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Age of the Gods: God of Storms on Mobile

Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Slots Features

Slots Game: Age of the Gods: God of Storms
Reels: 5
Wild Symbol: Yes
Max Bet: 25 coins
Provider: Playtech
Paylines: 25
Scatter Symbol: No
Jackpot: Yes

Where to Play Age of the Gods: God of Storms

Age of the Gods: God of Storms Mobile Slot Review

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We’ve had a bit of a mixed reaction to Age of the Gods series. Naturally, we’ve always felt relief that those old Playtech slots done for famous Marvel characters wouldn’t be disappearing, but as the series marched on, we could feel a fair bit of small, but important shifts that really changed up the gameplay. The series always held a high visual polish, flaunting the fact that the developers put faith in their games, which makes God of Storms a bit of a disappointment in comparison. A low variance title with 25 flexible paylines, this slot shows off four different progressive jackpots and a single feature.

The theme is, as always, about the various Greek Gods. This time around, the deity in question is Aeolus, keeper of the winds on a small island, using his control over the elements to protect them from people who would bring them harm. And while the idea itself is interesting and is presented in a fun way, having him appear off to the side of the reels to blow the ships to the left, it speaks volumes that the traditional flashy animations and visual flair has been switched out to a much simpler style. It doesn’t look bad, but compared to the rest of the entries in the Age of the Gods series, it lags behind.

It forgoes Scatters in a move that we can only assume was made to maintain focus on the single bonus God of Storms has on offer. When a Ship Wild appears fully on the reels, it will grant a small cash win, but also summon Aeolus. The keeper of the winds will blow the Wild across the reels until it disappears on the left side, and with each blow, a re-spin occurs, and a multiplier goes up, to a maximum of x5.

As for regular Wilds, there’s not much to say on the subject. They come in stacked just like Ship Wilds do, but offer no special features, and can only appear on the second, third and fourth reel. But unlike Ship Wilds, ordinary Wilds do not have any cash bonus associated with them, which isn’t surprising, considering the low variance of this game.

How to Play Age of the Gods: God of Storms

The title is squarely aimed at making you chase after four different progressive jackpots, with everything else being a distraction along the road. We can’t say we’re fans of it, the low variance gameplay is a drag, especially as most of your wins will be below your wager, and occasionally, God of Storms will announce a big win to get you excited, only to realize it was just a 15x score which will be gone in the next five spins.

It’s playable for $0.01 up to $250, which you can achieve by lowering or increasing the line bet and amount of active lines. So if you want to play with all 25 active, you will be paying $0.25 per spin, which is a good deal for low rollers. High rollers might feel more inclined to put more money in as the progressive jackpots rise faster if you sink more cash in, but considering the rarity of triggering these, we might suggest holding back your cash unless you feel really lucky that day.

Jackpots & Progressives

And while having four progressive jackpots is a wonderful thing, we don’t feel it’s a good excuse to forgo everything else. The Ship Wild re-spins can boost up your multiplier, but it rarely seems to go anywhere, making the sole bonus that Playtech did bother to put into God of Storms feel wimpy and useless.

If they were so worried about losing money, we’re sure it could have been done in a way that makes it seem less like a coin muncher. Lowering the starting point of the progressive jackpot could have been one way to go, while increasing pays across the board to compensate.

Bonus Games & Sign-ups

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to talk about. Four progressive jackpots, a low paytable, a feeling of disappointment for many and a thrilling rush for the lucky few. That’s how progressive slots always are and this one is no exception.

Game Screenshots

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Where to Play Age of the Gods: God of Storms

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