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Caishen’s Gold

Slots Features

Slots Game: Caishen’s Gold
Reels: 5
Wild Symbol: Yes
Max Bet: 380 coins
Provider: TopGame
Paylines: 234
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Jackpot: Yes

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Caishen’s Gold Mobile Slot Review

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As cutesy, almost childish slots from big name developers fill the internet, it feels nice that we can sometimes go back to the classics. Heck, we can even remember complaining a bit about how all games meant for the markets of China always seem to follow certain patterns, but with enough time spent not having to review a whole bunch all at once, they’ve become good fun all over again. Caishen’s Gold is Pragmatic Play’s serving for this year, and you can tell at first glance what to expect. Beyond an obviously Chinese theme and 243 paylines, this 5-reel slot offers four jackpots for those lucky enough to trigger them.

There are some interesting things about playing these kinds of games. For one, all your wagers are based around the number 8 in some fashion, whether they include it or are divisible by it. Because the number 8 is a sign of great leadership and an ambitious nature, it’s no wonder slots decided to co-opt this to tie it with wealth and fortune that gambling can bring. There’s also the fact Caishen, despite his name sounding similar to cash, being an actual Chinese God of Prosperity, rather than a made up character just for the slot.

The title also has Wilds and Scatters, though there’s nothing particularly fancy about them. The free spins bonus exists and is tied down to the Scatters, but unlike in most titles, here you will need three or more Scatters to be adjacent to one another in order to trigger it, which in our opinion ruins the purpose of Scatter. However, there’s a distinct reason Pragmatic Play decided to go with this route. Namely, once the free spins are up, you can re-trigger them by scoring three more Scatters next to one another, and you can theoretically keep doing this for as long as Scatters keep appearing. It’s no wonder the developers decided to make it a bit more difficult for that to happen, just in case.

How to Play Caishen’s Gold

While we had fun with the new theme, we felt like some more appropriate symbols could have been used. Caishen was often depicted riding a black tiger, and holding a golden rod, both of which could have made for excellent symbols. Additionally, it was said he could turn stone to gold, which could have been a cool transition effect, and as he is usually mentioned around Chinese New Years, it might have been a neat timing idea to put it nearer to that celebration.

But while Caishen was rumoured to be able to turn stone to gold, his game counterpart certainly seems tight lipped about the same thing. As Caishen’s Gold is a slot with big jackpots hits, it naturally means your usual pays are garbage outside of rare circumstances, as Pragmatic Play obviously wants to keep playing over and over in hopes of carrying home the big prize that is one of the four jackpots.

Jackpots & Progressives

While at first glance the big four numbers up there look like progressive jackpots, they are sadly fixed and don’t really go up while you play. To even be in the running to activate the feature, you must have Wild present on the reels. Fortunately, Wilds seem to be rather common, so you get a lot of chances and you will need them. If you are lucky enough to trigger it, you are taken to a separate screen in which you have to flip golden coins to reveal different coloured rings. Get three of the same colour, and you get the accompanying prize.

Outside of these four jackpots, however, winnings seem to be rather scarce. At one point, we got close to a 15x win, but that didn’t really seem to stand out much for us.

Bonus Games & Sign-ups

Unfortunately, beyond the jackpot mini-game, there’s nothing else in terms of special features that we haven’t already mentioned.

Game Screenshots

 screenshot      screenshot 2

Where to Play Caishen’s Gold

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