Best Pirate-Themed Slots to Play on the Go

Best Pirate-Themed Slots to Play on the Go

Who doesn’t love pirates? The dream of living a life of ultimate freedom appeals to many people. Especially in our comfortable, modern world, where you can barely get five minutes for yourself! If you’re looking to set off on a grand adventure across the beautiful blue ocean, we have you covered. Today, we’ll go through some of the best pirate-themed slots available on your phone or tablet. The only things that can stop you from plundering wealth now are data caps and battery life!

Boom Pirates

It just would not do to have an article all about pirates and not mention the latest and greatest by Foxium and Microgaming! It offers some gorgeous visuals, with a pirate ship docked near an idyllic, peaceful town. But as we soon find out, peace only lasts until the seafaring scallywags get bored, drunk, or both! Their loud shouting will announce a hail of cannons firing off the ship, revealing more of the huge reels. And when night falls, and you get an even more aesthetic look at the town itself? That’s when you’ll fall in love with the graphics.

It’s also got plenty to treasure to chase after, in the form of special features! When the Boom Pirates bonus triggers randomly, it can expand the reels and unlock additional paylines: up to 10,077,696, to be exact. And in case you fail to trigger this special feature, the female pirate can swing by and change certain symbols. This creates a rare but guaranteed five-of-a-kind win! Gamblers can either trigger or buy into free spins. During these extra turns, additional places on the board can be randomly unlocked. Furthermore, they stay unlocked until free spins end!

Why sign up with this crew?

Awesome bonuses you will never get tired of, combined with an excellent max payout of 3,800x! If you’re looking for fun medium variance games, this is for you. Play Boom Pirates at 32Red!


Of course, we can’t let the youngest pirates hog all the glory. The old guard still has a trick or two to show, as Realtime Gaming’s Goldbeard demonstrates! It’s a slightly older game, so it won’t wow you with fancy animations or thrilling graphics. But the simple visuals it offers look nice. They’re colourful, tropical, and fit the theme! Besides, let’s be honest, there is a reason why slot fans like this game. And it’s not Goldbeard’s shining coin.

No, the thrill of Goldbeard is twofold. First, it has an excellent RTP, sitting at 97.5%, above the 96% average even back when it first came out! Second is the lucrative special features it offers. You can win free spins with tripled payouts by collect Goldbeards in the first and fifth reel. If a Goldbeard Wild replaces an icon as part of a win, it will double the value of its prize! And at any given time, the game could reward its player with the progressive jackpot continually ticking up. Play Goldbeard at Drake!

Why sign up with this crew?

Any pirate with his salt wants the treasure. And treasure is the reason why Goldbeard manages to keep his facial hair in such a profitable colour! His crew offer a high RTP and progressive jackpots; what’s not to love?

Barbary Coast

While we’ve come across a lot of great pirate games, we’ve never felt as immersed as we were with this one! Betsoft’s Barbary Coast was an ambitious project for its time. To this day, few slots we have played tried so hard to create an immersive experience for the player. An animation accompanies almost every win. Activation of bonuses usually plays out very blatantly on the screen. You get to see Ben Sawyer swing across the reels and duel Blackbeard. You can have a drink off with a large pirate for a chance to win a grand prize. It’s what a pirate’s life is all about!

None of the bonuses is new or revolutionary. But put them all together, and it’s clear a lot of effort was put into Barbary Coast! Free spins and sticky Wild reel are the two special features which will appear most often. Ben Sawyer will swing across the reels when three of his symbols are collected, from which you can earn instant credits. Three Blackbeard icons will have you duelling the feared pirate for his loot and the beautiful lady he stole from you! And if you find three worker symbols in an active payline, you trigger the Grog Challenge bonus round.

Why sign up with this crew?

To this day, this game remains one of the most ambitious undertakings we have ever seen. It’s clear Betsoft loved this slot, which is why it stood the test of time. Fantastic bonuses and animations that hold up to this day. A definite must play. Play Barbary Coast at VideoSlots!

Buccaneer Blast

Few developers can measure up to Playtech. The studio has been around for two decades now and has proven quite talented in delivering fun and pretty slots. And Buccaneer Blast is no exception! Playing this game is an absolute pleasure to watch. All the symbols are very detailed, and the fantastic splash animation you see with each spin is gorgeous. At times, it really makes you feel like you’re leaning over the edge of the ship, staring off into the water below. Short of making the reels shake, we don’t see this slot getting more immersive.

Pretty graphics are cool, but it’s the fun special features that really won us over. Cannons can appear on the second and fourth reel, blasting low-win icons into Wilds. Wilds which can then substitute for other symbols, and increase the awarded prize by 2x! Occasionally, you’ll see the fog clear, and a black-sailed ship appears in the distance. This will create three cannons on the second, third and fourth reel, which will fire during the re-spin. This creates a lot of extra Wilds, and fantastic winning potential!

Why sign up with this crew?

We don’t know about you, but good visuals and fun special features are more than enough to win us over. Combined with the possibility of winning 3,000x your total stake? How can we say no to this dastardly masterpiece? Play Buccaneer Blast at Winner!

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