Mobile Slots Strategy

Mobile Slots Strategy

Important guidelines to consider for playing mobile slot games.

Slots are perhaps the most popular game since the existence of casino games and old slot machine cabinets that reward you at the pull of a lever. And it does not take a genius to figure out the way they work. You just insert a coin, pull the lever and wait for three symbols to line up. Precisely that is the appeal of the game – its simplicity. However, with the rapid development of technology soon the regular fruity slots underwent a transformation into mobile slots made so as to resemble video games and films more than a simple 3×3 spinners.

Today, it is even more common to see 5 reel slots than basic ones. With the dimensions of the game, naturally the rules and functionality develops hand in hand. Still, the essential principle of the game that does not require you to devote too much time deliberating on your game play strategies before or during the game remains the main appeal. This does not mean that the players are passive participants in the game. On the contrary there are important things to consider when playing slots if you wish to enjoy the game to the fullest and achieve every gambler’s end goal – make a profit. Here are some tips on what you should pay attention to when playing mobile slots.

Back to Basics

The number of slot titles offered is overwhelming and it is growing by the minute. From branded slots to progressives, featuring 5 or 50 paylines, with tons of new features, the developers are competing to make them original and innovative in order to attract the players.

However they all work by the same principle. Slot represents a grid divided into 3 or 5 reels and usually 3 rows, though it is not impossible to see 4 or even more. The grid is made of tiles occupied by symbols determined by the developer usually in accordance with the theme they choose, but in the beginning the typical symbols were fruits, number 7 and BAR symbol. Nowadays, the variety of symbols is endless.

Each slot grid or layout contains a certain number of paylines. The lines can go in all directions vertically, diagonally or even in zig zag, which depends on the creators. The paylines serve to represent a pattern according to which the symbols will align. When a symbol forms a group on any of the predicted paylines, the player gets paid a certain amount of money determined according to the payouts table.

It is important to mention that it is impossible to predict which symbols will align on the paylines or when. This is because the functioning of any slot machine is based on Random Number Generator (RNG), a program that makes sure that each spin offers a different and independent combination. So do not try to trick the machine.

Paylines and Betting

When it comes to paylines, apart from varying in number, they can also be fixed or adjustable. Practically, this means that in some slots you can choose the number of paylines that will be active, while other slots come with fixed number of active paylines. When you bet, one coin is paid for one payline. Betting on, for instance, 25 paylines would cost 25 coins. When the lines are fixed the minimum bet margin is already set and the players cannot reduce it. On the other hand, when paylines are variable, the players can play with as little as one coin per line and keep their balance alive longer.

Inexperienced players are recommended to start with those slots that permit adjusting the number of active paylines, that is to say, with minimal bets. Naturally, the higher your bet the higher the reward, but so are the losses. Most of the slots are available in demo versions or free play, which can be useful for practicing and getting to know the game without the risk.

Special Symbols and Features

The development of slots and constant striving to attract more players has caused basic spinning game to evolve into video slots with special features that often borrow some ideas from video or board games. It has become standard for a slot to have a Wild symbol which acts as a trump card during the formation of paying groups of symbols. Basically, what happens is that when you have two same symbols and one Wild or two Wilds and one other symbol, it also counts as a winning combination. Some slots make the most of this feature by adding more Wilds or expanding them across entire reels.

Another special symbol that appears in almost any slot is called Scatter. It comes in different shapes and sizes and sometimes it is referred to as Bonus symbol. The role of this symbol is to introduce Bonus games, usually free play reflected in a certain number of Free Spins, though it can involve cash prizes or completely new games.  Usually, it takes three Scatters to win the bonus game. One characteristics of the Scatter symbol is that it does not have to align on the paylines, but it can assume any position on the reels.

You can check the information about the slot that you are interested in and see what are the special features or read reviews about how easy it is to trigger them.

Pick the Casino Wisely

Finally, the last tip we will give you is to pay attention to the choice of the casino where you will play. First of all, make sure that it is reliable in terms of payout and customer support. Secondly, pay attention to special promotions that casinos offer as they usually include bonuses that can help you kick start your spinning experience. Almost every mobile casino offers a sign-up bonus, but there are also promotions on specific dates and for playing specific games. The bonuses can double or quadruple the amount of your deposit or they can involve free cash or free spins. Before using the bonuses, check the terms and conditions on the website or contact customer support. After all it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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