Visit Black Diamond Casino for a Chance to Win up to €25.000

Visit Black Diamond Casino for a Chance to Win up to €25.000

20 prizes up for grabs

You probably heard stories about the famous chariot races in the Colosseum in Roman times and, even though the races were dangerous, there are people who wish they had the chance to see these races. Fortunately for them, Black Diamond Casino decided to organize the races to honor Janus, the Roman god. The Janus – Race for Rome started on 1st January and will last until 31st January. Gamers need to participate in every race named after Janus this month and collect points if they want to win one of 20 prizes on the offer.

The first prize is €25.000. Get on the finish line second and you will win €5.000. The one that end the race on third place will get €2.500. Gamers positioned from 4th to 10th place will win €1.000, while players that finish from 11th to 20th position will pocket €500 in chips. Click here and visit Black Diamond Casino for more information and race for the glory and for the top prize of €25.000.

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