Top 5 DC Comics Mobile Slots

Top 5 DC Comics Mobile Slots

We present you our selection of best slot games themed on DC Comics superheroes.

Adapting classic comic book sagas into a mobile slot is not an easy task and doing it wrong can result in an angry fan mob waiting in front of your door with torches, ready to rip you apart. And let’s face it, if you mutilate someone’s childhood memory and ruin an exceptional work of art with a clumsy adaptation or unfortunate visual presentation, you deserve anything that’s coming to you. Fortunately, in most cases the developers are aware of their task’s gravity and they invest a decent amount of effort not to let the fan base down. Luckily for us, there is a number of DC and Marvel fans among them as well, which is why, more often than not, we end up with a great end product. The experience is of course highly subjective, and, while we acknowledge the fact that there may superior slots out there, the following picks are among the most popular, highly rated and come as close as possible to the original graphic novel.

DC Comics Green Lantern

Slightly toned down in comparison to Batman and Flash slots, but still awesome, this 5 reels and 50 paylines slot brings back the same old-school superhero we knew and loved in the comics. NextGen has chosen wisely and based the entire slot on the original artwork and not on the movie that made a lot of people angry. The game was released in the summer of 2016 and is one of those mobile slots that offer both great betting range and tempting winning potential – $0.50 to $120 max bet with 10,000 coins highest symbol value. With up to 24 Free Spins, stacked Wilds, Instant Cash bonus and Multipliers, Green Lantern is definitely more than just a classic comic-book tribute, and although often referred to as the weakest of DC inspired releases, it is still rather loveable.

DC Comics Batman

Almost everybody’s favourite superhero and maybe the only one who breaks the pattern as he does not really posses any superpowers. Forget everything you have just seen in the recent movie releases and welcome back to the DC fantasy world and their exaggerated anatomy of Gotham’s tormented hero. Better yet, the slot introduces a unique Descent into Madness bonus feature available after the players activate bonus bet. The bonus is an in-game, triggered with three Scatter symbols, rewarding the player with extra prizes and 100x bet increase if the Joker is seized. Potential payout per spin is estimated at 200,000 coins with a bet range from $0.50 to $500, but the game is visually so captive that most of us would play it even despite of the lower RTP of 92.2%.

DC Comics The Flash

Older players will of course be familiar with the name of Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, the fastest man ever to live. No matter how iconic this superhero is, a number of youngsters will only get to know him thanks to the mobile slot release and we are grateful to NextGen for making this possible. Depending on the standard bonus bet option being off or on, the Flash Wild icon in this slot can be very generous, multiplying your bet by 3 or 5. Opting for the bonus bet will do more than just increase your winning payout; it will also enable the player to potentially activate Rogue Gallery Free spins feature and award 12 extra spins. Within the Rogue Gallery, The Flash’s arch-enemies appear and freeze the reels, award bonus games or turn other symbols to Wilds. For example, Captain Cold will expand and stop the reel during the spin, Gorilla Grodd will turn a random icon into a Wild and Mirror Master will turn back time and replay previous rounds. Of course, it would be impossible to overlook The Flash’s superpower and the players can expect Speedsters feature to pop up after any spin, with our hero rushing across the screen, tuning additional symbols into wilds.

DC Comics Superman

The one to rule them all, alpha and omega of the Superhero mythology is of course Superman and no decent list can go without him. This release should not be confused with the Playtech’s adaptation, Superman The Movie slot; NextGen edition is DC approved, and is a genuine representation of the original comics, featuring Lois Lane, Lex Luther and other Clark Kent references. Opting for the bonus bet feature that NextGen includes will activate Save the World bonus, which is triggered after three Superman Wilds land onto the reels. The player is then presented with three-levels in-game that consists of stage one meteor shower obstacle, stage two missile destruction and stage three standard picking game where additional prizes or kryptonite hide behind mystery doors. Considering the possibility of 100x bet increase that this feature can bring, bonus bet is definitely worth the extra money investment. And, let’s not forget the Supermen Free Spin games, unlocked when 3 Superman icons appear on reels 2 – 4 and featuring animations that will make you fall in love with the mythology once again.

DC Comics Justice League

What better way to finish this list than with the reflection on the ultimate league of the superhero elite. Appropriately, this slot release is packed with bonuses, free spins, super spins and Wilds. Visually, the game is exactly what you would expect from a title including “DC” label – edgy graphics, supreme visual experience and powerful audio. The slot features all the League members as the game symbols, Super Hero Power up, Attack on Metropolis and Team Rescue bonuses with Super Hero spins following free games. A great way to close the loop after playing the entire series of NextGen DC releases.

We are beyond grateful to NextGen and DC for “reviving” these classics and honouring the best of our memories. With the new generation of superheroes taking the stage, it will be interesting to see how the slot developers will embrace the challenge and adapt the latest DC launches for mobile users. So far, NextGen has been doing a spectacular job and we would like to give them two thumbs up and remind them that DC has a great selection of female superheroes.

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