. Lastly, the bonuses are also not something that could be referred to as casual. All players can take advantage of no deposit offers and tailored welcome bonuses.


EuroGrand Casino

EuroGrand Casino Bonus: $300

EuroGrand is an online casino site that was established in 2006 and grew at a considerably fast pace. Unlike many other brands, they concentrated on creating the best casino product possible from the beginning, which could be one of the reasons why they became widely recognized so quick. With over 100 games on the offer, over a dozen from those being mobile, it isn’t much of a surprise.

What’s so great about EuroGrand? PlayTech games is the first thing coming to our minds. Widely recognized game titles like Rocky, Incredible Hulk and Gold Rally is just a small bit of extraordinary games that you’ll be able to play. Supported by all major mobile platforms, such as iPhones, iPads, all Android devices and most smartphones, there’s hardly any reason not to choose this brand for playing. Top that with exceptional support that goes on a personal level along with the generous bonuses and loyalty rewards. If you are looking to play games developed by PlayTech, this is definitely a top choice.

When it comes to licensing and regulation, this brand also is at a great standing. Licensed and regulated by legal entities of Gibraltar, which is one of the most respected, trusted and expensive locations for a gambling site to be at.


Age of Egypt

Age of Egypt Mobile Slots Game

The mythology of Egypt has captivated the minds of many thanks to its position and unique history. A once sprawling kingdom whose culture was lost to the ages. It was a mystery we could not resist! So pack your bags, because we are travelling to the land of the pharaohs in an effort to uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt by scouring through its tombs and pyramids.


Play Age of Egypt
More about Age of Egypt    Provider: Playtech    
Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Age of the Gods: God of Storms Mobile Slots Game

We’ve had a bit of a mixed reaction to Age of the Gods series. Naturally, we’ve always felt relief that those old Playtech slots done for famous Marvel characters wouldn’t be disappearing, but as the series marched on, we could feel a fair bit of small, but important shifts that really changed up the gameplay. The series always held a high visual polish, flaunting the fact that the developers put faith in their games, which makes God of Storms a bit of a disappointment in comparison. A low variance title with 25 flexible paylines, this slot shows off four different progressive jackpots and a single feature.


Play Age of the Gods: God of Storms
Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters

Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters Mobile Slots Game

Mythology is always a good way to draw people in. Ideas of gods, monsters, good and evil and the many shades of grey that lie between those two fills our daily lives with something far away to occupy our mind, something to escape our own existence and daydream about. Greek mythology in particular is quite popular, spread many times over thanks to notable conquerors such as Alexander the Great, and later on, ripped off by the Romans to form their own pantheon. Their worship has, like many other pagan religions, been stamped out once Christianity came to the scene a few hundred years later, but the ideas still exist, and make for good slots.


Play Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters
Age of the Gods Mighty Midas

Age of the Gods Mighty Midas Mobile Slots Game

The familiar tale of King Midas is a cautionary tale against greed that gamblers should pay the most attention to. A man who wished everything he touched would turn to gold promptly lost everything he loved, leaving him with all the world’s wealth but no happiness to accompany it.


Play Age of the Gods Mighty Midas
Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky

Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky Mobile Slots Game

Greek mythology remains popular, despite the fact that over 2,000 years have passed since many of these characters and stories were told. Their Gods and stories were absorbed by the Romans, and then spread throughout the empire. One of these stories was of the divine, winged steed, Pegasus. He is one of the most recognizable elements of Greek mythology, alongside Minotaurs and Cyclops. Do you think you have what it takes to mount this winged horse and take to the skies? Now, you have the opportunity to do so in the Playtech 2018 release.


Play Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky
Age of the Gods: Rulers of Olympus

Age of the Gods: Rulers of Olympus Mobile Slots Game

There are few things that catch our attention as slot enthusiasts, but ‘new Age of the Gods game’ is absolutely one of them. With a Greek mythology dressing and four progressive jackpots, the series draws in more people with each new entry. So, when Rulers of Olympus finally came out, we jumped at the chance to try it out.


Play Age of the Gods: Rulers of Olympus
American Dad!

American Dad! Mobile Slots Game

We first opened up American Dad! with a bit of hesitation, we have to admit. Over the years, licensed slots were hit and miss, with some sticking in your mind still like South Park Reels of Chaos, and some that really deserved to fade into obscurity, as they relied on nothing more than the brand name to sucker in fans of the show for a few quick bucks before making off with the prize. So we were pleasantly surprised when we played this game a little bit, and found we quite liked it. With 5 reels and 40 paylines, it will feel like you sliced this title out of Seth MacFarlane’s show to make an awesome slot.


Play American Dad!
More about American Dad!    Provider: Playtech    
Anaconda Wild

Anaconda Wild Mobile Slots Game

The mighty Aztec civilization sprawled a large portion of the modern Mexican country. Separated from the old continents, their beliefs and language were unlike any other and it showed in their architecture, texts and religious worship. They were not the only civilization, but were among the most successful along with the Maya, who were further south. If this ancient culture piques your interest, then this Playtech release will be perfect for you as you get to travel back in time to experience it.


Play Anaconda Wild
More about Anaconda Wild    Provider: Playtech    

AquaMan Mobile Slots Game

If you are a fan of the DC comics universe, you are probably among the rare few who cares about AquaMan. Despite having his own comic book series, he simply never reached the heights of Batman and Superman. Still, the tides are slowly changing, as the King of Atlantis managed to land his own live action movie. If you wish to dive beneath the waves and see the beauty of AquaMan’s home for yourself, you can now do so in the Playtech slot release.


Play AquaMan
More about AquaMan    Provider: Playtech    
Ascot - Sporting Legends

Ascot - Sporting Legends Mobile Slots Game

Horses certainly seem to be popular right now! First NetEnt and Microgaming get in on the fun, and now, Playtech decided to throw their hat in the ring! And for this theme, we don’t think they could have picked a better place as a setting. Yes, it’s set at the world famous Ascot Racecourse, which hosts the prestigious Ascot Gold Cup!


Play Ascot - Sporting Legends
Astro Babes

Astro Babes Mobile Slots Game

Some slots make a whole story about their world. They have an animated introduction that can consist of a short movie or specific things happening during the bonus that acts as a journey for the character and the gambler as well. Others, like Astro Babes, just wear what it is on the tin – a fun game with eye-candy meant to please its audience. Hands off to Playtech, as they managed to pull off the futuristic look, make them look like sexy Halloween costumes and avoided going too overboard to make it look a bit trashy. On top of pretty girls in spandex outfits, you also have their tools of choice, whether they are first aid kits, weapons, or tools designed to fix spaceships.


Play Astro Babes
More about Astro Babes    Provider: Playtech    
Baam Boom

Baam Boom Mobile Slots Game

In our world, where we are constantly bound by rules, it is no surprise to see the romanticised version of a pirate’s life being adored. Ultimate freedom, sailing the open sea with your mates, pillaging loot and living a life of risk and hedonism until you meet your maker is a fantasy that appeals to many, and as such, it is no surprise Playtech decided to base their 2019 release around these sea-faring troublemakers.


Play Baam Boom
More about Baam Boom    Provider: Playtech    
Batman Begins

Batman Begins Mobile Slots Game

Batman is one of those characters that really need no introduction. Even if you’re not a big movie buff, chances are you’ve heard of the caped crusader, especially after a very successful transition from comic books into the mainstream thanks to several movies that really brought the Dark Knight out on his own. In our circle of friends, it’s usually Batman Begins from 2005 that people will cite as their favourite and it’s no surprise that Playtech decided to use it as a flagship to their superhero series. After having a successful string of Classic Batman slots back in 2017, it seems the partnership with Warner Brothers continues into the modern movies starring Christian Bale. And right off the bat, we’re seeing Playtech giving it their all to show they have what it takes to make Batman as awesome as he is on the silver screen.


Play Batman Begins
More about Batman Begins    Provider: Playtech    
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Mobile Slots Game

Often times, people like to take big name characters and put them into the same world. Imagining their favourite characters and how they may interact, and for those people, the prospect of Superman and Batman duking it out in the same movie was as close to the dream as you could get. Of course, the movie didn’t fare so well with critics and it got lukewarm reception from audiences, so it wasn’t the rousing success that DC movies probably thought it would be. It’s perhaps fitting that we find ourselves in a similar situation when faced with Playtech’s release for this movie – given the track history of the Batman games that were released by the company, we were looking forward to how they could expand things further. But, it seems, much like the movie, the slot finds itself stumbling over itself in an attempt to woo the audience.


Play Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Beach Life

Beach Life Mobile Slots Game

Beach Life is a progressive video slot that was released back in 2006, with the mobile version first appearing in December 2013. The game is now available on Playtech’s Mobile Hub platform that is compatible with all HTML5 devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Windows Phone and many more.


Play Beach Life
More about Beach Life    Provider: Playtech    
Big Bear

Big Bear Mobile Slots Game

If the stress of modern life is getting you down, there is only one thing to do – relax, and take a vacation! And while there are many fun places to go, we would personally recommend giving the Playtech forest resort a try. You will get to see a few exotic animals, and even come home a little richer with a little luck!


Play Big Bear
More about Big Bear    Provider: Playtech    
Big Shots

Big Shots Mobile Slots Game

Everyone dreams of making it big. As much fun as slots can be, we imagine not many would play them without the incentive of big wins! Dreams of landing that one life-changing win passed through every gambler’s mind at one point or another. So much so that games decided to make wealth fantasies into another theme for their releases!


Play Big Shots
More about Big Shots    Provider: Playtech    
Blue Wizard

Blue Wizard Mobile Slots Game

Magic has always been a fascinating subject for us. Nobody likes the limitations of our daily life: and magic is a quick way to transcend that. While we know that sorcery isn’t real, it doesn’t stop us from occasionally wondering what it might be like. And Playtech is here to show us, while offering some magical jackpots of their own!


Play Blue Wizard
More about Blue Wizard    Provider: Playtech    

Bombs Mobile Slots Game

A pirate’s life may be free, but every freedom has an associated cost. Sure, you get to sail across the world and earn massive wealth, but you risk your life with each engagement! Your prey won’t sit silently, and other pirates will try to take your loot. But if you think you can beat them all back and protect your prize? Then Playtech has the perfect slot for you!


Play Bombs
More about Bombs    Provider: Playtech    
Call of the Valkyries

Call of the Valkyries Mobile Slots Game

Though Norse religion has gone since been wiped out, its cultural impact has remained upon the Scandinavian countries, and from them, it spread further out. One of its many enigmas were the Valkyries – women clad in armour, descending from Valhalla to pick and uplift those worthy into the Odin’s halls, where these soldiers would train for Ragnarok. Despite their appearance, they are not human, though many old Norse sources do focus on their love affairs with human men. However, these glorious shieldmaidens had a darker side to them – their role was not simply to permit worthy warriors into Valhalla, but also to choose who will die in battle, using malicious magic to ensure their will is carried out. Somewhat ruins the mystical image.


Play Call of the Valkyries
Captain’s Treasure

Captain’s Treasure Mobile Slots Game

Playtech, the giant provider of online gambling content and software solutions, rolled out Captain’s Treasure for mobile devices shortly after its online version of Captain’s Treasure became immensely popular. Captain’s Treasure is based on the adventurous pirate theme, encouraging players to get on board Captain Blackbeard’s ship, interact with his gang of pirates, and win as many as 5000 coins.


Play Captain’s Treasure
Cascading Cave

Cascading Cave Mobile Slots Game

Slot players have seen so many mine shafts, they’re probably qualified to work in one! But if given a choice, we imagine many will opt for the virtual variant. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also comes with much better rewards! Especially Playtech’s latest entry which has us digging for precious jewels that can reward life-changing wins.


Play Cascading Cave
More about Cascading Cave    Provider: Playtech    
Casino Charms

Casino Charms Mobile Slots Game

Everyone loves the live casino experience. But each trip tends to be quite expensive! It’s not just your wager you need to consider. There are also travel costs, a place to stay, food to eat… If only there was a way to get the best of both worlds! We’re not there just yet, but in the meantime, this Playtech slot will do. Say hello to Roxy and her Casino Charms!


Play Casino Charms
More about Casino Charms    Provider: Playtech    
Chinese Kitchen

Chinese Kitchen Mobile Slots Game

Playtech’s Chinese Kitchen online slot had become very popular before online gambling software provider rolled out a version of Chinese Kitchen for mobile devices. Mobile players can now enjoy this exciting game, which is based on the theme of Chinese cuisine, while on the move.


Play Chinese Kitchen
More about Chinese Kitchen    Provider: Playtech    
Club Night

Club Night Mobile Slots Game

Launched at Playtech-powered mobile casinos in 2013, Club Night is one of the first video slots to have been exclusively designed for mobile users. Running smoothly on iOS, Android and Windows devices, the game is extremely simplified to ensure easy game play and good, clean fun. Despite boasting just three reels and eight active paylines, Club Night slot is likely to appeal even to less conservative gamers thanks to the unusual way the reels are spun and some colourful game symbols.


Play Club Night
More about Club Night    Provider: Playtech    
Coin Coin Coin

Coin Coin Coin Mobile Slots Game

If you read our reviews, you know we are not big fans of pandering slots. Originally, this category was mostly made up of games trying to emulate physical machines in all of their negative aspects, but with the influx of Chinese titles, we find ourselves complaining about them a lot more, too. Unfortunately, this Playtech release finds itself on the pandering side, as it just threw together some traditional Chinese elements and made a lazy slot out of them.


Play Coin Coin Coin
More about Coin Coin Coin    Provider: Playtech    
Da Vinci’s Vault

Da Vinci’s Vault Mobile Slots Game

Leonardo Da Vinci was, without a doubt, one of the greatest thinkers in human history. He is most popular for his sculptures and paintings, but also dabbled in inventions, architecture, science, biology, and many other fields. There was always the question of what other things Da Vinci was able to discover, jealously hiding them away for the worthy to find? In the Playtech release, we venture into the inventor’s vault to find out.


Play Da Vinci’s Vault
Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure Mobile Slots Game

There is not much of a difference between Playtech’s online and mobile versions of Desert Treasure, one of Playtech’s most popular Egyptian-themed slot machine games. In fact, Desert Treasure mobile slot can make mobile players feel as if they are playing the online version on their mobile phones. Desert Treasure mobile slot is available on a wide range of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and others.


Play Desert Treasure
More about Desert Treasure    Provider: Playtech    
Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing Mobile Slots Game

With lots of reboots, remakes and others variation of that theme hitting the market with increased popularity, it seems everyone wants to deal with the present by just sticking their heads into the good old times and reliving the nostalgia. Like, remember that super romantic movie from the 80’s people loved? Enter Playtech, stage left, with Dirty Dancing, a 5×4 reel slot with 40 paylines, with the likeness of Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey and Cynthia Rhodes present on the playing field, and in brief reels from the actual movie itself. The big draw comes from its two progressive jackpots and a myriad of special features.


Play Dirty Dancing
More about Dirty Dancing    Provider: Playtech    
Dragon Champions

Dragon Champions Mobile Slots Game

When it comes to fantasy stories, you need a few core elements to make it work. Find yourself a group of handsome and loveable adventurers, some high stakes action like saving the world and a few monstrous creatures, and you have the basic elements to make a fun, if simple story. The tale of a group of heroes coming together to defeat a fierce dragon is one you have heard many times over, but this time, you get to be part of the fun. Slay the dragon and enjoy the loot in the Playtech 2017 release!


Play Dragon Champions
More about Dragon Champions    Provider: Playtech    
Drinks on the Beach

Drinks on the Beach Mobile Slots Game

We’re certain there’s more than a few people currently sitting in their warm offices, reading about refreshing booze on some warm beachside with friends, wishing they were already out on their summer vacation but have just a little more to go. We should know, we’re stuck in the same situation! Still, there’s no denying Playtech knows how to make us yearn for what’s on the horizon with this seaside release. If you fancy yourself a lover of cocktails, the theme of this game will be right up your alley. So grab your drink of choice, feel the sand beneath your toes, kick back on a lounger and watch the sun sets on this beautiful, beach paradise.


Play Drinks on the Beach

Eliminators Mobile Slots Game

Do you have what it takes to enter the ring and prove yourself the very best? However, this is not just any regular boxing match. When you enter the cage, you do not leave until one person is passed out on the floor. Only the very best can excel in this no-holds-barred competition of speed, strength and fighting prowess.


Play Eliminators
More about Eliminators    Provider: Playtech    
Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Mobile Slots Game

Following the huge popularity of the 20-payline video slot based on the superhero team from the hit movie, Playtech released a new version of the exciting slot game in 2012, and it is this improved edition that has made its way to top mobile casinos in 2013. Fantastic 4 mobile slot has 5 reels and no less than 50 paylines and it offers excellent game play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices thanks to Playtech’s Mobile Web Apps platform.


Play Fantastic Four
More about Fantastic Four    Provider: Playtech    
Fields of Fortune

Fields of Fortune Mobile Slots Game

With winter coming to an end, and a hopefully warm and sunny springtime ahead of us, we thought we’d indulge in something bright green and filled with blooming flowers and vegetables. Fields of Fortune is Playtech’s 5 reel 25-payline slot that rewards your green thumb with huge riches if you help grow the varied plantlife found across the reels. Alongside expanding Wilds, the power Scatter bonus, and a choice between two entirely different free spin special features, this game has plenty to keep players interested. Just be careful to not let them grow too big and start biting back!


Play Fields of Fortune
More about Fields of Fortune    Provider: Playtech    

Fish-O-Rama Mobile Slots Game

Released in January 2013, Fish-O-Rama is one of Playtech’s trademark mobile-only slots, meaning the game cannot be played on desktop computers. And even if some may think that is a drawback, this only goes to show that the software developers were only thinking about how the game will play on latest iPhone, iPad and Android devices when designing Fish-O-Rama.


Play Fish-O-Rama
More about Fish-O-Rama    Provider: Playtech    
Frankie Dettori's Magic 7

Frankie Dettori's Magic 7 Mobile Slots Game

Released by Playtech in 2010 and available on top mobile gambling venues since 2011, Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7 already has an excellent track record. Having been specially optimized for Android, iPhone and iPad users, the game looks so good on mobile that you could easily forget all about the original version. And while the game play itself has been simplified to suit mobile users, all special features are available on the go, including the game’s numerous bonus rounds.


Play Frankie Dettori's Magic 7
Funky Monkey Jackpot

Funky Monkey Jackpot Mobile Slots Game

It’s often hard to grasp how much time has just passed. We’re still prone to thinking the 1990s were ten years ago rather than twenty, we’re slowly having to deal with the fact we’re not as young or as hip as we used to be and we find ourselves complaining about good those young ones have it frequently enough that it started raising red flags. But, between the slew of dad jokes and grumbling, it’s often easy to forget how far we have come from the humble start of this industry, back when you had only one payline, no features and just one lever to keep pulling on and hoping for the best. Overall, we can all agree that despite their flaws, slots today are a lot better than they used to be. Still, nostalgia is a powerful thing and people love to dive back into old experiences they had lots of fun with, hence why we see so many remakes of movies, games, and yes, even slots.


Play Funky Monkey Jackpot
Glory and Britannia

Glory and Britannia Mobile Slots Game

Though Britain is no longer the world power it once was, it still holds a strong cultural presence world wide. How many people tuned in to see the royal wedding, for example? People are still fascinated by Europe’s most prominent monarchy, and many legendary figures that helped form it. And with the help of the Playtech’s slot, we’ll be able to meet them in person!


Play Glory and Britannia
Gold Rally

Gold Rally Mobile Slots Game

Based on the gold-hunting theme, Playtech’s Gold Rally mobile slots can never fail to fascinate mobile casino players. The online version of Gold Rally has become very popular, not just for its theme, but also for its progressive jackpot. The slot is fully capable of reproducing the thrill and adventure of gold hunting for its players.


Play Gold Rally
More about Gold Rally    Provider: Playtech    

Grease Mobile Slots Game

The world was a simpler place in 1978. Sure, there was always the threat of nuclear war ending our species once and for all hanging over the heads of people as two world powers butted heads, but we idly recall it as something that most people simply accepted as fact. Nothing to be done about it. The world’s focus was on many different things. The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was born just before midnight on July 25th. People listened to the Bee Gees religiously, said goodbye to the Sex Pistols which played their last gig and democracy returned to Spain after a successful referendum approved a new constitution for the country. But, perhaps the most important thing of all, was the release of several very popular movies. Superman swooped down from Krypton to woo audiences, Midnight Express showed us the insides of Turkish prisons and. most importantly of all, we saw Danny and Sandy win millions of hearts in the movie Grease.


Play Grease
More about Grease    Provider: Playtech    
Great Blue

Great Blue Mobile Slots Game

Rolled out in February 2009 by world-famous software developer Playtech, Great Blue video slot has remained very popular in the online gaming community. With the game also available on mobile and compatible with the latest handheld devices, it is up to you to choose your favourite platform. Even if high-quality gaming is guaranteed with either version, these are not exactly the same, so our advice is to try them both and then make up your mind.


Play Great Blue
More about Great Blue    Provider: Playtech    
Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune Mobile Slots Game

Released in October 2011 to celebrate one of the most entertaining holidays ever, Halloween Fortune slot has taken the gambling world by storm. The 5 reel 20 payline game can be a great way to pass the time until the next All Hallow’s Eve and keep the holiday spirit alive all year long. One of Playtech’s most popular titles is so appealing that even the gamers that are not big fans of Halloween should be able to enjoy this exciting game.


Play Halloween Fortune
More about Halloween Fortune    Provider: Playtech    
Hologram Wilds

Hologram Wilds Mobile Slots Game

Welcome to the future! We’re not quite sure what we can quite expect there, but we’ve been fond of imagining certain things. Flying cars, space travel, and of course, holograms! Usually, they’ve been reserved for fancy communications, being able to look at the full figure of someone else in a light blue colour while you talk to them – but this time around, the technology of the future is simply used to make a slot. Playtech devised a game based around the theme, so you’ll be staring at the soft hue of holographic fruits and lucky sevens, in what we can describe as a retro-futuristic aesthetic as it calls back to old slot machines while using a futuristic hologram look.


Play Hologram Wilds
More about Hologram Wilds    Provider: Playtech    
Ice Cave

Ice Cave Mobile Slots Game

Let’s try this one on for size. A low to medium variance slot with no free spins bonus or Scatters is shaping up to be one of our all-time favourite releases of 2017 if something big doesn’t dethrone it. This is a simple system done right, where a single concept can let gamblers lean back and enjoy the raw fun of stacking up ice blocks and crushing their dreams much like the hammer breaks the ice. Ice Cave is the newest Playtech release that we feel will earn its way as a fan favourite in a lot of places, thanks to the sticky Wilds system that will leave many players floored.


Play Ice Cave
More about Ice Cave    Provider: Playtech    
Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 Mobile Slots Game

Two years after the desktop version was released by Playtech, Iron Man 2 slot was rolled out in top online casinos, giving iPhone, iPad and Android users an opportunity to enjoy this highly popular game wherever they are. While being stripped of several game options, Iron Man 2 mobile sot features the same cinematic graphics and exciting sound effects as the original version, with all those rewarding bonus rounds also on offer.


Play Iron Man 2
More about Iron Man 2    Provider: Playtech    
Justice League

Justice League Mobile Slots Game

It’s a well-known rule that big names attract attention. When people hear Superman, they know what they’re in for. Obviously, some super heroes will attract more attention than others, but as many comic book fans will tell you, the cameos of popular superheroes in the stories of less popular ones to boost their fame isn’t uncommon, and as we see with the movies like Justice League, that same principle applies to movies. You have big hitters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman paired with less known heroes like Cyborg and Aquaman. While the movie itself did decently, and saw generally alright reception from the audiences, film critics weren’t particularly impressed. Certainly hampering the slot’s chances, but from what we can tell, the game is doing just fine even without the powerful branding when it comes to being interesting to play.


Play Justice League
More about Justice League    Provider: Playtech    
Legacy of the Wild

Legacy of the Wild Mobile Slots Game

We’re not sure exactly how this snuck under our radar so far, but we have to hand it to Playtech, they know how to intrigue us. Although Legacy of the Wild sounds fantasy related, we didn’t stumble upon any source material, as it seems the slot is entirely new and comes from the developers themselves. As such, not much that we know in terms of what’s going on on the reels, but the name tells you one half of the story. Wilds play a big role and expand across the playing field to increase your odds of victory. This is paired with a 5×4 reel set that has symbols falling away when part of a winning combination, to be replaced by others. This is the core loop of the game and we can’t deny it’s damn satisfying.


Play Legacy of the Wild
Lotto Madness

Lotto Madness Mobile Slots Game

While the online version was rolled out back in 2006, Lotto Madness mobile slot was released by Playtech in 2013, and for the time being it can only be played on iPhone and iPad devices. The mobile slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines, just like the original version, but there have been some major changes as well. With the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot removed and maximum stake lowered significantly, this has become a fun game that is just perfect for casual gamers.


Play Lotto Madness
More about Lotto Madness    Provider: Playtech    
Lucky U

Lucky U Mobile Slots Game

We love a good slot theme. It helps set the stage for what awaits and lets your mind wander off and imagine all sorts of things. More often than not, it also ends up being mildly informative, if it’s based on historical events! But some games decide they don’t really need one. Playtech certainly seems they can get away with it here. Will they succeed?


Play Lucky U
More about Lucky U    Provider: Playtech    
Luminous Life

Luminous Life Mobile Slots Game

What lies beneath the deep blue sea? Close to the shore, the water is warm and friendly, inviting humans to enjoy themselves, bathe and build towns and cities close to the shore. But going deeper, the light starts to become scarce. Everything becomes cold and dark and navigating becomes impossible. Any light at all becomes something you seek out in desperation, but as this Playtech release will show you, not everything that glows is friendly sunlight.


Play Luminous Life
More about Luminous Life    Provider: Playtech    
Maji Wilds

Maji Wilds Mobile Slots Game

It used to be that when humans couldn’t explain something, they either labelled it as an act of God or as magic. Of course, as we’ve gotten more technologically advanced and educated, both seemed to become rare. Of course, they say that magic still persists in those dark and gloomy places of the world, where humans have stopped wandering. After all, even in the olden days, witches and their dark allies hid in the woods, away from decent common-folk. Not that you’d expect them anywhere near you. Probably shouldn’t have sat down to play cards with that pale chap in a top hat who came to visit your town with a pretty, dark-skinned girl and a pet crocodile. But who knows. With enough skill, and a dash of luck, you might just beat these dark sorcerers in front of you – and make off with their card pack of Wilds to use them for your own means.


Play Maji Wilds
More about Maji Wilds    Provider: Playtech    
Man of Steel

Man of Steel Mobile Slots Game

While his movie might not have seen a lot of love, Superman still remains a fan favourite for a great deal of people. He’s been somewhat overshadowed by Batman and his impressive line-up of Christopher Nolan movies, but nobody ever said Clark Kent gives up easy. It’s certainly proof enough, as beyond just getting his own movie, Superman won an even more important prize – his very own slot! Some might accuse us of being slightly biased because we review video slots, but don’t listen to those people. Because unlike the Man of Steel movie, which was somewhat bland and not received very well, the game is a lot better, and comes with the promise of not one, but four progressive jackpots, while offering you the comfort of playing it from your own home instead of having to share a cramped cinema seat to watch the movie.


Play Man of Steel
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Mr. Cashback

Mr. Cashback Mobile Slots Game

Casino gamers everywhere got acquainted with Mr. Cashback back in 2011, and it took Playtech some three years to develop the mobile version as well. Nevertheless, iOS and Android users will be delighted to hear they can now enjoy the popular video slot on their smartphones and tablets, with the same exciting gaming experience now available on the move.


Play Mr. Cashback
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Panther Pays

Panther Pays Mobile Slots Game

Every treasure hunter worth their salt will leap at the opportunity to explore some hidden temples! After all, it’s well known these undisturbed ruins are home to grand prizes, just waiting to be taken home. If it was any other slot, you’d be flying off into a sunset with a chest full of loot. Here, however, you’ll have to wrestle with panthers for each gleaming coin!


Play Panther Pays
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Pumpkin Bonanza

Pumpkin Bonanza Mobile Slots Game

October is a month during which slot developers start cashing in on the excitement leading up to Halloween. However, we swear, it just keeps coming earlier and earlier every year. We’re perfectly expecting Christmas slots to start appearing from mid-November this time around, mark our words. Still, we can’t say we mind. Halloween usually gives us a good batch of games with themes most people like and some even push the frontier and try something new and brazen. Pumpkin Bonanza, the Playtech’s offering for the holiday, tries to shift away from some expectations in hopes of attracting gamblers.


Play Pumpkin Bonanza
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RoboCop Mobile Slots Game

It’s a bit odd to imagine the original RoboCop movie has turned 30 this year, when it seems to have been oh so recent. An old classic like that, it’s a wonder it took as long as it did for a company to sweep in and make a slot out of it. The honours for that have fallen into Playtech’s hands, and now we have a 5-reel, 25-payline game with a myriad of special features that can either occur randomly during play, or when they’re activated with Scatters. It also boasts impressive numbers to look at, although in our experience, the wins don’t go quite as high as they might first look.


Play RoboCop
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Santa's Gift

Santa's Gift Mobile Slots Game

Designing the game exclusively for mobile platforms, Playtech has done really well to create a simple, yet entertaining video slot. Android, iPhone and iPad compatible game has been around since early 2013 and chances are it will be here to stay. Styled on the classic slot machines, but with an added twist, Santa’s Gift mobile slot will keep you coming back for more whenever you find some spare time.


Play Santa's Gift
More about Santa's Gift    Provider: Playtech    
Satsumo’s Revenge

Satsumo’s Revenge Mobile Slots Game

What happens when you take the term fruit machine a little too seriously? The answer seems to be the Playtech 2018 release, which adds the flavourful experience of Japanese martial arts and mixes them with various fruits and poker card icons. Right from the intro, your standards are set for what has to be their most ambitious visual undertaking yet. The developers seem to have really gone all out on the animations, and that shines through in the Fighting Free Games bonus, although it is all around present through the entirety of the title. There’s little we can say except to pick your favourite berry, and get ready for a fight to the death.


Play Satsumo’s Revenge
Scarab Queen

Scarab Queen Mobile Slots Game

Return to the era of gods and pyramids in the Playtech’s latest slot! If you have the skills to decipher the hieroglyphs, you may find yourself that much wealthier! Enter the pyramids and uncover the world’s greatest mysteries: including the real name of this game! Is it Scarab Queen or Pharaoh’s Daughter? We have no answers. Only hopes to win the 2,000x jackpot!


Play Scarab Queen
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Scatter Brains 2

Scatter Brains 2 Mobile Slots Game

A zombie apocalypse has been covered so many times, people will probably yawn at the very idea of one. Then, they will look around, see if anyone else is watching, and then indulge their guilty pleasure. While the zombie obsession has died down recently, society still likes its shambling horrors. And what gamblers want, Playtech delivers!


Play Scatter Brains 2
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Selfie Elfie

Selfie Elfie Mobile Slots Game

Humans are not the only people who celebrate Christmas! While they are hard at work during the holiday to make sure Santa can deliver all his presents in time for that special day, the elves also like to take a break after all their hard work and enjoy themselves with their families. If you make toys for humans, you are bound to pick up a few of their habits, and so the latest craze at the dining table is to snap a few selfies! In the Playtech release, you are invited to an elven dinner, so make sure you clean up before you visit!


Play Selfie Elfie
More about Selfie Elfie    Provider: Playtech    
Sky Queen

Sky Queen Mobile Slots Game

Many jungles in Latin America remain unexplored. Beneath thick canopy and massive trees, lies a hidden valley modern humans have yet to see. And you, dear reader, have been given the honour to lead an expedition into this place! What we’ll find is the Playtech slot with many mysteries! Do you have what it takes to walk home with the Grand Jackpot?


Play Sky Queen
More about Sky Queen    Provider: Playtech    
Solar Se7en

Solar Se7en Mobile Slots Game

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re always hankering for a good sci-fi experience. The thrill of exploring alien worlds, discovering things completely foreign to human imagination, blasting off in a space ship to planets far, far away. It’s been a part of us since we first looked up at the stars, and there’s no denying the genre’s increasing popularity across movies, TV, games and even slots. Solar Se7en moves to capitalise on that popularity as well as getting some cool slang in along the way, giving you a gorgeous title to look at while you try to spin your way to success.


Play Solar Se7en
More about Solar Se7en    Provider: Playtech    
Space Digger

Space Digger Mobile Slots Game

Humanity might someday reach the stars, but it won’t quell our hunger for resources. Just the opposite, it will intensify it! As space travel becomes more available and we colonize distant worlds, there will be need for fuel and minerals. It can be difficult to imagine a whole world solely inhabited for mining purposes. But that’s exactly what Playtech offers.


Play Space Digger
More about Space Digger    Provider: Playtech    
Spy Rise

Spy Rise Mobile Slots Game

In the wake of James Bond, spy movies have exploded in popularity. It’s not surprising either. Visiting exotic places across the globe, meeting and romancing beautiful women, all on the government’s dime? What man wouldn’t enjoy such a lifestyle? Playtech is also aware of this – as they set you as the protagonist in their latest spy thriller slot.


Play Spy Rise
More about Spy Rise    Provider: Playtech    
Starmada Exiles

Starmada Exiles Mobile Slots Game

Sometimes, worlds come with all sorts of exotic backstories. Tales you could read for hours, letting you know every detail of what happened. But Playtech opted for a story which tells you nothing. We don’t know why our heroes are exiled, or what led them to piracy. But this is their fate and for better or worse, their only path to eventually ending their exile.


Play Starmada Exiles
More about Starmada Exiles    Provider: Playtech    
Superman II

Superman II Mobile Slots Game

Just because you’re a good guy that ensures the safety of an entire city and the whole wide world against a pack of mutants, aliens and criminals, doesn’t mean that you can’t earn some money on the side doing your job. Strap on your iconic blue suit, tie your cape, and soar through the skies as Clark Kent in Playtech’s 5-reel 25-payline slot based on the movie with the same name that most people will probably remember seeing at least once in their lifetimes. Will you take down the infamous villains and save the world, or will the kryptonite be too much to handle?


Play Superman II
More about Superman II    Provider: Playtech    
Superman the Movie

Superman the Movie Mobile Slots Game

Say what you will about the new Superman movies, but they just lack the goofy charm of the classics. It was the era where somehow a wardrobe change and putting on a pair of glasses was all you needed to disguise your superhero identity. Then again, the actor portrays a slightly goofy idiot so convincingly, you’d honestly be baffled to find out it really is Superman under there. Given how popular they used to be, it’s no surprise that this movie was selected to be part of the Playtech’s series of slots based around DC Comics super heroes. After all, most of the recent movies also saw themselves made into games – there was no reason to leave out the very best among the bunch!


Play Superman the Movie
The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Mobile Slots Game

They say sequels never live up to the expectations of the movies they came from. For the most part, this is true. A lot of times, sequels are merely cash-grabs riding off the success of the original. It’s a vicious cycle we’ve seen many times before, but it’s always nice when a movie comes out to prove that rule wrong, and The Dark Knight certainly did. Following in the footsteps of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight took everything about the original and made it even better. It cemented the Joker as a character in the minds of many people, and made him an almost mandatory appearance in almost every Batman movie or video game since. But while the movie was great, we’re here to answer if its slot adaptation was equally as excellent.


Play The Dark Knight
The Flash

The Flash Mobile Slots Game

The world seems to be caught up in a super hero fever right now. Honestly, if you had told us a few years ago Marvel would be this successful, we’re not sure if we’d believe you. And while DC Comics hasn’t been as successful, they did manage to push a few projects out. Batman and Superman always do well, but the real star of this show is the world’s fastest superhero!


Play The Flash
More about The Flash    Provider: Playtech    
The Great Reveal

The Great Reveal Mobile Slots Game

They say a great magician never reveals their tricks. If you can peek behind the curtain, the magic disappears, giving way to the boring reality of how things really work. But that sort of magic has nothing on the sorcery on display in the Playtech release. All of the tricks are bared in front of you, all the details easily accessible, and yet, each one will make you gasp, cheer and swear. Try your hand at pulling a rabbit out of the hat, and you may just end up a little richer for your troubles.


Play The Great Reveal
More about The Great Reveal    Provider: Playtech    
The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Mobile Slots Game

Released just one year after the extremely popular superhero movie, The Incredible Hulk slot has taken the gaming world by storm and it was by no means a surprise to see Playtech roll out the mobile version of the game. While ensuring excellent gaming experience and high-quality graphics on iPhone and iPad devices, the mobile slot is currently not compatible with Android phones, although we have no doubts that will change in the near future.


Play The Incredible Hulk
The Matrix

The Matrix Mobile Slots Game

It feels like it was just yesterday that the first Matrix movie came out and we were blown away by all the special effects and the cool story. A lot of scientists today say that it’s more than likely that we live in a simulation, but for a lot of people, the Matrix was the first time they ever came into contact with such an idea. We wish we could say that it held up today, but the first movie is a bit of a chore to watch today, since there’s a lot of focus on showing off all the cool special effects that were all the rage in 1999. Fortunately, we’re not here to review the movie – we’re more interested in the Playtech’s slot adaptation of the Matrix series. So lean back in your chair, and hope that our sentient AI overlords choose to grant us a bit of luck as we gamble our savings on the fate of humanity.


Play The Matrix
More about The Matrix    Provider: Playtech    
Vacation Station

Vacation Station Mobile Slots Game

If players want to go on a vacation for some much-need relaxation, but cannot afford to do so because of some reason, they must play Playtech’s Vacation Station mobile slot. Playtech’s Vacation Station slot comes in several variants, including a couple of online variants and one mobile phone variant, giving players the opportunity to play it on the move. As previously mentioned, Vacation Station mobile slot, with its rich vacation graphics and imagery, can make players feel as if they are on vacation, right in the comforts of their home.


Play Vacation Station
More about Vacation Station    Provider: Playtech    

Wanted Mobile Slots Game

Playtech’s Wanted Dead or Alive mobile video slot is based on the adventurous Western theme. Accordingly, it gives mobile players the opportunity to meet and interact with wanted characters. The reels feature ferocious faces of outlaws and wanted posters and challenges players to win plenty of cash. The slot opens with an introduction in which a Wanted posted is torn to shreds.


Play Wanted
More about Wanted    Provider: Playtech    
Wheels N Reels

Wheels N Reels Mobile Slots Game

The sound of tires screeching against the tarmac, cars speeding past at breakneck speed, trying to get ahead by any means necessary! Racing is a thrill like no other, and one that gamblers often like spending their money on! So a game that lets us combine these two passions into one enjoyable experience is something we love!


Play Wheels N Reels
More about Wheels N Reels    Provider: Playtech    
White King II

White King II Mobile Slots Game

There’s really no animal more fitting of royalty than a lion. Majestic creatures that are more or less unparalleled in their native habitats, their packs roam the African savannah and hunt down everything from elephants to hippos, creatures even humans might have a hard time putting down. The fierce feline graced the coat of arms of many European noble houses during the medieval era. But what’s more graceful and majestic than a regular lion? The even rarer albino one – the White King himself. The original slot, released four years ago appealed to a lot of gamblers – and Playtech, seeing an opportunity, did the sensible thing that will satisfy everyone – they made a sequel.


Play White King II
More about White King II    Provider: Playtech    
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Mobile Slots Game

Apart from a few success stories, DC’s line-up of super heroes simply failed to live up to Marvel. And today, we’re looking at a slot that belongs to one of those heavy weights! She’s starred in her own movie which swept audiences off their feet and now, she gets her own game by Playtech? It’s certainly a worthy thank you for saving the world so many times.


Play Wonder Woman
More about Wonder Woman    Provider: Playtech    

More Information

Playtech Mobile Software Features

Playtech’s mobile gambling software platform is available in the no-download format and gives operators the chance to attract more customers by expanding their online casinos products into the mobile gambling market. Since Playtech’s mobile gambling software is highly flexible, players can use their online casino log-in details to play at the mobile casino too. Playtech mobile software is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices such as Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

Playtech’s Mobile Games Portfolio

The first mobile casino games rolled out by Playtech were Blackjack, Gold Rally Progressive Video Slot, Jack or Better, Pop Bingo, and Keno. Later, the gambling software provider continuously introduced new mobile casino games into the industry.

Playtech has an attractive feature called “Casino Packs,” which allows operators to create packages of selected games that customers can easily download onto their mobile devices. Playtech’s mobile gaming software comes with the Information Management Solution (IMS), which helps operators monitor and manage their mobile gaming services. The software is developed in such a way that operators can easily customize it and integrate upgrades whenever required.

Popular Playtech Mobile Slots

Mobile casino players enjoy all the mobile slot machine games rolled out by Playtech, which makes it very difficult to identify the most popular ones. Titles such as Captain’s Treasure, Chinese Kitchen, Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7, Great Blue, Desert Treasure 2, Gold Rally 8-line, and Vacation Station are very popular.

For instance, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven is based on the horse racing theme and revolves around the popular jockey Frankie Dettori. The mobile slot has 5 reels, 25 paylines, and a coin value range of €0.01 to €2. The top jackpot is worth 7,777 times players’ initial bet amounts. Another popular game is Desert Treasure, a 20-line mobile slot that was launched in 2005 and has lucrative features such as free spins and bonus games.

Where to Play

We recommend Playtech mobile casinos such as Winner Casino and Eurogrand Casino for slots enthusiasts who are eager to get a taste of playing Playtech mobile slots while on the move. Both mobile casinos are licensed and regulated, featuring 24/7 customer care service, generous bonuses, and rewards for loyalty. While new players can grab a welcome bonus of €1,250 at Winner Mobile Casino, they can claim up to €1000 at Eurogrand Mobile Casino.