How to Choose Mobile Slots?

How to Choose Mobile Slots?

Quite contrary to what one would expect, the hyper production and the rich selection of mobile device designed slots does not make it easier to find the perfect or at least a decent one that can successfully fill the gap in between your everyday professional and personal errands. Being literally flooded with new mobile slots, optimized not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for specific models and operative systems, it is no wonder that you often find yourself lost and overwhelmed with the offer and spend hours searching for the slot worthy of your time and money. Return to player, device compatibility, special features, theme, betting range, originality, creativity – these are all the factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking for the best possible option and if a slot does not meet the set standards in just one of the above-mentioned elements, it may be time to move on and look elsewhere. Sometimes it is better to invest more time in research and background check of a mobile slot than to waste time playing a game that does not suit your personal affinities, gameplay goal or budget. And, by the time you realize that, it is usually too late as both your time and your funds are wasted.

Where To Start?

Always do your research – and we cannot stress enough how important that is. If you are a detail oriented type of person who likes things done in a certain (preferably perfect) way, you will definitely want to find a game that meets a particular set of standards. First, you will want to determine your goals. What are you after? How into the storyline you are? Are you only in it for the money or are you equally interested in the overall gaming experience that includes the visual and audio aspects of the game? Are you willing to sacrifice certain features and the functionality of the game because of the return to player percentage? These are only some of the questions that you need to answer before making a final choice and deciding on the mobile slot that suits your needs.

Start with reading the reviews and ratings of your peers. This is usually the best way to figure out what a mobile slot is like and what bonus features you can expect. Most experienced players can be quite elaborate with their ratings and will cover every point you can think off.

Choose According To Your Device Model and Operative System

This is extremely important if you are after the optimal experience. The developers nowadays produce the games that are compatible to touch technology, but lately, there are certain mobile slots that are designed for particular devices and corresponding operative systems. For example, it is not unusual to come across a mobile slot designed exclusively for iPads, iPhones or Androids.

This, of course, does not mean that users of other devices will not be able to load and play the game, but some of the features might not be available or the visuals will not be as sharp as with the relevant device. In case you are not willing to make any compromises, make sure that the mobile slot which caught your eye is in fact developed for your own device/system – that way you will be able to enjoy every little detail and get the most out of the mobile slot.

Go Straight For Game Info Section and Check out In-Game Bonuses

Even the mobile slots with the highest return to player percentage rates tend to get a bit boring after a while, especially if the developer did not bother to spice things up with interesting bonuses and innovative special features. The most popular mobile slots are usually rich with Free Spins, In-Games, extra Wilds and may even include a new set of reels. This may not seem too important at first, but you will be surprised how a clever twist can stir the game up and shifts it to an entirely new level.

Breaking the game’s routine and keeping the player engaged is not the only advantage of a well executed mobile slot. Usually, the more special features a developer includes in their slot, the higher your winning potential is, since the winnings generated inside the Bonus games and Free spins are usually multiplied by a certain amount. The same goes for the Scatter and Wild symbols – some mobile slots come with several Wilds and Bonus icons, each with a different payout potential. The combination formed with these symbols are paid more than combinations with standard symbols – another reason to check out a mobile slot’s bonus features before placing your first bet.

Find Mobile Slots With the Most Favourable Welcome Bonuses and Codes

Casinos often have a completely separate promotional offer for the mobile device users and you may find that registering an account with a strictly mobile casino or selecting a specific mobile slot can result in additional perks. Free Spins or deposit matches are the most common reward that the casino grants to their users, who can usually claim the bonus through a one time code available only for those who play on their mobile devices. Sometimes, the codes or the reward that they activate (e,g Free Spins) can only be applied to a limited number of slots or come with additional terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled before any withdrawals are made.

Should you want to avoid play-through requirements, note that some casinos will distribute several codes to their users, including the ones that unlock no-deposit bonuses or bonus rounds without any wagering requirements. This will particularly appeal to the players who are on a budget and want to get the most out of their online gambling time.

Extra Tips

Bonus points will definitely go out to those who are not afraid to “get their hands dirty”, do a little extra background check and read the fine print under the mobile slot’s Info/Rules section – maybe even contact the customer support of the mobile casino that hosts the mobile slots and see how they handle customer-related inquiries and complaints. The bottom line is that everything counts – the actual game and the casino hosting it. Do not be intimidated or discouraged if all this seems like a lot of work. A few extra minutes is all it takes to protect you from a wrong choice and turn a few recreational spins into a profitable and rewarding experience.

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