NetEnt’s Emojiplanet Slot Will Bring Lots of Smileys This Summer

NetEnt’s Emojiplanet Slot Will Bring Lots of Smileys This Summer

NetEnt announce the release of Emojiplanet slot across multiple platforms.

From the very beginning of the modern mobile era, texting junkies got used to express their emotions with the little help of Emoji, the ideograms and smileys created by Japanese mobile operators in late 1990’s.

The Emoji came a long way from their original use in mobile texting, and now hundreds of them can be found in almost all popular messaging applications, social networks, and every single modern mobile phone.

Even though most of them probably don’t know the exact origin of Emoji, texters of today definitely cannot imagine their lives without these cute ideograms, which simply altered the way of modern text communication.

NetEnt Teams up With The Emoji Company

This is probably why NetEnt decided to dedicate one of their products to this global brand and teamed up with Global Merchandising Services & The Emoji Company to create a video slot packed with your favourite Emoji.

The worldwide phenomenon of Emoji will feature in a movie this summer, called The Emoji Movie, and immediately after that one of the leading companies in mobile and online gaming will release their title that will, normally, be developed and designed with a mobile first approach, so mobile gamers can expect an absolutely amazing gaming experience!

Spinners who love to play their slots on the go should prepare themselves for a summer filled with smiles and fun and, hopefully, plenty of interesting and rewarding features. Of course, the trendy slot will also be available across other devices as to meet the demands of a wide audience.

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