VR Slots: Enjoy Immersive Gaming Experience on the Go

VR Slots: Enjoy Immersive Gaming Experience on the Go

VR slots

What are VR slots all about and how to play them.

It’s been more than 20 years since the launch of the first VR game – a groundbreaking event which has since revolutionized the gaming industry and lead to immersive technology expansion to online gambling market. The dawn of this new era has been marked with the appearance of the first Virtual Reality online casinos where the advanced technology enables the player to completely emerge in the game, obliterating the borders of reality with no more than a single piece of equipment.

Casinos, such as Slots Million, provide a unique platform for those who need more from their gaming experience, offering a fully functional, HTML5 compatible VR casino, opened for real money players and launchable on mobile devices.

The basics of Virtual Reality principles and required equipment

The purpose of Virtual Reality games it to provide a multi dimensional and highly realistic environment, through the usage of advanced technology. It is obvious how this translate to online gambling – imagine a fully functional online casino where you can play anything from slots to card and table games, explore the casino lobby and interact with other players  – all from the comfort of your own living room and with a help of no more than an easily transferable and light piece of equipment. 

The tech tools used to create Virtual Reality (helmet, built-in sound systems and LED screens) are highly sophisticated, manageable and user friendly. At the moment, Oculus VR is considered to be among the top quality VR digital equipment providers, with their Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch systems. Using the equipment however is not essential or even necessary to be able to play VR slots at VR casinos; Slots Million casino gives two options to their players: VR Casino with Oculus Rift or 3D Casino that requires no additional set-up.

The advantages of VR Slots and the most popular Virtual Reality adaptations

It is highly unlikely that you will want to go back to playing regular 2D (or even 3D) slots ever again once you have the taste of their Virtual Reality counterparts. After VR action, the only suitable replacement would be an actual brick and mortar casino, although VR slots still have the advantage of transforming literally any space into a gambling venue.

Let’s face it – slots can easily turn into monotonous sessions, where all the action and features are quickly used up with not much room for surprises. With VR slots, the gameplay is transferred to an entirely different level, immersing the player into the developer’s universe and creating an alternate gaming platform that can almost fit inside a pocket and be “unfolded” anytime, anywhere.

One of the first slots to be re-designed for VR market is Gonzo’s Quest, a game that has established itself as an iconic NetEnt’s release over the years. Gonzo’s Quest VR provides an ultimate gaming experience, enabling 360 degrees view and retaining all the loveable and recognizable elements from the original release. Everything that you loved in the standard Gonzo’s Quest video slot is now enhanced and the players will without a doubt attempt to interact with the environment around them – that’s how lifelike the experience will be. Together with conquistador Gonzo, the player embarks on a journey to find El Dorado, a mythical capital of greedy dreams, with streets paved with gold. Regardless of how refined the original slot was in terms of visuals, VR slot has brought out the full potential of the game’s theme, background settings and bonus features – every single aspect, starting from a regular spin to unlocking the bonus free-fall spins, with the reels opening before you to reveal the golden pyramid, is simply beyond comparison.

Another slot that deserved its own VR version is Jack and the Beanstalk, a 3D slot adaptation of the story about infamous Jack, who gained his riches after breaking and entering giant’s private property and stealing his belongings. The visuals are impressive enough in the NetEnt’s original 3D slot, so one can only imagine how Jack and the Beanstalk VR slot translates to Virtual Reality realms – needless to say that the bags of gold, golden eggs and treasure chest seem frustratingly real.

The number of VR slots is growing by the minute and editions such as Beowulf, Dracula, Magic Portals and Go Bananas are only the beginning. It is now only a matter of time when VR casinos will dominate the market and generate a new generation of player – Virtual Reality Gambler.

Virtual Reality and Land Based Casino slot machine crossroads – where is the future heading?

Looking closely at what the VR casino can offer to its users, there is no essential difference between a land based casino and a virtual one. VR venues are multi-level facilities, fully equipped to support the need of an average casino visitor with an array of table and card games, poker machines and slots.

Thanks to the technological advancements and considering the themes software developers usually exploit (Marvel Comics superheroes, fantasy, fairytale, myths, iconic movies, etc.) slots are expected to become the most competitive branch of VR gambling, especially with young adults who undertake recreational gambling.

Nowadays, when gaming companies are constantly raising the expectations of online players, VR will lift the game onto an entirely different level, where only the very best can survive. Judging from the prototypes and initial VR slot launches, Virtual Reality gaming will not allow for any mistakes or oversights on the developer’s part and it can safely be said that this new era of online gambling will make or break a number of providers.

The immersive digital environment is not an innovation in the gaming industry, but this reality model is just starting its breakthrough on the gambling market. How will this affect brick and mortar casinos (or will it affect them at all) remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the future is already here. In an era where one can carry around an entire casino venue inside a compact piece of digital equipment, the possibilities are endless and it will be exciting to see how this digital fairytale will evolve.

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