Up to £50,000 in Casino Bonuses Available at 32Red Casino

Up to £50,000 in Casino Bonuses Available at 32Red Casino

Win your share of the marathon prize

We know that you are all feeling extremely hot, but how would you like to participate in a marathon that will produce no sweat, but lots and lots of hot casino bonuses? If you are up for this intriguing race, than you should be jogging down to 32Red Casino as we speak and get your place on the starting line.

The £50,000 Slots Marathon has already started, and races are organized on daily basis. The fastest racers will win from £1,000 to £5,000 in casino bonuses every single day. The total amount depends on their final place on the daily leaderboard. Of course, you won’t have to race in a traditional manner, but you will have to click here and visit 32Red Casino, in order to play your favourite slots and win Red Rubies. Win as much as you can, since the amount of Rubies will determine your final place in the daily race.

If you are really fast and if you record multiple wins on multiple races, you can expect up to £20,000 in additional rewards! More than enough reasons for all of you to pause your summer break and come to compete with the fastest gamers at 32Red Casino.

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